New Barbie® Dolls 2011


2011 National Barbie™ Doll Collectors Convention

Ken’s Life Story – 2011 National Barbie Convention:

Part 1

Part 2

 Part 3 

Part 4

Twist and Shout Fashion Show Finale -2011 National Barbie Convention

National Barbie Convention 2011 Competition

2011 National Barbie Convention Saturday Centerpieces. Donations from over 60 artist and collectors to make the National Barbie Convention final night extra special.


2011 National Barbie Doll Convention Host – Hostess Gift Doll


2011 Barbie Ken Convention Doll Gift Set PLATINUM NRFBV1048_M1

2011 Spring Break Barbie & Ken Gift Set Package Signed Convention Barbie NRFB

Spring Break 1961™Barbie® and Ken® Giftset 

Special Occasion »Convention Barbie® Dolls

2011 NB DC convention Ft. Lauderdale July 27th- 30th.! Since our fave couple is back together, we’ve got them both in this Spring Break 1961 Barbie and KenGiftset created by designers Matt Sutton and Matt Trujillo. Barbie doll is ready to dance under the stars in a black and white polka dot dress with a soft turquoise sash at her waist. She wears matching blue pumps, a gold and blue necklace, and her auburn hair is tucked into a tidy updo. Ken doll sports a spiffy silver and black jacket, black pants and dress shoes, and hair in a perfect pompadour. This pair is set to celebrate Spring Break in sensational 60’s style! Platinum Label®


In The Swim™Barbie® and Ken® Dolls  

Special Occasion »Convention Barbie® Dolls

2011 NB DC convention Ft. Lauderdale July 27th- 30th. No more than 1,100 made. Barbie ans Ken meet on the beach of Ft. Lauderdale to bring some of their original malibu style to the east coast. In the swim Fashion pak # 1398 made its debut in 1964 and has been a hit since. For the 2011 National Barbie doll convention. Mattel introduces the Faboulous vintage reproduction tp commemorate these retro favorites. Barbie is featured with the vintage head mold and sunny blonde ponytail with tight curly bangs, She is wearing a bright blue Maillet swim suit, straw hat with matching blue tie, and white sunglasses with blue lenses and broen plastic wedges with metallic golden uppers. Ken is features using a painted brunette hairvintage ken had mold with Turquoise eyes. He’s sporting his red swim trunks and red and white striped beach jacket. His cork sandals with red plastic straps complete his sunny look. Gold Label® Designed by: Bill Greening

#1734 NIB Barbie Convention 2011 Barbie & Ken Party Fashions#1734 NIB Barbie Convention 2011 Barbie & Ken Party Fashions

#1735 NIB Barbie Convention 2011 Barbie & Ken Swim Gear Fashions#1735 NIB Barbie Convention 2011 Barbie & Ken Swim Gear Fashions




2011 Grant A Wish Convention USA

2011 Convention doll

2011 Grant A Wish Convention doll 

2011 Grant A Wish Convention doll “Romanace on the High Seas” Presented to the attendees of the 2011 Grant A Wish Convention hosted by the Great Lakes Fashion Doll Club. Romance on the High Seas Silkstone BarbieLE of 274 worldwide!! Her face paint has been enhanced by Melissa Windham and the dress is designed by Lis Lackie.  The front of the box is signed by Melissa Windham, Lisa Lackie and also Bill Greening.


2011 BARBIE BASICS KEN Convention doll 002 Model #16 NRFB MIB GAW Grant A Wish

2011 BARBIE BASICS KEN Convention doll 002 Model #16  – GAW Grant A Wish gift



2011 IDC CONVENTION BARBIE VIA MONTENAPOLEONE LE 100 NRFB2011 Barbie Via Montenapoleone Italian Doll Convention Exclusive NRFB

2011 Barbie Via Montenapoleone Italian Doll Convention Exclusive LE 100

Barbie Renaissance Faire Paris Expo 2011 Limited to 400-brunette Version NRFB

2011 Paris Fashion  Doll Festival – Platinum Renaissance Faire Convention Barbie Doll

Beautiful Convention doll from Paris Fashion Doll Expo 2011 , brunette Version -Limited to 400 dolls.  PINK LABEL



Go Home! 2011 IFDC Convention Souvenir Doll. Limited Edition of 300 Dolls Worldwide. This little lost girl from the mid west wears a floral printed satin and gingham dress with white organza inset on the sleeves. She wears a long sleeve t-shirt and striped leggings that will definitely attract some attention on her journey. The red patent leather belt and boots not only complete the ensemble, but they are sure to put her on the right path to find the Wizard of Oddz! This doll shares the new Rayna face sculpt, has eyelashes and rooted brunette hair that is done up in pigtails. She also uses the Misaki torso with vampire bride legs.



2011 IFDC Exclusive Salesroom Doll. Limited Edition of 300 Dolls Worldwide. While the convention and companion dolls encompass all that is good in the land, this doll is the epitome of evil. This incredible doll travels through the land of Oddz wearing an ensemble comprised of a long, black chiffon skirt, satin corset and jacket with a felt hat and matching veil. This Integrity Toys exclusive doll uses the “Queen of the Hive” Natalia face sculpt with rooted raven hair done up in a chignon style and applied lashes. She also uses the Fashion Royalty body. She is truly “wicked”!



Go North! 2011 IFDC Convention Companion Doll. Limited Edition of 300 Dolls Worldwide. This beautiful doll is full of goodness and light and wears a lovely gown of chiffon with lace overlay and lace trim. You will find light pink feather details on the neckline and sleeves of her fabulous gown. A diamond hair clip glistens in her hair like a crown. This wonderful doll shares the Isha head sculpt, has rooted strawberry blond hair in long spiral curls and applied lashes. She uses the Fashion Royalty body.


Go Green! 2011 IFDC

Exclusive Fashion. Limited Edition of 300 Fashions Worldwide. FASHION ONLY!


My FavoriteKen® Doll 

Vintage Repros » My Favorite Barbie® Doll Series

1961 saw the first-ever Ken® doll. The first package declared him “Barbie’s boyfriend.” At 12 inches tall, his flocked hair was available in blonde, dark brunette, and in the rare brownette, which was sold as a store exclusive. This reproduction version has brunette hair, and features Ken wearing red swim trunks, flip flops, and a yellow towel. Always ready to whisk Barbie away on a date, Ken comes with a reproduction fashion, 1964’s Victory Dance #1411 from the 1400 series of fashions. The ensemble includes crested navy blue jacket, white pants, Oxford shirt, red vest and tie, and dress shoes and socks. Three collector cards and a reproduction booklet complete this handsome giftset. Designed by: Bill Greening


  Darya™Barbie® Doll  

Elegant, decadent, and oh so alluring, Darya™ Barbie® doll knows how to turn heads. Wearing a dress of golden embroidery and brilliant red fit for a czarina, this fashion icon epitomizes regal luxury and classic chic. Dramatic eyes with a hint of sparkle, dazzling “jewels,” and the perfect pout in deep red make this Russian beauty absolutely unforgettable. Gold Label®  Designed by: Robert Best


Mila~2011 Silkstone Barbie~Gold Label NRFB

Mila™Barbie® Doll  

From a gilded Imperial past to the chic modern present, fashion never takes a holiday in Russia. A revolution of brilliant reds and whimsical matryoshka dolls makes for scintillating style. Inspired by traditional, folkloric design, this Russkaya Krasavitsa beguiles beneath her babushka. Gold Label®  Designed by: Robert Best


2011 Silkstone Russian Nicolai Ken doll NRFB

Nicolai Ken®Doll  

Never say “Nyet” to the romance of Imperial St. Petersburg! Baroque palaces, majestic moonlit nights, balalaika music. Just add a dashing man in uniform for a divine Russian reverie! Military chic inspires masculine fashion with a unique, Eastern European twist in Nicolai Ken® doll. Handsome, worldly, and the ideal accessory for Barbie® doll’s night on the town in St. Petersburg. Gold Label®  Designed by: Robert Best


2011 Silkstone *Verushka* Barbie doll- Gold Label NRFB

Verushka™Barbie® Doll 

When St. Petersburg’s white nights end, this fashionable devushka trades the romance of endless twilight for the glory of chic, classic black couture. Perfect for snowy Siberia or magnificent Moscow, Verushka™ Barbie® doll is intoxicating, alluring, and oh so fashionable. Fashion designed especially for the Silkstone® Barbie® doll body. Not for use with other Barbie® dolls. Gold Label®  Designed by: Robert Best


2011 Ekaterina Russian Silkstone Barbie Gold Label BFC Exclusive NRFB

Ekaterina™ Barbie® Doll 

Experience a fashionable feeling of Glasnost as style becomes sensational. Ekaterina™ Barbie® looks beguiling in rich brocades and faux fur, perfect for Moscow, St. Petersburg, or any chic Russian city. Fashion designed especially for the Silkstone® Barbie® doll body. Not for use with other Barbie® dolls. Gold Label® Designed by: Robert Best 

Watch this short video to see Robert Best and his amazing team create an extraordinary photo shoot for Barbie!


2011 Pinch Of Platinum Barbie Grecian Gown Fashion Model Doll Robert Best NRFB

Pinch of Platinum™ Barbie® Doll 

 Barbie℠ Fan Club Dolls

Grecian-inspired, high-fashion cocktail dresses define this line of dolls named after precious metals. Pinch of Platinum Barbie is the third in a series by the inimitable Robert Best, a Platinum Label® doll limited to less than 1,000 dolls worldwide. She features the Aphrodite facial sculpt, a one-shouldered diaphanous white dress gathered at the waist with platinum-colored sequins, and heels with an exquisite encrusted look. Elegant, understated, and all the more stunning for it!



Check, Please!™Francie® Doll 

Silkstone® Francie Dolls

A familiar face gets a fresh fashion update! For the first time Francie Fairchild shows off a new Silkstone®body. Check, Please! Francie doll is ready for a fun day out and about in a cheerful red and white outfit from Robert Best. Her brunette hair is styled in a sassy 60’s flip topped with cute matching cap, and she’s got her adorable pup at her side. This thoroughly MODern Miss is a Dealer exclusive.  Gold Label® Designed by: Robert Best


2011 Barbie Fan Club Exclusive Silkstone Doll Francie Nighty Bright Brights NRFB

 Nighty Brights™Francie®Giftset  

Silkstone® Francie Dolls

Nighty Brights Francie Giftset is a fresh, fun take on Barbie doll’s cute cousin, in a new Silkstone® body! She’s all set for a slumber party in green baby dolls pjs with yellow, white and pink polka dots, matching bloomers and white slippers with pink pompoms. For daytime, Francie dons an adorable orange outfit accented with white and blue, white textured tights, and MODern white go-go boots! Accessories include a personalized hanger, green slumber mask, brush, comb and diary. She’ll sleep tight in sensational style! No more than 3000 units produced worldwide. Gold Label® Designed by: Robert Best


Dolls Of The World® 

2011 Sydney Opera House, Barbie Doll. n

2011 Sydney Opera House, Barbie Doll. f

Sydney Opera House Barbie® Doll

The Sydney Opera HouseBarbie® doll looks breathtakingly beautiful in a dress inspired by the architecture of the Opera House combined with a fashionable twist. The sails of Sydney Opera House inspire Barbie® doll’s bodice while the water surrounding the building is displayed in a luxe, ocean-blue chiffon. With a clutch inspired by the Sydney Opera House sails and the Sydney harbor breeze blowing in her hair, this Barbie® doll is a true Australian beauty. Pink Label® Designed by: Linda Kyaw



Japan Barbie® Doll 

Japan Barbie® doll is inspired by the beautiful noblewomen of her country who were well trained in the martial arts, and experts in horsemanship, swordsmanship, and archery. She comes dressed in a striking red patterned kimono with black detailing. Multi-colored knee-high platform sandals and golden fan add to her allure. Red and white flowers accent her long dark hair, and striking face paint gives her an exotic air..Pink Label®  Designed by: Linda Kyaw


2011 Japan Ken®Doll n

Japan Ken®Doll  

Japan Ken® doll is the first Ken® to appear in the Dolls of the World®Collection. Featuring a brand new face sculpt, Ken looks both handsome and exotic. His Samurai-inspired costume features a high collared ankle-length coat, knee high silver/black buckled boots, white fingerless glove on left hand. In addition to his costume, it is Ken’s long “sword” — the Katana — that symbolizes honor in Japanese culture. .Pink Label®  Designed by: Linda Kyaw



Couture Angel™ Barbie® Doll

Second in the series, Couture Angel Barbie doll is a heavenly vision of romance in dramatic colors. She seems to float on air in a strapless gown with golden foil printed tulle. Her ornate golden crown matches her medallion necklace, while her wings feature golden glitter with a delicate golden thread edge. This sweet seraph is a divine doll indeed! Pink Label® Designed by: Linda Kyaw


The Museum Collection

Artist’s Model

Barbie® doll, the ultimate muse, embodies three major works of art — with a fashion twist — courtesy of visionary Designed by: Linda Kyaw
for  The Museum Collection


2011 Leonardo da Vinci, Barbie Doll. n

Barbie® Doll Inspired by Leonardo da Vinci  

BARBIE® Doll Inspired by Leonardo da Vinci: The Museum Collection is a new Barbie® Collector series inspired by top museums around the world and their most iconic classic masterpieces. It is art with a fashion-fusion twist that takes the tone and manner of selected famous paintings and reinterprets them through fashion as only Barbie® doll can. For da Vinci, Barbie® doll is dressed in a gown with deep rich hues of gold green and amber. Her face reflects a mysterious smile, similar to that of Mona Lisa. Pink Label® Designed by: Linda Kyaw


2011 Vincent van Gogh, Barbie Doll. n

Barbie® Doll Inspired by Vincent van Gogh  

BARBIE® Doll Inspired by Vincent van Gogh: Considered Vincent van Gogh’s masterpiece, The Starry Night depicts the swirling heavens above the French village of Saint- Rémy and was painted in the last year of his life. van Gogh’s Impressionist brush strokes are represented with Barbie® doll’s wavy hair and the print on her strapless cocktail dress, which also has a black velveteen Cypress tree accent. Barbie® doll’s look is completed with circular earrings and molded metallic sandals. Pink Label® Designed by: Linda Kyaw


Barbie® Doll Inspired by Gustav Klimt

Barbie® Doll Inspired by Gustav Klimt  

BARBIE Doll Inspired by Gustav Klimt: Part of the Museum Collection, Barbie Doll Inspired by Gustav Klimt captures the gold color and ornamental style of one of Klimt’s most famous paintings, Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I. Barbie doll’s pose mirrors that in the masterpiece, and she wears curly parted hair, a metallic choker and cuffs and a halter gown with silvery trim, draped chiffon sleeves and bustle. Pink Label®  Designed by: Linda Kyaw


Fantasy Barbie Dolls

2011 Couture Angel, Barbie Doll. n

2011 Couture Angel, Barbie Doll.

Couture AngelBarbie® Doll

Second in the series, Couture Angel Barbie doll is a heavenly vision of romance in dramatic colors. She seems to float on air in a strapless gown with golden foil printed tulle. Her ornate golden crown matches her medallion necklace, while her wings feature golden glitter with a delicate golden thread edge. This sweet seraph is a divine doll indeed!


2011 Moulin Rouge, Barbie® Doll. n

Moulin Rouge™Barbie® Doll  

Ooh-la-la! Girls, do you think that you can learn to do the cancan? Moulin Rouge Barbie doll is ready to kick up her heels in this risqué red and white outfit, inspired by authentic costumes from the Moulin Rouge! Her fabulous frou-frou dress features rows of ruffles, paired with white ruffled panties, nude tights, a red garter and pumps! Her hair is pulled back and piled high, accented with a red feather for a final touch that’s très fantastique!  Gold Label®. Designed by: Robert Best.


2011 Goddess of the Galaxy, Barbie Doll. n

Goddess of the Galaxy™ Barbie® Doll  

Get ready to go gaga for Goddess of the Galaxy Barbie doll, with out of the world, over the top glamour courtesy of designer Bill Greening. This bold beauty wears a molded metallic corset embellished with fuchsia “jewels” above a layered underskirt of shimmering fabric, a dramatic pinstripe cape, and silvery forearm and leg cuffs. Silvery rings with “jeweled” accents orbit an up-do with twisted platinum braids, and her dramatic face paint features ultra long, rooted, feathered lashes. She stands strong in thigh-high platform boots, with a look that says she’s here to conquer the universe in fabulous fierce fashion! Gold Label® Designed by: Bill Greening


Designers Dolls


tokidoki™ Barbie® Doll

The word means “sometimes” in Japanese, but tokidoki Barbie doll is always ready for cutting-edge fashion! She pops on a pink miniskirt, logo leggings and black top with signature skull heart and bones, carries a large bag from the brand, then adds bracelets, a belt, and sky high sparkly silver shoes! This funky fashionista features trendy tattoos and a pink bob. With cactus pup Bastardino by her side, she’s ready for fun in fashion forward form! Gold Label® Designed by: Bill Greening


2011 Countess Dracula Bob Mackie, Barbie Doll. n2011 Countess Dracula Bob Mackie, Barbie Doll. b

 Bob Mackie®Countess DraculaBarbie® Doll  

Forever young and eternally beautiful, this royal lady’s ensemble features a magnificent pannier skirt lined with metallic red-woven fabric, an enchanting collar and soaring headpiece encapsulating four inch high fiery red hair. Clear teardrop rhinestones sparkle on her earrings and also accent her red and purple Louis-style shoes. Once bitten, and never shy!  Gold Label® Designed by: Ann Driskill


2011 BYRON LARS FENELLA LAYLA BARBIE DOLL NRFB2011 Fenella Layla Byron Lars, Barbie Doll. b

 Byron Lars Fenella Layla™ Barbie® Doll  

Byron Lars Mackenzie Fenella Layla Barbie doll is a multicultural mash up with major couture cred! Combining Kente cloth from Nigeria with Scottish tartan, she wears a leopard print bodice over a striped top with a red & green tartan skirt. For even more drama, she adds an exquisite grey cape lined in green and blue tartan, and tops it all off with a red tartan cap over her close cropped afro. Accessories include a traditional Scottish pouch and white ankle boots. With creamy coffee-colored skin, deep burgundy lips and rooted lashes, this lucky lass has a passport to funky fashion town in sensational style! Gold Label® Designed by: Ann Driskill


2011 The Traditionalist Vera Wang Bride, Barbie Doll. n2011 The Traditionalist Vera Wang Bride, Barbie Doll. b

Vera Wang™ Bride: The Traditionalist Barbie® Doll 

Vera Wang™ Bride: The Traditionalist Barbie® doll captures the luxury, impeccable detailing, and superior workmanship that define Vera Wang. Based on the celebrated “Dovima” gown, it features a flattering strapless bodice and mermaid-style waist, flowering into a full skirt. The watercolor pattern on the tulle overskirt is playful and sophisticated, reflecting the designer’s signature approach to bridal couture. No more than 2,500 units produced worldwide. Vera Wang is a registered trademark of VEW Ltd. Gold Label®



Created exclusively for Avon by Mattel designed by Robert Best. Pink Label™ Barbie® Collector. Comes in a Special Collector’s Box.


2011 Renaissance Faire, Barbie Doll. n

Renaissance Faire Barbie® Doll

Today, renaissance fairs celebrate life in England during the reign of Elizabeth I, which led to the flowering of the English Renaissance. Renaissance FaireBarbie® doll embodies the heart and style of these fairs. Her powder blue dress with golden trim and white accents capture the time period perfectly. Long flowing blond locks and sweet expression add to the doll’s allure. Pink Label®


2011 Tim McGraw Faith Hill Country Singer Barbie Doll Pink Label Collector NRFB


These two celebrities make beautiful music together, and the Tim McGraw & Faith Hill dolls capture the sensational star power of this dynamic duo! Faith looks flawless in her red-carpet ready black gown, pearl earrings, and picture perfect hairdo. Tim puts a country spin on a basic black suit, topped off with his signature black hat. Standing together side by side, they are the ultimate power couple, and we’re powerless to resist!Pink Label® Designed by: Linda Kyaw


2011 Reba McEntire NRFB


Reba McEntire Doll: One of the world’s most successful and beloved recording artists, Reba McEntire is the only singer to have been named the Country Music Association’s Female Vocalist of the Year four times in a row. Doll wears a red gown with golden glitter accents inspired by “Fancy,” Reba McEntire’s favorite hit song which she performs at the end of every concert. © 2011 Reba McEntire, Starstruck Entertainment, LLC. Pink Label®


Dynasty : Krystle and Alexis Barbie dolls made from the first Scene

2011 Barbie Pink Label Dynasty Krystle Alexis Doll Sets NRFB's

 Barbie® Doll Krystle

The hottest trends from the ’80s are back in a “big” way in the Newly Nostalgic series! Featured in the ’80s drama, Dynasty is the deliciously delightful and beautiful Krystle character now depicted as Krystle Barbie® doll. She is dressed in her signature white-sheath gown with bold shoulder pads—and of course—her trademark feathered ash-blond hair and glamorous jewelry. Pink Label® Designed by: Bill Greening


Barbie® Doll Alexis

The hottest trends from the ’80s are back in a “big” way in the Newly Nostalgic series! Featured in the ’80s drama, Dynasty is the wildly wicked and stunning Alexis character now depicted as Alexis Barbie® doll. She is dressed in a golden lame gown with ruffle detailing at the shoulders and high side slit—and of course—her trademark brunette-curled coif and glamorous jewelry. Pink Label®  Designed by: Bill Greening


Hollywood Barbie Dolls

» Grace Kelly Collection

2011 Grace Kelly Blue NRFB

To Catch A Thief™Barbie® Doll 

BARBIE® To Catch a Thief Grace Kelly Doll: Grace Kelly is a global icon—a famous princess, bride and an Academy Award-winning actress who starred in the 1955 romantic thriller, To Catch a Thief. Grace Kelly looks stunning in her blue gown inspired by the opening scene of To Catch a Thief, set in the French Riveria. This dress truly captures Grace’s elegant style. Pink Label® Designed by: Robert Best*2011 GRACE KELLY BRIDE SILKSTONE BARBIE NRFB

Grace Kelly The Bride Doll 

merican actress Grace Kelly married PrinceRainier of Monaco in a gorgeous gown that has been faithfully recreated tocapture every exquisite detail.
Grace Patricia Kelly was Hollywood royalty. The beautiful film star met her own dashing Prince Rainier III of Monaco, who swept her off her feet, into a fairytale romance and marriage. Their civil ceremony took place on April 18, 1956, and the next day, an enchanting, regal wedding occurred before more than 500 guests. This extraordinary portrait doll captures Princess Grace’s style and elegance; she wears a lavish wedding gown, inspired by the breathtaking original. The dress features a fitted torso with a sweet row of pearly buttons down the front, while the lengthy train incorporates a lovely lacy insert. The long tulle veil is trimmed in lace, and this beautiful bride carries a small ivory prayer book in one hand and a Lily of the Valley “bouquet” in the other. Her face paint is suitably subdued for the occasion, with simple pearl earrings adding a sophisticated final touch. Gold Label® Designed by: Robert Best



Grace Kelly The Romance™Doll  

When American actress Grace Kelly arrived in Monaco to marry her prince, she was the embodiment of 50’s elegance and class. The exquisite Grace Kelly The Romance doll, the first new character in Silkstone® since 2010’s “Mad Men” series, recreates her exact outfit in amazing detail. She wears the fabulous floral print dress Miss Kelly wore when she first met her future husband at the 1955 Cannes Film Festival. From an “easy to sew” pattern the actress modeled for McCall magazine, the dress features long sleeves and a tight bodice that flares out into a full skirt, and is styled with a coordinating headpiece and navy pumps. She also comes with a deep navy blue coat and matching dress. Her golden blonde hair is pulled back and can be neatly tucked under a white, wide-brimmed hat and matching scarf, while sunglasses shade her lovely blue eyes. A simple strand of pearls encircles her glove-covered wrist, and she has a delicate bouquet of white violets.Gold Label® Designed by: Robert Best


2011 Elvis, Barbie Doll. n

Elvis® Barbie® Doll

You can’t help falling in love with Elvis Barbie doll, inspired by the King’s album cover, “50,000,000 Elvis Fans Can’t be Wrong.” Barbie doll dons a sparkling gold lamé suit and strappy shoes, and piles her dark hair into an upswept pompadour. A posable body adds the perfect extra touch to this tribute to rock and roll royalty!Pink Label® Designed by: Linda Kyaw


2011 SINATRA BARBIE doll*NRFB Pink label.

Sinatra Barbie® Doll

The Sinatra™ Barbie doll channels Ol’ Blue Eyes in swinging style inspired by the Chairman of the Board himself! Featuring a posable body, she starts with a jaunty black and white suit, adds a white shirt and a black tie, pulls her blonde hair into a ponytail and slips on black and white platform heels. She adds a touch of flair with an orange pocket square — Mr. Sinatra’s favorite color — and tops it all off with a cute fedora! This doll will hit just the right note in any collection! Pink Label® Designed by: Linda Kyaw Due in November 2011


2011 Green Lantern Carol Ferris, Barbie Doll. n

Green Lantern Carol Ferris Barbie® Doll

Sure, she dates a superhero, but Carol Ferris is no slouch herself! The gorgeous test pilot and girlfriend to the Green Lantern stands ready for adventure in her green flight suit worn over a white tank top, black boots, and helmet. Sculpted to accurately resemble the character from the new Hollywood movie, this feisty flyer is a Comic Con exclusive! GREEN LANTERN and all related characters and elements are trademarks of and © DC Comics. WB SHIELD:  TM & © Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. Black Label®  Designed by: Bill Greening



 ROCK HUDSON & DORIS DAY – Pillow Talk™ Giftset

A career gal looking for love and the carefree cad who falls for her. Finally, as requested by collectors, the Pillow Talk Rock Hudson and Doris Day Giftset features two new sculpts celebrating these fabulous stars. Handsome Rock Hudson appears as he does in the movie, impeccable in a classic suit, white shirt and tie, with molded hair in the style of the era. Delightful Doris Day goes glam in a white gown, matching clutch and elbow length gloves, and blonde hair styled to resemble her look in the movie. Filled with 50’s fun, these dolls are certainly something to talk about! Pink Label®  Designed by: Linda Kyaw


The Twilight Saga Eclipse Jane

The Volturi don’t give second chances. Member of the ruthless Volturi clan, the deceptively angelic-looking vampire Jane joins the line of Twilight Saga dolls with golden hair, crimson irises and a long black hooded cloak. TM & © SUMMIT ENTERTAINMENT LLC. All rights reserved. Production doll may vary from the photo shown above. Mattel reserves the right to modify the fashion/fabrics, sculpt, hair color/style, and accessories. Pink Label®




Prepare for adventure with swashbuckling style! Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides Captain Jack Sparrow doll is sculpted to the likeness of star Johnny Depp, who plays him in the movie. This scoundrel sailor is dressed in a pirate shirt, blue and gold vest, and classic pirate boots. He completes his outfit with a sword at his side and a shrunken head strapped to his waist, and rocks a red bandana and dreadlocks. Designed by: Linda KyawPink Label®


2011 T7655 Pirates of the Caribbean


This pretty pirate sets sail in sassy style! Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger TidesAngelica doll embodies the bold spirit of beautiful Penelope Cruz, who plays her in the movie. She wears a pirate shirt topped with a green and brown print vest, pants, and tall boots. A slivery cross at her neck, black buccaneer hat, and sword with sheath complete her outfit, while long dark locks flow freely down her back. Pair her with companion Captain Jack Sparrow doll and look out for trouble on the high seas! Designed by: Linda Kyaw/Pink Label®




  Since its 1976 debut, Farrah Fawcetts poster has sold 12 million copies and remains the best-selling poster of all time.


Like the iconic pin-up, the Farrah Fawcett Barbie Doll wears a red swimsuit, chain necklace and is permanently posed and packaged with a striped blanket. Her swimsuit was red, her smile was spectacular, and her hairstyle made history. Inspired by the best-selling 1976 poster, this fabulous Farrah Fawcett doll recreates each of the essential elements that caused an instant sensation. Permanently posed on a striped blanket inspired by the original, she features a brand new body mold, and a face sculpt that perfectly captures her blue eyes and fabulous hair. She is a wonderful tribute to the all American girl who became a star in bare feet and a bathing suit! Designed by: Bill Greening 


I Love Lucy®Lucy And Ricky Gift Set  

Hollywood » Barbie®Loves Lucy!

Season 1 of I Love Lucy, brought us Episode 4, ”The Diet,” originally broadcast on October 29,1951. While the four friends are discussing their weight gains, Lucy insists that she is exactly the same size as when she married. However, she is horrified to learn that she has gained 22 pounds. Striking a deal with Ricky, Lucy commits to a crazy diet in an effort to lose enough weight to fit into a costume for Ricky’s nightclub show. Zany AND gorgeous, Lucy loses the weight and looks picture perfect in this stunning green gown for the show. Ricky looks equally handsome in his tux and top hat. Pink Label®


I Dream Of Jeannie™ Barbie® Doll

Your wish is my command! The I Dream of Jeannie™ Barbie® doll captures the essence of the classic ’60s TV character and show, I Dream of Jeannie. Barbie® features a vintage face with her trademark ponytail hairstyle and veiled hat. Dressed in her signature pink harem outfit and a genie lamp, Jeannie is a dream come true! Pink Label® Designed by: Robert Best



Bewitched™ Barbie® Doll

With the twitch of her nose, Samantha can work wonders—and at times funny hi-jinks—with her magical spells! Bewitched™ Barbie® doll captures the essence of the classic ‘60s TV character and show, Bewitched. Bewitched™ Barbie® features a vintage face and is dressed in her signature black witch’s outfit that Samantha wears at the opening of every episode. Her cape has gorgeous red trim and the doll is accessorized with a wide-brim witch’s hat and broom.Pink Label® Designed by: Robert Best


The Beverly Hillbillies™ Barbie® Doll –  “ELLY MAY” (1933 – 2015)

The Beverly Hillbillies™ Barbie® doll captures the essence of the classic ’60s TV show, The Beverly Hillbillies. Barbie® doll features a vintage face with her trademark hairstyle and ribbon details. Sporting a gingham shirt, denim jeans and espadrilles-style shoes, Barbie also comes with Elly May’s infamous “slingshot.” Pink Label®  Designed by: Robert Best


Holiday Hostess™ Collection

2011 Halloween Haunt, Barbie Doll n

Halloween Haunt™Barbie® Doll  

No trick here… Halloween Haunt Barbie doll is a treat to behold! The perfect hostess, she’s dressed for the occasion in a festive holiday outfit of orange, appropriately adorned with black cats and stars. She adds a wide waist-cinching belt with gold buckle, a black and gold choker, and basic black pumps accented with orange pompoms. Her black witch hat sits atop short auburn hair, and her vintage face sculpt features delightfully dark plum lips. A must-have holiday decoration for any Barbie doll devotee! Gold Label® Designed by: Bill Greening 


Special Occasion 

Holiday Barbie 2011 Doll with Gift Necklace

2011 Barbie Collector Holiday Barbie Doll NRFB

Holiday Barbie 2011 Doll with Gift Necklace NRFB

2011 Holiday Barbie™ Doll  

An elegant take on the holidays, the 2011 Holiday Barbie doll is gorgeous in green and gold! Her strapless gown from designer Robert Best features a chic sash over one shoulder while golden embroidery adds an opulent touch. With festive red nails and dangling golden earrings, she offers happy holiday wishes and sends season’s greeting to loved ones near and far. Pink Label® Designed by: Robert Best


2011 Happy Birthday, Ken & Barbie Doll n

Happy Birthday®, Ken® Barbie®Doll 

We know that 2011 is all about Ken®doll’s 50th anniversary. But Barbie is STILL a major part of the fab festivities. Wearing her most eye-catching, show-stopping outfit to present Ken® with his birthday “gift”, Barbie is every bit the beautiful birthday present herself.

Draped in Ken® doll’s signature color cyan blue, her gown features an organza plaid bodice (a wink and a nod to his famous and fabulous sweater vests) and adorable white bow at her waist (inspired by a classic Ken® accouterment, the bow tie!). With cyan-colored gift box with Ken logo tag in hand, Barbie can’t wait to wish Ken a very happy birthday!PinkLabel®


Barbie Basics™ Model 2011

AA KEN 2011 Barbie BASICS No.17 DENIM Collection 002_T7751_NRFB







2011 Brunette




Customize. Personalize. Play! Barbie Basics™ is all about permission to play and Barbie Basics™ takes the fashion basic—denim—to new heights! This line of 12 dolls (9 girls and 3 boys) come in a variety of denim jeans featuring different cuts and colors with details such as real pockets and metal grommets. Each doll has a unique T-shirt to coordinate with the jeans. Each pair of girl jeans also features an embroidered “B” (Barbie® logo) on one back pocket. Black Label®  Designed by: Bill Greening



BARBIE BASICS® Assortment 2 BLACK LABEL® Collection (Fall 2011):

Customize. Personalize. Play! Barbie Basics® is all about permission to play, and now Barbie Basics® takes denim to new heights with the hottest fashion trend-metallics! This line of dolls wears a variety of denim with different cuts. Each doll has a unique metallic shirt to coordinate with the jeans, which feature real pockets and grommets with an embroidered “B” (Barbie® logo) on one back pocket. Add one of the accessory packs to personalize your very own Barbie® doll. Black Label®  Designed by: Bill Greening


Barbie Basics® Collection Red:

2011 Barbie Basics Collection Red Target Exclusive Model No. 01 Mackie NRFB

Model No. 01

Let’s hear it for red, white and Barbie! Made exclusively for Target, Model No. 01  sports a short blonde asymmetric bob, and wears white bootcut denim with a red off the shoulder, short sleeve top. A white belt and red pumps complete her look. Black Label® Designed by: Bill Greening

2011 Barbie Basics Collection Red Target Exclusive 'Lara' Model No. 02 NRFB

Model No. 02

Let’s hear it for red, white and Barbie! Made exclusively for Target, Model No. 02  has a long curly afro, and wears white straight leg denim with a red v-neck top. A white belt and red pumps complete her look. Black Label® Designed by: Bill Greening

2011 Barbie Basics Collection Red 'Steffie' Target Exclusive Model No. 03 NRFB

Model No. 03

Let’s hear it for red, white and Barbie! Made exclusively for Target, Model No. 03  is a brunette beauty with a long ponytail and bangs that bring focus to her fabulous face! She wears cropped white denim with a red off the shoulder long sleeve top. A white belt and red pumps complete her look. Black Label® Designed by: Bill Greening


2011 Wanna Play Barbies Commercials


2011 Barbie Loves Paul Frank.

2011 Barbie Loves Paul Frank 2 n 2011 Barbie Loves Paul Frank 2

Barbie Doll.


2011 Barbie Loves Paul Frank 2011 Barbie Loves Paul Frank n

Barbie Doll.


Ken Loves Paul Frank Ken Loves Paul Frank f

Ken Doll.


2011 Barbie Fashionistas.

2011 Barbie Fashionistas

2011 Barbie .


2011 NIKKI

2011 NIKKI.


2011 Barbie Fashionistas Swappin' Styles2011 Barbie Fashionistas Swappin' Styles n

Artsy DollArtsy Doll n

2011 Sassy Doll

2011 Swappin’ Styles.


2011 KEN Doll

2011 KEN Doll – Target Exclusive.


2011 KEN with 3 Sets of Outfits

2011 KEN with 3 Sets of Outfits.


2011 Princess Happy Birthday

2011 Princess Happy Birthday n

2011 Princess Happy Birthday.


2011 Barbie Princess Charm

2011 Barbie Princess Charm.


2011 Barbie-Princess-Charm-School-Classroom-playset

2011 Barbie Princess Charm School Classroom playset – TOYS “R” USA


2011 Birthstone Barbie Dolls.

2011 July



2011 November Citrine

2011 November.


Barbie Fashion Model.

2011 Barbie Fashion Model

Barbie Doll.


2011 Barbie Shopping Series, with 3 Sets of Outfits

2011 Barbie Doll, with 3 Sets of Outfits.


2011 Barbie & Teresa Dolls & Fashions Gift

2011 Barbie & Teresa Dolls & Fashions Giftset.


2011 Hair-tastic Cut & Style aa2011 Hair-tastic Cut & Style f2011 Hair-tastic Cut & Style br.JPG f
2011 Hair-tastic Cut & Style n2011hairtastict aa n2011 Hair-tastic Cut & Style br

2011 Hair-tastic Cut & Style.


2011 Barbie Camping Family.

2011 Barbie camping

Barbie Doll.


2011 Ken Doll camping

Ken Doll.


2011 Barbie Family Camping Teresa Doll

Teresa Doll.


2011 Stacie & Kelly Dolls 2011 Stacie & Kelly Dolls n

Stacie & Kelly Dolls.


2011 Barbie Chelsea and Stacie Birthday Dolls Set

Chelsea and Stacie Birthday Dolls Set


2011 Barbie Glam.

2011 Barbie Dolls & Glam Jet Includes 3 Dolls, Fashions & Accessories2011 Glam Jet n

2011 Glam Jet with 3 dolls.


2011 Glam Scooter

2011 Glam Scooter n

2011 Glam Scooter, with Barbie Doll.


2011 Glam Scooter Vespa and Teresa Doll.

2011 Glam Scooter Vespa and Teresa Doll. n

2011 Glam Scooter Vespa, with Teresa Doll.


2011 Glam & Glitz

2011 Glam & Glitz.


2011  Barbie Loves Disney.

2011 Loves Disney Barbie

2011 Barbie.


2011 Sissters

2011 Loves Disney Sister

2011 Sisters, Barbie and Stacie.



2011 Sisters, Skipper and Kelley.


2011 Ken and Barbie f

2011 Ken an Barbie.

2011 Ken and Barbie.


2011 Barbie Sissters.

2011 Barbie Sisters Pup Walk Barbie Stacie dolls2011 Barbie Sisters Pup Walk Barbie Stacie dolls n

2011 Pup Walk, Barbie Stacie dolls.


2011 Barbie and Stacie 2011 Skate

2011 Skate, Barbie and Stacie.

2011 Skateboard! Skipper and Chelsea n2011 Skateboard! Skipper and Chelsea

2011 Skateboard! Skipper and Chelsea.


2011 Barbie Fairytale Magic.

2011 Barbie Fairytale Magic - Princess Barbie

2011 Princess Barbie.


2011 Princess Teresa

2011 Princess Teresa.


2011 Barbie I Can Be A…..

2011 Arctic Rescuer

2011 Arctic Rescuer.


2011 Ocean Treasure Explorer

2011 Ocean Treasure Explorer.


2011 Pet Vet

2011 Pet Vet.


2011 Pony Trainer2011 Pony Trainer2011 BARBIE I CAN BE PONY TRAINER- NRFB

2011 Pony Trainer.


2011 Halloween


HALLOWEEN PARTY™ BARBIE® Doll: Celebrate Halloween with Barbie® doll who is ready to Trick or Treat in her ultra-fab witch’s costume featuring pink and black stripes and an orange skirt. She’s even got an adorable classic black witch hat!


2011 Target Exclusive Halloween Treat Barbie NRFB2011 Target Exclusive Halloween Treat Barbie (Play line)


2011 Holiday Sparkle Christmas NRFB2011 Holiday Sparkle Barbie (Play line)

This the season to sparkle with holiday Barbie® featuring a beautiful festive dress with silvery colored bodice, a big red accent bow, red wrap and sparkly jewelry.



2011 Happy Holiday – Target Exclusive 


2011 A Perfect Christmas.

2011 A Perfect Christmas2011 A Perfect Christmas n

Barbie doll.




2011 Christmas KELLY & FRIENDS

2011 Christmas KELLY & FRIENDS



SWEET TALKING KEN™ Doll: Ken® is Barbie® doll’s ultimate boyfriend for every occasion. Why? Because the Ken® doll says whatever you want him to say (you talk, he records up to 5 seconds of sound, and plays back). Just press the button on Ken® doll’s chest to record your voice (a microphone is built into his chest) and then by pressing 3 different buttons on Ken® doll’s lower back you can play back in a high, normal or low pitch. Sweet!

Barbie She Said Yes Barbie She Said Yes.jpg back

 SHE SAID YES Barbie and Ken Giftset

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