1967 – 2009 Francie Size Friends

MOD EAR/ MALIBU PERIOD – Francie Size Friends

Casey (1967 – 1970)

Twiggy (1967 – 1968)

A second doll in Francie’s size, Casey, was issued as “Francie’s fun friend” from 1967. That same year a Twiggy doll was also made, resembling Casey but with heavier painted-on “makeup”. The Twiggy doll was made through 1968, and Casey through 1970.

Casey returned briefly in 1975 as “Baggie Casey”, but she was made with the same head mold as Francie. In 1971 a Malibu Francie doll was made, using the Casey head mold but with a tanned body and long blond hair.

Twiggy (1967 – 1968)

Twiggy ad (2)


Platinum Blonde Twist 'N Turn TNT Twiggy DollTwiggy completeTwiggy~slip




Twiggy look ad mattel


1725 Twiggy Do's


1727 Twigster NRFB

1728 Twiggy Gear NRFB


1967 Twiggy Queen of the Mods game



Mini Purse TwiggyTwiggy Mini-Purse

openInsideback side



Twiggy Fashion-tote.JPG2Twiggy Fashion-tote


Treasure Box.

Twiggy Treasure Box

Twiggy case



Twiggy Binder


Casey (1967 – 1970 )

Blonde Twist 'N Turn TNT Casey Doll face

Brunette TNT Twist 'N Turn Casey faceBlack Cherry Auburn

TNT Casey DollBlonde Twist N Turn Casey Doll
Casey red in box Casey back box

Side box

Blonde Twist 'N Turn TNT Casey Doll






1973-74 Rare Big Casey Quick Curl


1975-76 BAGGIE Casey


BECKY 1971 and 2009 .

In the 1971 Mattel catalog, there were pictures of a new doll named “Becky”. She was made from the Casey head mold, was hand painted and shown in blonde, although prototypes of her were made in blonde, brunette and redhead.

Eventually, for reasons unknown, Mattel decided not to mass produce Becky. Some 1971 fashions could be found in stores labeled as being for “Francie and her new friend Becky” and are highly sought after by collectors.

“Busy Becky” was made by Mattel in 1970. Was not a Barbie-line doll. She was a Montgomery Wards exclusive and is very difficult to find complete with her original accessories.

Late released Barbie line BECKY:

1988  Becky 1988 Member of “Barbie and the Sensations” Teresa 1988 Kayla 1989 Dance Club/ 1996 – present BECKY 1996-present, Kelly’s friend 

 IN 2009 AT LAST THE 1971 BECKY: 

Most Mod Party™Becky® Doll boxMost Mod Party™Becky® Doll inside


Most Mod Party™Becky® Doll Vintage Repros » Vintage Reproductions

Meet Becky®, a slightly familiar face from another time and place. Appropriately attired in a 70s-inspired bright yellow party dress, Becky® doll wears terrific period makeup with robin’s egg blue eyeliner over her eyes and a soft shade of pink lipstick. Two additional fashions accompany the doll. The first includes a pink turtleneck, long flowing floral patterned skirt, matching headscarf, and beaded necklace. The second fashion features a lovely pink pantsuit with matching vest, floral top, and pink headband complete the package.
This reproduction doll will be part of a themed gift set with period fashions.
(March 2009)

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