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Barbie™ family and other principal characters.

Barbara Millicent “Barbie” Roberts (1959–present) The first Barbie™ doll was described as a “Teen Age Fashion Model™” on her packaging. According to the Random House books, the Barbie™ character’s full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts, and her parents’ names are George and Margaret Roberts. She is the main character in the “Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse” series. She is teenage, schoolgirl. Her most age is 16 years old.

Vintage Period. Vintage Barbies (and Family and Friends) were made from 1959 to 1966:

  • 1959 – 2020 Barbie Ponytail:

#850 N01 Barbie Ponitail blonde~MIBN01~blonde~face~handpaintend1959 No1 #850 Barbie Ponytail Blonde on her stand1959 N01~Barbie Ponytail brunette~MIBClose up face

1959 N02 #850 Barbie Ponytail Blonde MIB Sold at Ebay for $9,000.00 Jan.24, 20071959 No2 #850 Brunette Ponytail MIB Sold at Ebay for US $5,000.00 Jan 06, 2013Close up stand

1959 No3 #850 Barbie Ponytail blonde MIB Brown Eye Shaduw Sold at Ebay for $1,500 Jan. 16, 2007Close up head1959 No3 #850 Barbie Ponytail Brunette MIB Ebay sold for $1300 Jan.24, 2007

1959 N03 #850 Barbie Ponytail Blonde MIB with blue Eye ShaduwClose up head

N04 Barbie Ponytail blonde MIB Sold at Ebay for $795.00 Apr. 27, 2007N05 #850 Barbie Ponytail Redhead~NRFB

1963 N06 #850 Barbie Ponytail Leomon Blonde NRFB1963 #850 NO6 Barbie Ponytail Brunette MIB from Europe


2015 Repro Barbie Black & White swimsuit.

2020 Mattel 75th Anniversary with a Repro #1 Barbie Doll

  • 1961 – 1967 Barbie Bubble Cut:

A6~brownette1961~MIB1961 #850 Barbie Bubble Cut Redhead MIB1961 #850 Barbie Bubble White Ginger with Painted Legs MIB

1962 #850 Barbie Bubble Cut Lemmon Blonde NRFB1962 #850 Barbie Bubble Cut Brunnete NRFB Sold at Ebay for $300 Aug.1, 20061962 #850 Barbie Bubble Cut redhead NRFB

1964 #850 Barbie Bubble Cut BigHair platium NRFB Sold at Ebay for $899 Aug.20051964 #850 Barbie Bubble Cut Brunette NRFB Sold at Ebay for $399 Dec.24, 2005

1964 #850 #850 Barbie Bubble Cut Brunette NRFB From Europe - Sold at Ebay for $395 May 30, 2007

  • 1963 – 1964 Barbie Fashion Queen:

1963 #870 Barbie Fashion Queen~NRFB~HighColar

  • 1964 Miss Barbie:

1964 #1060 Miss Barbie with BL and Open and Close Eyes NRFB

  • Late 1963 – 1967 Barbie Swirl Ponytail:

1964 #850 Barbie Swirl Ponytail Gold Blonde~NRFB1964 #850 Barbie Swirl Pony Tail~Platium~NRFB1964 #850 Barbie Swirl Pony Tail~Brunette~NRFB31964 #850 Barbie Swirl Pony Tail ~Ashblonde~MIB1964 #850 Barbie Swirl Pony Tail~RedHead~NRFBbrunette swirl dressbox NRFB


  • 1965 – 1967 Barbie with Bendable Legs:

1965 #1070 Barbie BL Pale Blonde~NRFB1965 #1070 Barbie BL Longhair~Brunette~~NRFB1965 #1070 Barbie BL Titian NRFB

High-color FaceClose up High-color face.#1070~BL~Longhair~Brunette~NRFB1070~BL~Longhair~Brunette~NRFB~head

#1070~BL~Longhair~Brunette~ProtoType~NRFBClose up face

From Europe #1070~BL~EXTRA Longhairr~Brown~MIB

1966 #1070 Barbie BL~brunette~Side Part~European~Hige Color~MIB1966 #1070 Barbie ~BL~Blonde-Ashblonde-Brunette~JapaneseSidePart-NRFB´s

From Japan - SidePart~BubbleCut~Dark Blonde~NRFB. Also found in Europe with the old Bubble cut box.Europe Rare #1070 Fashion Queen with BL NRFB1070~SwirlCurl~BendableLegs~NRFBs

  • 1966 – 1967 Color Magic Barbie:

1966 #1150 Colar Magic Barbie ~ Golden Blonde - NRFB1966 #1150 Color Magic Barbie Midnight NRFB

Mod Period. The Barbies (Barbie, Family and Friends) were made from 1967 to 1973.

  • 1967 – 1971 Barbie Twist ‘N Turn:

1967 1162 Trade-in Barbie - Twist Waist (TNT) ~ blonde - MIB 1967 #1162 Trade-in Barbie Twist Waist (TNT)~Brunette NRFB1966 TWT Brunette NRFB1967 #1162 Trade-in Barbie Twist Waist (TNT)~Red Head NRFB1967 #1162 TNT~Barbie~Dark Brown~NRFB

1968 #1160 BarbieTWT~Blonde~~NRFB1968 #1160 BarbieTWT~darkbrown~~NRFB1968 #1160 BarbieTWT~redhesd~NRFB


1969 #1160 BarbieTWT~blonde NRFB1969 #1160 BarbieTWT~Long Flip Hair-do Brunette NRFB1969 #1160 BarbieTWT~Long Flip Hair-do Brunette NRFB HTF Box

1969 #1160 BarbieTWT~Blonde NRFB 1969 #1160 BarbieTWT~Dark Brown NRFB

BarbieTWT~1971~blonde~NRFB~$4251969 #1160 BarbieTWT~Brown NRFB

  • 1967 – 1971 New Standard Barbie:

1966~Standaard~mib~Brurnette~Japan1970~Standard~red~NRFB 21966~Standaard~DarkBrown~NRFB~$510~1807051966~Standard~Asblonde~NRFB

1970 #1190 Barbie Standard Sandy Blonde NRFB1970~Standard~darkbrown~MIB

1971 #1190 Barbie Standard Brown NRFB with CENTER EYE1970 #1190 Barbie Standard Sandy Blonde NRFBClose up CENTER EYES

  • 1968 – 1971 Talking Barbie:Barbie Talking~Shop Display

1968 #1115 Talking Barbie blonde1968 #1115 Talking Barbie~Dutch~Brunette NRFB

1969 #1115~Talking Barbie (Stacey head mold)~Brunette NRFB1969 #1115~Talking Barbie (Stacey head mold)~ Brunette NRFB1969 #1115~Talking Barbie (Stacey head mold)~ blonde NRFB1970 #1115 Talking Barbie ~RedHead~NRFB

1971 #1115~Talking Barbie~Brunette NRFB1971 #1115~Talking Barbie~Redhead NRFB

1972 1115 NoTALKING BARBIE (redhead) Baggie

  • 1970 – 1971 Barbie Living:

1970 #1117 Dramatic New Living Barbie~Brunette~NRFB1970 #1117 Dramatic New Living Barbie~Blonde~MIB1117~Dramatic New Living Barbie~Red~NRFB


Malibu Barbie Period.  One of the most notable dolls in this era was Malibu Barbie which used the Stacey face and represented a significant shift in Barbie’s evolution. She was made from 1971 to 1977.

1971 #1067 Barbie Malibu~NRFB1972 Barbie Malibu - NRFB-no21974 #7807 Newport Barbie NRFB

1971 #1174 Barbie Hair Happenin's Limited Edition Department Store Special NRFB

1971 #1144 Barbie with Growin Pretty Hair~NRFB

1970 #1152 Live Action Barbie On Stage. NRFB1972 #1182 Barbie Walking NRFB1972 #3311 Busy Barbie NRFB

1973 #8588 Standard~Barbie NRFB from Europe11972 Poupee De Mode NRFB1974 #8587 Standard Barbie NRFB
BD 1973 #6602 TWT Barbie NRFB from Europe1974 #7192 Funtime Barbie NRFB from Europe

1973 #4220 Quick Curl Barbie NRFB1976 #9217 Deluxe Quick Curl Barbie - NRFB1974 #7270 Free Moving Barbie ~NRFB1976 First # 9093 Ballerina Barbie NRFB

1976 #9949 Sporting Barbie NRFB from Italy1977 #9900 Equestrienne Barbie Living Busy NRFB from Europe

Barbie Superstar Period. The next big shift in Barbie Doll History occurred in 1977, when in the era of Halter Dress and Farrah Facwett hair, Barbie underwent a dramatic transition in the form of Superstar Barbie. Barbies were made with the big toothy smile and tons of long blonde hair for the rest of the 1970s, all of the 1980s and a large part of the 1990s.

1977 #9720 SUPERSTAR BARBIE NRFB1978 #9720 SUPERSTAR BARBIE PROMOTIONAL NRFB1978 #2210 Fashion Photo Barbie~NRFB

1977#9925 Partytime Barbie NRFB from Europe1979 #9925 Partytime Barbie~SuperStar Face NRFB from Germany

1979 #9900 Equestrienne~SuperStarFace NRFB

1979 #2844 Barbie Super Size~Super Hair~NRFB1980 #1293 Black Barbie~NRFB1980 HISPANIC BARBIE~NRFB

1980 – Present Dolls Of The World® Collection:

1980 first doll 1980 # 01600 Dolls Of The World® Parisian Barbie® Doll 1st Edition NRFB1980 First doll Dolls Of The World® #01682 Italian Barbie® Doll NRFB1981 # 03262 First Dolls Of The World® — Asia - Oriental Barbie® Doll

In recent years Mattel has sold a wide range of Barbie® dolls aimed specifically at collectors, including Porcelain versions,

1986 # 01364 FirstBarbie® Porcelain Collection Blue Rhapsody® Barbie® Doll

Also a collectible doll evolved the popularity of Holiday Barbiewhich was introduced in 1988, and in 2018 celebrate 30th anniversary:

1988 First Happy Holiday Barbie NRFB

2013 Barbie Holiday dollHoliday Barbie 2013Holiday Barbie 2013

2014 Holiday Barbie NRFB2014 Holiday Barbie Doll AA NRFB

Barbie™ 2015 Holiday Doll nrfbred holidayBarbie™ 2015 Holiday Doll aa n

2016 Barbie Holiday Blonde hair2016 Barbie Holiday Brown hair2016 Holiday Barbie BrunetteHoliday doll Kmart

In 2000 – 2020, Mattel introduced the Fashion Model Collection, also known a Silkstones. They use the vintage Barbie face and have been successful with Barbie collectors.


2000 #26929 Delphine™ Barbie® Doll NRFB


Beginning in 2001, Mattel began to differentiate Barbies into different classifications using Label Colors. The current classifications are:

  • Pink Label (which had always been called “pink box” for obvious reasons) is used to designate play line or inexpensive dolls that available wherever Barbie Dolls are sold.

2004 First Pink Label® Barbiedoll - #G5861 Princess of Imperial Russia™ Barbie® Doll

  • Silver Label is used for collectible dolls with no more than 50,000 produced worldwide.

2004 First Silver Label® #C6230 Birthday Wishes® Barbie® Doll

  • Gold Label designates numbered editions of 25,000 worldwide or less, available at select retailers.

2004 First Gold Label® - #B8946 Badgley Mischka Bride Barbie® Doll NRFB

  • Platinum Label is an exclusive designation used when the dolls are sequentially numbered editions with less than 1,000 available worldwide. They are only available from certain Barbie dealers.

2005 First Platinum Label® - # J4254 Violette™ Barbie® Doll NRFB

  • Black Label is a newer designation that indicates it is a doll designer for the adult collector. Barbie has undergone many changes and a lot of diversity over the last ten years. Now a variety of different skin tones, hair colors and face sculpt are used. Mattel released a series of twelve Black Label Basic Barbie Dolls, the next step in Barbie Doll History, each featuring diverse types of Barbie face sculpt.

2008 # L9640 Black Canary Barbie® Doll NRFB

Here are the twelve 2009 Basic Barbie Dolls and their face sculpts. The dolls pictured below are all Barbies, the name underneath them is the name their face style is called.


2013 – 2017 Barbie ‘Black Label’ dolls – The Barbie LookCollection:

2013 Barbie City Shopper NRFB2013 Barbie Look City Shopper NRFB2013 Look City Shopper #1 Brunette NRFB


2014 BARBIE LOOK RED CARPET BLUE JUMPSUIT DOLL2014 BARBIE LOOK RED CARPET GOLD GOWN DOL2014-barbie-look-red-carpet-fashion-doll-2-nrfb2014-barbie-look-red-carpet-fashion-doll-3-nrfb

2016 The Barbie Look® Barbie® Doll – Sweet Tea2016 The Barbie Look® Barbie® Doll – Urban Jungle2016 The Barbie Look® Barbie® Doll – Night Out

2016 The Barbie Look™ Barbie® Doll – Party Perfect 2016 The Barbie Look™ Barbie® Doll – Festival

2016 Pool Chic2016 Park Pretty

  • October 16, 2015 – Barbie and Ken Fashionistas Dolls 2015 – 2016. The Barbie dolls pictured below are all Barbie and Ken Dolls, the name underneath them is the name their face style is called in Germany Mattel Catalog:


  • 2016 Barbie and Ken Fashionistas Dolls (no names in catalog):

Fashionistas 2016

  • 2017 Barbie and Ken Fashionistas Dolls:
  • Summer 2017 and 2018 Barbie and Ken Fashionistas Dolls:

  • Late 2018 and 2019 Barbie Fashionistas Dolls:

  • 2020 Barbie Fashionistas Dolls.

  • 2021 Barbie Fashionistas Dolls.

2022 Barbie Fashionistas Dolls.

  • 2019 -?  Barbie® Dia De Muertos Dolls.
  • 2019 Barbie BRM1959 Dolls.

  • 2020 Mattel 75th Anniversary Barbie Dolls.

  • 2020 Barbie® Career of the YearCampaign Team Giftset with 4 Barbie Dolls.

  • 2020 -? Barbie Color Reveal  Serie:  

  • 2021 -? Pink Collection Barbie® Dolls.

  • 2021 – 2022 Brooklyn and Malibu Barbie Dolls:
  • 2021 Barbie Career Of The Year – Professional Music Producer.


Parents of Barbie, Skipper, Todd, Stacie, and Kelly (later Chelsea.)

May 31, 2018 Parents of Barbie are in The video series Barbie dreamhouse adventures.


  • George Roberts (1960-present) He is an engineer. He has a wife named Margaret and children: Barbara, Skipper, Anastasia, Todd, Tutti, Chelsea, Kelly, and Kristine. Originally just a book character, he has not been issued in doll form but has appeared for the first time in animation as Barbie’s father in Netflix’s show “Barbie: Dreamhouse Adventures”.


  • Margaret Rawlins Roberts (1960-present) Margaret is the mother of Barbie and her various siblings. She is a homemaker and has an older sister named Millicent. Also originally a book character, she has not been issued in doll form, however, she made her first on-screen appearance in the digital series “Barbie: Dreamhouse Adventures”.


  • Simone Roberts (2022) Barbie animated series “Barbie: It Takes Two ”.


  • Kelvin Roberts (2022) Barbie animated series “Barbie: It Takes Two ”.


  • Kenneth Sean “Ken” Carson(1961–1967, 1969–present) The second character added to the line, Ken has been Barbie’s boyfriend for much of the character’s existence. After a short break, they got back together. According to the 1960s Random House books, Ken’s full name is Kenneth Sean Carson. In Barbie Fashion Comic #34 (1993), Ken’s mother is named Edna. In Barbie Fashion Comic #52 (1995), Edna’s father is named Kenneth, hinting at the fact he was most likely named after him. In Brazil in the 1980s, the Estrela company named the doll Bob instead of Ken (from the book, Barbie Doll Around the World).

1961 #750 NO1 KEN FlockendHair~Brunette~NRFB1961 NO1 #750 Ken Blonde~-flokendhear~NRFB

Brownette FLOCKED HAIR Straight Leg

1963 #750 Ken blonde NRFB1963 #750 Ken Brunette NRFB

NRFB1965 #1020 Ken~BL~Blonde~MIB

1969 #1111 Ken Talking~NRFB

1970 #1124 Ken New Good Looking NRFB

1971 #1172 Live Action Ken On Stage NRFB

1971 First Malibu KEN NRFB1972 #1184 Walk Lively Ken NRFB1972 #3314 Busy Ken NRFB1972 Talking Busy Ken1973 #4224 First Mod Hair Ken NRFB1974 Mod Hair Ken (Montgomery Ward's)1974 Sun Valley Ken1974 Funtime Ken (Europe) & (Canada)

1975 #7280 Free Moving Ken NRFB1975 The Now Look Ken


1978 #2211 SuperStar Ken NRFB1978 Hawaiian Ken1979 Sun Lovin' Malibu Ken1979 Sports Star Ken (Germany)1980 Sport & Shave Ken NRFB1980 Disco Ken AKA Golden Nights Ken (Germany) & (Canada)1981 Western Ken NRFB1980 Roller Skating Ken1981 Jogging Ken (Germany) & (Canada)1981 Jeans Ken (Germany)1981 Fashion Jeans Ken1981 All Star Ken1982 Sunsational Malibu Ken (AA rooted hair)1982 Super Sport Ken (Europe)1982 Horse Lovin' Ken1982 Dream Date Ken1982 Cérémonie Ken (France)1983 Sunsational Malibu Ken (AA painted hair)

1983 Sunsational Malibu Ken (H)

1983 Crystal Ken1983 Hawaiian Ken1983 Safari Ken1983 Exercise Ken (UK and Italy)1983 Great Shape Ken1984 Day-to-Night Ken (AKA Club City, Giorno e Sera)1984 Day-to-Night Ken (AA)1984 Beach Time Ken (Europe)1984 & 1985 Sea Lovin' Ken (Maritim) (Super Regate) (Canada), (Europe) & (France) Nautic (Spain)1985 Tropical Ken1985 Dream Glow Ken (AKA Zauberglanz, Luce di Stelle)1986 Tennis Ken (Europe)1987 Jewel Secrets Ken NRFB1987 Barbie Rockers Ken NRFB1986 Rock Stars Ken (European Edition)1987 Doctor Ken1987 Perfume Giving Ken1987-perfume-giving-ken-aa.jpg21987 Island Fun Ken (AKA Tropical Ken)

1988 Cool Times Ken1988 My First Ken (Ballerina)1988 Animal Lovin' Ken (AKA Safari Ken)1988 SuperStar Ken1988 SuperStar Ken (AA)1989 Western Fun Ken1989 Flight Time Ken1989 Dance Magic Ken1989 Dance Magic Ken AA1989 Dance Club Ken1989 Wet'n Wild Ken (C) , Aqua Magic Ken (E)1989 Ice Capades Ken, Holiday On Ice Ken (E)1990 Costume Ball Ken1990 Ski Fun Ken1990 Hawaiian Fun Ken1990 United Colors of Benetton Ken1990 Weekend Ken (E) (AKA All American Ken, School Cool Ken, Tenis Jeans Ken)1990 Rappin' Rockin' Ken1991 Rollerblade Ken1991 Stars & Stripes Marine Corps Ken1991 Stars & Stripes Marine Corps Ken (AA)1991 Totally Hair Ken (First Edition)1991 United Colors of Benetton Shopping Ken (E)1991 Sun Sensation Ken1991 Sparkle Surprise Ken

1993 Earring Magic Ken NRFB1992 Sea Holiday Ken1992 Glitter Beach Ken1992 Stars & Stripes Rendezvous with Destiny Army Ken1992 Stars & Stripes Rendezvous with Destiny Army Ken (AA)1992 My First Ken (Ballet Partner)1992 My First Ken (Ballet Partner AA)1992 Secret Hearts Ken1992 Hollywood Hair Ken

1993 Camp Ken1993 Western Stampin' Ken1994 Butterfly Prince Ken1994 Baywatch Ken1994 Hot Skatin' Ken1994 Shaving Fun Ken1994 Tropical Splash Ken1995 In-Line Skating Ken1996 Cool Shavin' Ken1996 Great Date Ken1997 Totally Cool Ken1997 Olympic USA Skater Ken1997 Olympic USA Skater Ken aa1998 Butterfly Art Ken1998 Cool Lookin' Ken1998 Harley Davidson Ken1999 Shave 'n Style Ken1999 Shave 'n Style Ken AA1999 Hawaii Ken1999 Cool School Ken1999 Rainbow Prince Ken2000 Rainbow Prince Ken (AA)1999 Harley Davidson Ken (Second Edition)1999 Swim Buddies Ken & Tommy1999 Coca-Cola Ken2000 Surf City Ken2000 Movie Date Ken2000 Movie Date Ken (AA)2000 Rose Prince Ken2000 Rose Prince Ken (AA)2000 Photographer Ken2001 40th Anniversary Ken2001 40th Anniversary Ken AA2001 Barbie in the Nutcracker Ken as Prince Eric2001 Concert Date Ken2001 Concert Date Ken AA2001 Magic Jewel Ken2001 Magic Jewel Ken AA2001 Barbie as Rapunzel Talking Ken as Prince Stefan2001 Photo Student Ken2002 Route 66 Adventure Ken2002 Route 66 Adventure Ken AA2002 Skate Date Ken2002 Skate Date Ken AA2002 Flower Surprise Ken2002 Scooby Doo Ken as Shaggy2002 Scooby Doo Ken as Fred2002 Barbie Fashion Model Collection Fashion Insider Ken Doll Gift Set2003 1 Modern Circle Ken

2003 Barbie of Swan Lake Ken as Prince Daniel2003 Barbie Fairy Tale Collection Ken as the Fairy Tale Prince2003 Cali Girl Ken2003 Route 66 University Ken2003 1 Modern Circle Ken (Second Edition)2005 Superman Returns Ken as Superman2005 Beach Fun Ken2005 The New Look Ken2006 Fashion Fever Ken2006 Beach Glam Ken2006 The Groom Doll & Ring Bearer Doll2007 Fashion Fever Ken (Second Edition)2007 Fashion Fever Ken (Third Edition)2007 Surf's-Up Beach Ken2008 Fashion Fever Ken (Fourth Edition)2008 Beach Party Ken2008 Ken In India2008 Ken Styled by Gareth Pugh2008 Camping Family Ken2008 Pop Life Ken2009 Barbie Fashionistas Ken2009 Barbie Fashionistas Ken 22010 Fashionistas Ken2010 Fashionistas Ken 22010 Bath Play Fun! Ken2010 Sweet Talkin' Ken2010 Shaving Fun Ken2010 Fashionistas Ken 32010 Fashionistas Ken 42012 Ken Groom NRFB

2011 Fashionistas Ken

2011 Fashionistas Ken 2

2011 Barbie ♥ Paul Frank Ken2011-ken-doll-camping

2011 Dating Fun Ken

Inside the box2013 Life in the Dreamhouse Talkin’ ken

2014 Gianfranco Ken Doll - Silkstone.2014 Barbie™ Life in the Dreamhouse ken giftset2014 Ken Fashionistas.2015 Ken Fashionistas.2015 Ken Brown hair

ken 2016

ken 2016

2017 Fashionistas Ken Doll -Hip Hoodie NRFB



  •  SkipperRoberts™(1964–2003, 2009–present) The first character added to Barbie’s family, Skipper is Barbie’s younger sister, originally seeming the age of ten when she debuted from now ranging at different teenage ages through the years. She was first introduced with blue eyes and a variety of hair colors like blonde, brown, and titan). Starting in 1996 Skipper was re-branded as Barbie’s ‘teen’ sister, with her looking much older than before and raising her height to almost the same as Barbie’s. After not being made since 2003, Skipper came back in 2009 as part of Barbie’s 2009 camping line. She returned to her height before she was ‘teen’ Skipper but this time with a purple streak in her hair. In 2010 Barbie’s sisters got revamped once again, this time Skipper was given brown hair and colored streaks in her hair(sometimes purple, blue, or pink, and she was given a new head mold and body. She was one of the main characters in the “Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse” series. Now she stars along with Barbie in Barbie: Dreamhouse Adventures on Netflix.

1964 #0950 Skipper~SL~Brown~NRFB1964 NO1 #0950 Skipper~SL~RedHead~TMbox~ÑRFB1964 #0950 NO1 Skipper SL Blonde NRFB1964 #0950 NO1 Skipper SL Dark Brown NRFB

1964 #950 Skipper Dressbox-Blonde-with brown eyes MIB only out in Japan1964 Japanese Skippers~3 hair Colors and brown eyes (sold in the same box from USA)

1965 #1030 Skipper BendableLegs~blonde~-NRFB1965 #1030 Skipper BendableLegs~Redhead~~NRFB1965 #1030 Skipper~BendableLegs~Brunette~NRFB

1968 First #1105 Skipper Twist 'N Turn~Brunette~NRFB1968 #1105 Skipper First Twist 'N Turn~Blonde~1968~MIB1968 #1105 Skipper~First Twist 'N Turn~Red NRFB

1970 #1117 New Skipper Living~Trade-in (Promotional doll to Introduce The New 1970 #1117 Skipper Living~blonde~NRFB

1970 Re-issued #0950 Skipper~SL~Blonde~NRFB Different face and pinker skin + new box1970 #0950 Re-issued Skipper~SL~RedHead~NRFB Different face and pinker skin + new box1970 Skipper close up faceClose up new box 1970

1971 #1069 Malibu Skipper NRFB1971 Sun Sun Malibu TNT Twist N Turn Skipper Japanese Exclusive (outfit is not with this set)1972 #8519 New Twist 'N Turn~NRFB~only sold in Europe

1973 First #4223 Quick Curl Skipper~NRFB1976 #9428 Deluxe Quick Curl Skipper NRFB only out in Europe

1973 #1117 Pose 'N Play Skipper ~ NRFP sold in plastic bag and the frist doll sold in a Giftset

Japanesse SK Cho Cho Chan ButterflyJapanese Butterfly Skipper CHO CHO CHAN Doll

1975 Growing Up Skipper. Two dolls in one. By turning her left arm around, the doll ‘grew’approximately in inch, slimmed at the waist and developed a modest bust-line, becoming a curvy Teenager.

1975 #7259 Growing Up Skipper NRFB

1977 Partytime-Skipper- bonde-with Rooted eyelashes NRFBClose-up face

1978 Super (first) Teen Skipper NRFB


1983 #1069 Sun Gold Skipper NRFB

1981 #5029 Western Skipper NRFB1983 Horse Lovin' Skipper NRFB

1985 Superstyle Skipper NRFB

1987 Jewel Secrets Skipper NRFB

1987 Teen Fun Skipper Party, Cheerleader & Workout NRFB

1988 #4855 Skipper Teen Sweetheart NRFB


1988 Homecoming Queen Skipper AA NRFB

1989 .Barbie,Ken & Skipper Cool Denim Giftset NRFB

1990 Barbie Doll Dream Date Skipper NRFB

1991 #1430 Totally Hair Skipper NRFB

1991 AA Skipper Teen Sister of Barbie Pet Pals NRFB


1994 #12920 Pizza Hut PIZZA PARTY Skipper NRFB

Babysitter Skipper Doll with Three Babies NRFB


1998 Totally Yoyo Teen Skipper


Shipping box2004 30th Anniversary Porcelain Skipper Doll #11396-9993


2011 Barbie A Perfect Christmas Holiday Set of 4 Dolls NRFB

2012 Barbie - SISTERS GOLF CART - Includes Skipper Doll NRFB

2013 BARBIE™ & Her Sisters in A Pony Tale SKIPPER® Doll & Horse

Barbie Sisters Amusement Park SkipperBARBIE™ & HER SISTERS IN A PONY TALE Sisters' Giftset with black hair 'Skipper'

2014 Happy Birthday Skipper Gift Set

2015 Skipper - The Great Puppy Adventure

2016 Barbie Sisters Hair Pretty – Barbie and Skipper Giftset.

2016 Barbie Sissters Puppy Chase Skipper

2017 Barbie Camping Fun Barbie, skipper and Chelsea Dolls, Bikes & Accessories

2017 Camping Fun Skipper and Chelsea NRFB

2017 Campin Fun Skipper doll and Accessories NRFB

2017 Camping Fun Skipper Doll NRFB

2017 Barbie Sisters Barbie and Skipper Dolls-2-pack

2019 weet Orhardt Farm Skipper and Stacie Giftset

2019 Barbie Skipper Babysitters Inc Skipper  # 1

2019 Barbie Skipper Babysitters Inc Skipper  #2

2019 Barbie Skipper Babysitters Inc Climb 'n Explore Playground Dolls and Playset

2019 Skipper surfer doll

2020 Barbie Dreamhouse Adventure Skipper Doll -


1967 #3580 Tutti NRFB1973 Tuttti blonde NRFB

1976 Tutti NRFB



  • Francie Fairchild™ (1966-1977, 2012-2016) was a fashion doll issued by Mattel from 1966 to 1976 and re-introduced in 2011. Marketed as “Barbie’s Modern cousin” (sic) from England, the doll had an extensive line of “mod“-style clothing, often employing bright colors and geometric patterns similar to fashions associated with Carnaby Street in the late 1960s to early 1970s. At 11¼ inches tall, the Francie doll was shorter than Barbie, but taller than Skipper, making the character presumably between the two in age. In the March 1966 issue of Barbie Magazine, she is the daughter of Claude and Lily Fairchild.
    #1140~Francie~SL~blonde~1966~NRFB1966 First #1140~Francie~SL~Brunette~NRFBLate 1966 NO2 #1130 Francie BL brunette~pinkskin~NRFB2012 Gold Label Silkstone Kitty Corner Francie Gift Set NRFB

2016 Replia Francie NRFB


  • Jazzie™ (1988-1992) A new cousin of Barbie™, part of a small group of high school age dolls. She was taller than Barbie’s other cousin Francie, with Jazzie being almost the same height as Barbie.


  • Anastasia ‘Stacie’ Roberts ™  (1990- present )  Introduced as Kelly in the 1991 Wedding Day Midge gift set as the flower girl, this doll is often confused with Tutti, though the Tutti character had been discontinued for years at this time. Kelly was renamed Stacie shortly thereafter, and the Kelly name was used for a younger character.Todd’s packaging did say “Twin Brother of Stacie.” These two are not to be confused with the earlier Tutti and Todd, although some believe Stacie and Todd to be a sort of reincarnation of them. Stacie is a main character in the “Barbie: Life in the Dream house” series.

1991 Stacie1992 Party 'n Play STACIE Doll Littlest Sister of Barbie1993 Mickey's Toontown Stacie Littlest Sister of Barbie New Disney Exclusive1993 BARBIE MCDONALD'S~Happy Meal Stacie Doll1994 Barbie Polly Pocket Stacie Doll1996 Barbie STACIE Bicyclin' Stacie Doll1997 Barbie STACIE Flashlight Fun Stacie & Pooh1998 Barbie Holiday Sisters Kelly, Stacie Set2000 Holiday Singing Sisters Barbie Stacie Kelly Dolls2001 Barbie Stacie & Kelly Let's Camp Gift Set2006 Sister of Barbie Kelly Snoozin Sisters with Sister Stacie

2008 Camping Sisters of Barbie - Stacie2011 Barbie Sisters Fun Prizes Barbie and Stacie Doll2012 Barbie Sisters Pup Walk Barbie and Stacie Doll2013 Barbie® Sisters’ Snorkel Fun™ Set2013 BARBIE® CHELSEA® BIRTHDAY PARTY®! Set2013 BARBIE® SISTERS’ PUP WALK™ Set2013 BARBIE® Sisters Stacie2014 Barbie Sisters’ Safari Stacie2014 Barbie Sisters’ Safari Stacie fun2015 Snow Fun Stacie2015 Fun Day! Barbie and Stacie Dolls2015 Fun Day! Stacie Doll.2015 Barbie and Her Sisters in The Great Puppy Adventure – Skipper, Barbie and Stacie Giftset.

2015 - 2016 Baking fun Stacie

2016 Barbie Sisters Funny Park – Stacie and Barbie Giftset.

2016 Barbie Sister Moments Riding Lesson Barbie and Stacie Dolls and Horse.

2016 Barbie Puppy Chase Stacie and Dog.

2016 Camping Fun Stacie Doll NRFB

2016 Camping Fun Barbie and Stacie NRFB

2017 Camping Fun Stacie and Pony NRFB

2017 Stacie doll and Scooter NRFB

2017 Barbie Sisters-Barbie and Stacie dolls-2-pack

2019 Team Stacie Puppies Playset2019 Team Stacie Doll and Playset2019 Team Stacie Doll Gymnastics Playset with Accessories2019 Team Stacie Doll Music Playset with Instruments 2019 Team Stacie Doll & Chelsea Doll Soccer Playset2019 Team Stacie Doll Smoothie Playset with Accessories2019 Team Stacie Friend of Stacie Doll Art Class Playset with Accessories2019 Team Stacie Friend of Stacie Doll Gaming Playset with Accessories

2019 Sweet Orchard Farm Skipper & Stacie

2019 Barbie Core Travel Stacie Doll  Giftset

2019 Camping Fun Stacie & Skipper  Giftset

2019 weet Orhardt Farm Skipper and Stacie Giftset

2019 Stacie Doll 

2019 Barbie® Team Stacie™ Lemonade Stand Playset with Stacie & Chelsea Dolls2019 Barbie Team Stacie Room Playset 2019 Barbie® Team Stacie™ Doll and Dance Accessories


  • Todd Roberts™  (1990-2001 ) Introduced in the 1991 Wedding Day Midge™ gift-set as the ring bearer, this doll should not be confused with the earlier Todd™ doll. His packaging mentions that he is the “twin brother of Stacie™,” similar to how the other Todd’s™ packaging said he was the “twin brother of Tutti™.” Mattel’s continuity for Barbie’s™ family and friends has not been consistent over the years, some characters disappear for years at a time, others are dropped indefinitely, and still others continue for years while undergoing marked changes in appearance.


  • Kelly Roberts™  (1995-2010) This character is of toddler age, and is sister to Barbie™, Skipper™, and Stacie™. Originally the baby of the family (replaced by her younger sister Krissy™ Roberts in 1999), she also has five older named Stacie™, Chelsea™, Tutti™ Roberts, and Skipper™, and a brother named Todd™ Roberts. In Europe, she is known as Shelly™Roberts . Kelly™ dolls have since ceased production in late 2010 and were replaced by Chelsea™. Excluding a brief period when the design of the Kelly™ doll was changed to have an oval-shaped head, larger eyes, and longer limbs marketed under the name “Sweetsville,” Kelly™ dolls have stayed true to their original design which debuted in 1995. A Kelly™ doll was introduced in the early 1990s as part of the Midge™ and Allen™ wedding party, a set of 6 dolls dressed for a wedding. This Kelly™ doll is 7 1/2 inches tall, exactly the same size as the ring bearer, Todd™, who is wearing a Tux. She is wearing a peach dotted Swiss dress and carries a white basket of flowers as she is the flower girl. She was made for a very limited time as part of this set. She has long blonde hair. The Todd™ doll which is made from the same mold has fuzzy brown hair. They both appear to be 6 to 9 years old and are very rare and she is a very pretty little girl doll. It appears that there were no clothes other than the wedding attire made for either of these dolls. 1995 New Baby Sister of Barbie KellyOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA1995 Strollin' Fun Barbie and Kelly1995 Strollin' Fun Barbie and Kelly AA1995 Travelin' Sisters Gift Set1995 Bathtime Fun Kelly1995 Bathtime Fun Kelly aa1995 LFoK Chelsie (denim bib dress with yellow bag)1995 Winter Holiday Sisters1995 Shoppin' Fun Barbie and Kelly1995 Shoppin' Fun Barbie and Kelly AA1996 Birthday Fun Kelly1996 Pool Fun Kelly1996 Pool Fun Kelly AA1996 Happy Halloween Barbie and Kelly1996 Happy Halloween Barbie and Kelly brunette1996 Gardening Fun Barbie and Kelly


  • Kristine Krissy Roberts™  (1999-2001) This character is an infant, and is only intermittently included in the Barbie™ sibling lineup.Krissy


  • Blaine Gordon™ (2004) Barbie’s Australian ex-boyfriend, whom she dated during her much-publicized “breakup” with the Ken™ character. Blaine™ is said to be the brother of Summer, one of Barbie’s™ friends.