1969 – 2021 P.J.™, Barbie™ Doll’s Cousin.

1969 – 2021 P.J.™ , Barbie™ Doll’s Cousin.

This doll was initially marketed as “New ‘N Groovy Talking P.J.™”, and originally used the Midge ™ face sculpt.

Later versions of the P.J. character used the Steffie face sculpt, starting in 1972 with The Sun Set Malibu P.J. ™. One P.J. doll, 1983 Dream Date P.J.™, was described as “Barbie™ Doll’s Cousin” on her box, though this was never mentioned anywhere else. To date, Mattel has declared that the initials P.J.™ don’t stand for anything, that it is simply the character’s name.

She has the same body as Barbie™ and shares Barbie’s clothes. The only clothing items that has a P.J.™ label were P.J.’s swimsuits and the items from the two giftsets.

Here are the P.J. Dolls and Giftsets:

The Wold Of Barbie Store Display2

  • 1969 #1113 P.J. Talking™. 

New 'N Groovy Talking P.J faceNew 'N Groovy Talking P.J

Variation Dress.

1969 #1113 P.J. Talking


The Wonderful World of Barbie

  • 1970 #1118 Twist ‘N Turn P.J.™.


1970 #1118 TNT P.J


  • 1970 #1588 P.J. Swingin’ in Silver Set™ – Sears Exclusive.

PJ Swingin' in Silver Set MIB


PJ living AD Mattel - Sears

  • 1971 #1153 P.J.  Live Action On Stage™.

live-action-pj-dollMICROPHONE and standP.J. Live Action guitar

1971 #1153 P.J. Live Action On Stage NRFB


  • 1971  #1156 P.J.  Live Action™.

1971 #1156 P.J. Live Action NRFBstand


  • 1971 #1508 Sears Live Action P.J. Doll Fashion N’ Motion™ Giftset.

Sears Live Action P.J. Doll Fashion N' Motion™ GiftsetLIVE ACTION P.J. Doll FASHION `N MOTION GIFT SET 1971 Sears Exclusive insideSears Live Action P.J. Doll Fashion N' Motion™


  • 1972 #1187 P.J. Malibu™. New with Steffie face sculpt.

Malibu PJ

1972 #1187 P.J. Malibu NRFB


  • 1972 #1113 P.J.™  No Talking -Baggie.

1972 #1113 P.J. ~NoTalking~-baggie


  • 1973 #1156 Live Action P.J.™ – Baggie.

1973 Live Action P.J. - Baggie


  • 1974 #8588 P.J. Malibu™.



  • 1975-1977 #1185  P.J. Malibu™ – variation suitand skin color.



  • 1974 #7281 Free Moving P.J.™ 

PJ Dolls 1969 - 1983

1974 #7281 Free Moving P.Jback

Free Moving P.J fashionaccPJ-dolls-tennis-anyone-white-sneakers-tennis-shoes

  • 1974 # 7263 Gold Medal Olympic P.J. Gymnast™; Gold Medal Olympic Gymnast Barbie and P.J. set™ (no dolls) Commercial, NRFB’s and  sets out of boxes.

1974-dated GOLD MEDAL P.J. GYMNAST #7263 $219 April 5 2008

1974 Gold Medal Olympic Gymnast setRARE-Vintage-1974-Barbie-PJ-OLYMPIC-GYMNAST-SET

  • 1975 #9218 Deluxe Quick Curl P.J.™.

Deluxe Quick Curl


  • 1978 #2323 Fashion Photo P.J.™. Brunette and black hair variation.

PJ Dolls 1969 - 19831978fashion-variationFashion Photo P.J

  • 1978 #1187 Sun Lovin’ Malibu P.J..™ found variations: Steffie head and Superstar Barbie head. Curved and straight arms. Different colored swimsuits.

Steffie Head

Super Star Barbie Head

Sunsational Malibu P.J


  • 1981 #1187 Sunsational Malibu P.J .™.

Sunsational Malibu P.JPJ Sunsensation

NRFBPJ Dolls 1969 - 1983NRFB


  • 1982 #5869 Dream Date P.J.™.

Dream Date


  • 1982 Barbie & Friends Barbie Ken P.J.™ Giftset.

1982 Barbie & Friends Barbie Ken P.J.™ Giftset.



  • 1983 #1187 Sun Gold Malibu P.J.™.

Sun Gold Malibu PJ


  • 1983 Sweet Roses P.J.™.

Sweet Roses P.J




Surf’s up with “The Sun Set!” Malibu Barbie® and her beach-loving friends (Christie® and P.J.®) made a big splash with their debut in 1971.  With their sun-kissed, tan skin and cool beach vide, they’re the groovy girls everyone wants to know.  Each classic reproduction doll is dressed in a replica of her original swimsuit and comes with a towel, sunglasses and vintage wrist tag.  Fifty years later, Barbie the original California girl, and her friends are still making waves. Label: Gold Label® Designer: Bill Greening.


P.J. Doll Case:

  • Barbie & P.J. Sleep & Keep case.



P.J. Paper Doll Books:

  • 1971 #1981 P.J. Cover Girl Paper Doll Book by Whitman Books.



  • 1971 New ‘N’ Groovy P.J. Coloring and Paper Doll by Whitman Books.

Front $T2eC16VHJGwE9n)yTd2EBQ25JE6Mew~~60_57


  • 1975 Barbie and P.J. “A Camping Adventure with Dolls and Clothes to Color by Whitman Books.



  • 1978 Fahion Photo Barbie and P.J. Paper Doll Book  by Whitman Books.

FashionPhoto FashionPhoto


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6 Responses to 1969 – 2021 P.J.™, Barbie™ Doll’s Cousin.

  1. christina says:

    hi there!!!
    i have always wondered what does the name “p.j.” really stand for??? i wonder what names “p.j.” is short for?
    i’ve read that “midge” is actually short for the name “michelle”. but what is “p.j.” short for??? could it be “paula jean” or “peggy jane”? what name did mattel originally give for the “p.j.” doll when she was first introduced??? if you know, i would love to find out.
    thank you in advance.
    sincerely, christina :o)
    peace & love…..

  2. christina says:

    oh wow!!! really???
    thank you so much for your response. i really appreciate you replying to my post. although, i sure am left feeling kinda “empty” from that answer. i was really hoping that the name “p.j.” was initials to longer names and not just plain old “p.j.”.
    how boring, huh???
    i guess my “p.j.” will take on the name “paula”. i’ve always kinda liked that name. now, just to decide whether i want “jean” or “jane” or……???
    thank you again for your response “barbielistholland”. it’s greatly appreciated.
    but left me rather disappointed with mattel & their lack of imagination when it came to giving “p.j.” a full name for the initials.
    sincerely, christina :o)
    peace & love…..

  3. Eva says:

    I have got several Sun Set Malibu P.J. dolls. One of them has a very hard head, which also is a little smaller than that of the other dolls. Can you tell me anything about it?
    Another question: The face of the Sunsational Malibu P.J. doll and that of the Sun Lovin’ P.J. look exactly alike to me. Are they really the same or do you know any difference between the two dolls? Thank you for your answer.
    Kind regards

    • christina says:

      hi eva!!!
      i’m not an expert or anything, but i do know a “little something, something”. what i can tell you about the (sun lovin’ malibu) “p.j.” & the (sunsational malibu) “p.j.” dolls and actually all of the (malibu) “p.j.” dolls is that they are all made from the same face/head mold, which originally was a “steffie” headmold.
      the first 3 versions of “p.j.” dolls (with the bangs & 2 ponytails and the live action) were made with the “midge” headmold. but when mattel came out with the “malibu” versions of the “barbie” family, “barbie”, “p.j”, and “francie” came out with different faces/heads. “barbie” was made from the “stacey” headmold, “p.j.” was made from the “steffie” headmold, and “francie” was made from the “casey headmold. the rest, “ken”, “skipper”, & “christie” were made with the same headmolds. until the later 70’s when “ken” “barbie” & “christie” were made with new/different headmolds. but “p.j.” was always made with the “steffie” headmold from the “malibu” version until the last “p.j. that was made, which i think was either the {sungold malibu} “p.j.” doll or the (dream date) p.j., if i can remember correctly.
      as for the smaller, harder head, i know what you are talking about, but i don’t know why that happens. there are some others that this is an issue with as well. there’s a smaller, harder headed version of some of the (blonde sunsational malibu) “barbie” dolls and all of the (hispanic sunsational malibu) “barbie” dolls.
      like i said, i don’t know why they came out like this???
      i hope i answered your questions and maybe we’ll get more answers to tell you about the smaller, harder headed dolls and why this happened???
      sincerely, christina :o)
      peace & love…..

    • Hi Eva, sorry for my late response! I was not on my website for one week.
      Answers to your questions: Malibu P.J. various years was released and made ​​available in several countries. 1972 made ​​in Japan. Made from the Steffie head mold. / 1973 made ​​in Taiwan. Head Same look. / 1974-76 made in Korea. Head Same look / 1977-78 made in Korea. Head Same look / Late 1977 made in Philippines. She had smaller head and shiny face. Maybe the last one you have?

      I hope this is the answer to your questions?

      Greetings and good luck with your collection.


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