1994 – Present ~ Vintage Barbie, Familiy and Friends Reproductions.

Vintage Barbie Reproductions

1994 35th Anniversary Vintage Barbie ReproductionVintage Barbie Reproductions are among some of the most popular and successful Collectable Barbie Dolls. Mattel issued the first Vintage Reproductions in 1994 to celebrate Barbie’s 35th birthday. Since then there has been at least one repro issued each year, with a record of six released in 2006.  Each of these includes a remake of a vintage doll and ensemble.

Many collectors not only collect the dolls as they are, but buy extras to use the dolls to model and display the vintage and mod ensembles they have collected.

Click on the picture or link to view information about each doll.

1994 35th Anniversary #1 Barbie in Zebra Swimsuit 1994 35th Anniversary Gift Set 1995 Busy Gal 1995 Solo in the Spotlight
1996 30th Anniversary Francie 1996 Enchanted Evening 1996 Poodle Parade 1997 Fashion Luncheon
1997 Wedding Day 1997 35th Anniversary Midge 1997 The Wild Bunch Francie 1998 Twist ‘N Turn (in Smasheroo)
Silken Flame Vintage Barbie Doll Reproduction 1999 Commuter Set Vintage Barbie Doll Reproduction 1998 Twist n Turn Vintage Barbie Doll Reproduction Far Out TNT Mod Barbie Reproduction
1998 Silken Flame 1999 Commuter Set 1999 Twist ‘N Turn Redhead 1999 Far Out TNT Reproduction
Sophisticated Lady Vintage Barbie Reproduction Suburban Shopper Vintage Barbie Reproduction Gold 'N Glamour Vintage Barbie Reproduction Malibu Barbie Reproduction
2000 Sophisticated Lady 2001 Suburban Shopper 2002 Gold ‘N Glamour 2002 Malibu Barbie
Gay Parisienne Vintage Barbie Reproduction Color Magic Vintage Barbie Reproduction Open Road Vintage Barbie Reproduction Plantation Belle Vintage Barbie Reproduction
2003 Gay Parisienne 2004 Color Magic 2004 Open Road 2004 Plantation Belle
Evening Splendor Vintage Barbie Reproduction Smashin’ Satin Vintage Francie Reproduction All That Jazz Vintage Barbie Reproduction 45th Anniversary Vintage Ken Doll Reproduction
2005 Evening Splendor 2005 Smashin’ Satin “No Bangs” Francie Doll 2006 All That Jazz TNT Reproduction 2006 45th Anniversary Ken Doll
Career Girl Vintage Barbie Reproduction Friday Night Dream Date Barbie and Ken Gift Set Made For Each Other Vintage Barbie Reproduction Picnic Set Vintage Barbie Reproduction
2006 Career Girl 2006 Friday Night Dream Date Barbie & Ken Gift Set 2006 Made For Each Other 2006 Picnic Set
Nite Lightning Vintage Stacey Gift Set Reproduction Barbie Learns To Cook Vintage Reproduction Evening Gala Vintage Barbie Reproduction Sleepytime Gal Vintage Barbie Reproduction
2006 Stacey Nite Lightning 2007 Barbie Learns to Cook 2007 Evening Gala 2007 Sleepytime Gal (also includes Fashion Editor)
 Knitting Pretty Vintage Barbie Reproduction Campus Sweetheart Vintage Barbie Reproduction
2007 Barbie & Skipper Knitting Pretty Gift Set 2007 Red, White & Warm 2007 Red White ‘n Warm Christie Reproduction  2008 Campus Sweetheart Reproduction
Campus Spirit Vintage Barbie Reproduction Original Teenage Fashion Model Barbie Reproduction Brunette Bubblecut Reproduction
2008 Campus Spirit Barbie & Ken Giftset 2008 Campus Sweet Shop Giftset 2009 50th Anniversary Original Fashion Model 2009 50th Anniversary Brunette Bubblecut Reproduction
2009 TNT Barbie Reproduction 2009 Malibu Barbie Reproduction Superstar Barbie Reproduction Barbie and the Rockers Reproduction
2009 50th Anniversary TNT Barbie Reproduction 2009 50th Anniversary Malibu Barbie Reproduction 2009 50th Anniversary Superstar Barbie Reproduction 2009 50th Anniversary Barbie and the Rockers Reproduction
2009 Mod Party Becky Julia Doll Reproduction Barbie Sparkling Pink Reproduction Gift Set 2009 Ken & Barbie Wedding Day Gift Set
2009 Mod Party Becky 2009 Julia Doll Reproduction 2009 Barbie Sparkling Pink Gift Set 2009 Ken & Barbie Wedding Day Gift Set
Dancing Doll Giftset 2010 My Favorite Barbie Black Barbie Giftset 2010 My Favorite Barbie Peaches 'n Cream 2010 My Favorite Barbie Pan American Airways Stewardess
2010 My Favorite Barbie Dancing Doll Giftset 2010 My Favorite Barbie Black Barbie Giftset 2010 My Favorite Barbie Peaches ‘n Cream 2010 My Favorite Barbie Pan American Airways Stewardess
2010 Vintage Careers Registered Nurse 2010 Vintage Careers Student Teacher 2010 Vintage Careers Miss Astronaut 2010 My Favorite Barbie American Girl Reproduction
2010 Vintage Careers Registered Nurse 2010 Vintage Careers Student Teacher 2010 Vintage Careers Miss Astronaut 2010 My Favorite Barbie American Girl Reproduction
2010 My Favorite Barbie Fashion Queen Reproduction
2010 My Favorite Barbie Fashion Queen Reproduction





2011 Check, Please!™Francie® Doll.







2013 Barbie & Midge giftset



Skipper 2014


Brunette skipper 2014

Skipper® 50th Anniversary Doll - Brunette 

Happy birthday! Skipper® doll wears a re-creation of 1965’s ”Happy Birthday” fashion #1919 from the 1900 Series. Her sleeveless dress features white lace embellishments and blue floral embroidery. A “straw” boater hat with a blue ribbon tops off her adorable ensemble. Also included are replicas of the original accessories: a “wrapped” gift, birthday “cake” with “candles”, napkins and more! Gold Label® Designed by: Bill Greening Blonde Release Date: 1/3/2014 & Brunette Release Date:  08/01/2014


  • 2014 #BDH36 Double Date™  50th Aniversay Giftset – Repro from 1964.

2014 Barbie Gift Set Double Date 50th Anniversary 4 Dolls Barbie Midge Ken Allan
Double Date™ 50th Anniversary Giftset 2 (539x800)

Commemorating the first time this fabulous foursome came together, Barbie®, Ken®, Midge® and Allan®wear re-creations of their swimwear as sold in 1964. Included are replicas of their beach-worthy accessories. Barbie models her famed swirl ponytail which also debuted that same year. Finally, each doll sports its own wrist tag. Gold Label® Designed by: Bill GreeningRelease Date: 7/30 2014


  • 2015 Black & White Bathing SuitBarbie® Doll

Black & White Bathing SuitBarbie® Doll.

Teenage Fashion Model Collection

Debuting in 1959, Barbie® doll made a splash with her sassy pony tail and classic zebra stripe bathing suit. “The doll that started it all” became an instant icon, and today she continues to inspire girls of all ages. Now, this beloved doll returns, a tribute to the Barbie classic! Black Label® Designed by: Bill Greening Release Date: 11/12/2014.


2015 SuperStar ForeverBarbie® Collection

Dream Date face

dreamdate 2

Superstar Forever

First in the collection, Dream Date Barbie doll is inspired by the 1983 doll of the same name and features a dramatic one-shoulder fuchsia gown with cascading ruffles edged in shiny purple piping. The bodice sparkles with sequins and the belted waist features a satin flower. Glam accessories include silvery stud earrings, matching ring, and fuchsia peep-toe pumps.  Gold Label® Designed by: Robert Best Release Date: 07/31/2015


Golden Dream FaceGolden Dream

Second in the Superstar Forever™ Collection, Golden Dream™ Barbie® Doll recreates the 1980 playline doll in all its golden glory. Her golden jumpsuit and golden hair practically gleam with drama. The accessories—purse, open toe mules, belt, and, earrings—repeat the rich golden motif. The “furry” white shrug offers a striking color contrast. Gold Label® Designer: Bill Greening Release Date: 11/12/2015


Francie blonde 2016

The replica 1966 Francie Blonde Doll with replica Fashionoutfit from 1967 Miss Teenage Beauty.


  • 2016 50th Anniversary Celebration of Francie Doll.


2016 Francie NRFB

The replica 1966 Francie Brunette Doll with replica Fashionoutfit from 1967 Miss Teenage Beauty.


Release Date: BFC™ EXCLUSIVE! This doll will be available to everyone, beginning Wednesday, 8/3 at 9 am PT

See the orginal 1967 #1284 Miss Teenage Beauty – Fashionset and 1966 Francie Straight Leg Brunette Doll NRFB’s.

8.08-Vintage-Francie-81966 SLFrancieBrunette NRFB


  • 2017 BFC Totally Hair™ 25th Anniversary Barbie® Doll.

totally-hair-barbie-flyer-2017-face totally-hair-barbie-flyer-2017 totally-hair-barbie-flyer-2017-2 totally-hair-barbie-2017-nrfb

25th Anniversary Totally Hair Barbie doll. The ’90s are back! Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of one of the best-selling Barbie® dolls ever, this reproduction of Totally Hair™ Barbie® doll is like, totally wow! All the great features include her superstar face sculpt, signature long crimped hair, bendable legs, colorful outfit and reproductions of original fashion accessories such as comb and hair accessories. Includes special 25th Anniversary packaging and commemorative booklet so Barbie® fans can treasure this favorite all over again! – Designer: Bill Greening Release Date: 2/7/2017 You must be a BFC member to purchase this item.

Totally Hair Barbie was released in 1992. The doll’s extra-long hair reached all the way to her toes. More than ten million Totally Hair Barbie dolls were sold worldwide, making Totally Hair Barbie the best-selling Barbie doll in Mattel’s history.Totally Hair Barbie was a hit with children between 1992 and around 1995, holding a record for World’s longest successful Toy sale.

1992 Issue NRFB (still for sale at Ebay.com)



In the late 1960s, the hot trend was hair! From big hair to ever-changing hairstyles, even Barbie® embraced this mod fashion trend in 1967. She’s hard to come by for vintage collectors, but soon you’ll be able to get a 50th Anniversary Barbie™ Hair Fair Doll reproduction for your collection! Release Date: May ?, 2017.


Originally released in 1985, Day-to-Night™ Barbie® doll celebrates the women’s workplace revolution of that era. She perfected the ultimate wardrobe transformation —wearing her famous soft pink power suit that transforms into a shirred skirt evening look—her first ever day to night ensemble. Accessories include a chic hat, briefcase, calculator, two pairs of shoes and purse. Includes doll, doll stand and Certificate of Authenticity.

Learn more here –>


2018 Barbie Mod Squad Doll Giftset.


Barbie® retro reproduction Giftset: 1968 Mod Friends Stacey, Barbie and Christie.  A three-doll giftset celebrating the 50 th anniversaries of Christie® and Stacey®!  Features a citrus color fashion story, twist and turn torsos and rooted eyelashes. Doll Designer: Bill Greening. Gold Label Collection.


  • 2019 Repro Busy Gal Barbie doll  60th Anniversary Barbie Doll.

This nostalgic reproduction of Barbie® Busy Gal™ doll is sure to delight fans and collectors alike. Based on an iconic design that debuted in 1960, the reproduction of Barbie® Busy Gal™ fashion designer doll features a classic look to accompany her vintage face sculpt. She wears a red skirt and jacket over a crisp, red/ and white pin-striped blouse bodysuit. This Busy Gal™ doll carries a portfolio accessory, complete with two fashion sketches, and prepares to take on the big city in this smart, tailored look. Finishing touches replicated from the original Barbie® doll include a navy-blue woven hat, woven belt, navy slides and black, cat-eye framed glasses. Comes with a 2 prong barbie stand. Gold Label collection.  DesignerBill Greening. 


  • 2020 Mattel 75th Anniversary  with a Repro #1  Barbie Doll.


Barbie® celebrates Mattel’s 75th anniversary with a reproduction of the classic 1959 black and white swimsuit doll, featuring a Silkstone® body for the very first time. Inspired by the doll that started it all, she wears a strapless, vintage-cut swimsuit, sports a signature ponytail and features the original face sculpt with crimson lips and sleek black eye liner. Iconic accessories include cat-eye sunglasses and black peep-toe slides. This collectible doll includes special 75th anniversary packaging, doll stand and wrist tag. Gold Label® Collection. Designer: Bill Greening



  • 2020 Repro Barbie® Dream House® By Mattel, Inc. Doll, House and Accessoriesfrom the 60s.


Spend a day with Barbie® in a replica of her original 1962 Dream House®. In honor of Mattel’s 75th anniversary, this vintage reproduction is identical to the original, right down to the mid-century modern décor, self-assembled slim-line furniture and decorative accessories. Barbie® doll is included too, and for the very first time, this reproduction includes replicas of vintage fashions and accessories that take Barbie® doll from a day on the town to a dinner party and finally to a relaxing night in. Pick up the telephone to make daytime plans, then reach into the closet for her 1963 Busy Morning sundress, white open-toed mules, wide-brim sun hat and woven shopping bag. For an evening of entertaining, Barbie® doll wears her classic 1962 Silk Sheath Dress in turquoise, paired with matching slides. As the day comes to a close, she can relax in her 1962 Two-Piece Pink Pajamas and blue boudoir slippers. An alarm clock, brush and comb help Barbie® doll prepare for another day in the Dream House®. Additional accessories include fashion magazines, décor pieces, a photo frame and more. Arrange the pieces for a classic display or fold the walls to neatly store the furnishings and create a portable carry case for on-the-go fun. Assembly required. Label: Platinum Label®Designer: Bill Greening.

Read more…


  • 2020 40th Anniversary of the Black Barbie Doll.



The original Black Barbie® made her debut in 1980. Though beloved friends of Barbie® – like Christie and Francie — were introduced over the preceding decades, this was the first black fashion doll to be hailed as Barbie® herself. She wore a stylish red dress and had her hair in a curly afro hairstyle; she sparked a new era of possibility for girls everywhere. To celebrate her ruby anniversary, 40th Anniversary First Black Barbie® doll fittingly wears a flowing, red trumpet-styled gown with cut-away sleeves, inspired by her iconic outfit. Her hair is styled in a sophisticated up-do, a subtle nod to her original look. Finishing touches include golden hoop earrings, a necklace and a matching clutch. Now, like then, this anniversary doll captures the doll’s signature statement: “She’s black, she’s beautiful, she’s dynamite!” This collectible Barbie® Signature doll comes with a doll stand and Certificate of Authenticity. Label: Gold Label® Designer: Bill Greening.


  • 2021 Ken 60TH ANNIVERSARY Doll.

See live at Amazon.com.

After hundreds of letters poured in requesting a boyfriend for Barbie, Mattel introduced Ken in 1961 and the world’s most iconic couple was born. The 60th anniversary of Ken Carson is celebrated with this reproduction of the original Ken doll featuring a Silkstone body and classic beach style. Ken™ is outfitted in red cotton swim trucks with a white stripe and stylish brown beach sandals with red straps. With flocked, sunshine blonde hair, his beach look is complete with a yellow terry cloth towel. A “Genuine Ken” wrist tag keeps him true to the original production and makes him the perfect gift for Barbie fans and collectors. With his classic charm and dashing good looks, Ken is still a doll, then and now. Includes doll stand and Certificate of Authenticity. Label: Gold Label® Designer: Bill Greening

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Surf’s up with “The Sun Set!” Malibu Barbie® and her beach-loving friends (Christie® and P.J.®) made a big splash with their debut in 1971.  With their sun-kissed, tan skin and cool beach vide, they’re the groovy girls everyone wants to know.  Each classic reproduction doll is dressed in a replica of her original swimsuit and comes with a towel, sunglasses and vintage wrist tag.  Fifty years later, Barbie the original California girl, and her friends are still making waves. Label: Gold Label® Designer: Bill Greening.




Barbie® presents a reproduction of the 1975 Gold Medal™ Barbie® doll. As the spirit of the Olympics draws athletes and the world together in solidarity, this reproduction celebrates the excitement of competition and the enduring power of teamwork. Dressed in red, white and blue, Barbie® doll proudly sports an Olympics-inspired “gold” medal around her neck. Like the original, this classic Barbie® doll reproduction features a Twist ‘n Turn™ waist and bendable legs. With the same bright blue eyes and winning smile from 1975, Barbie® doll is truly an Olympic favorite! Complete with a wrist tag, doll stand and Certificate of Authenticity, this vintage doll reproduction makes an ideal gift for Barbie® fans and a spirited addition to any collection. Label: Black Label® DesignerBill Greening.

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Superstar Barbie Repro series.

‎GXL28 face


1977 Superstar Christie™ Doll is a fantastic start to the new Superstar Repro series.

As glitz and glam took over the world, Barbie® entered the Superstar era, wowing fans with fantastic fashions and hairstyles. This dazzling reproduction celebrates 1977 Superstar Christie, one of the most fabulous dolls of the era. Dressed in a radiant yellow evening gown with a glittering ruffle boa, Superstar Christie™ doll is ready to hit the town and disco! Sparkling “diamond” jewelry and matching yellow heels give her a brilliant glow from head to toe while her long, brunette hair with copper highlights is pulled back to reveal a gorgeous smile. Featuring double bent arms and a twisting waist and legs, Superstar Christie™ is ready to strike a pose and dance the night away. With a stunning look and nostalgic packaging, this Superstar Christie™ reproduction doll makes the perfect gift for fans and collectors. Includes doll stand and Certificate or Authenticity. Label: Black Label®. Designer: Bill Greening.

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