1964 – Present ~Skipper Roberts™

Barbara Millicent RobertsSister Skipper 


Ad 1964


First appearance 1964

Created by


Skipper Roberts was a doll created by Mattel in 1964 to be Barbie’s younger sister, as well as to oppose controversies directed at Barbie. Since Skipper was introduced, she has changed immensely. When she first came out, she was 9.25 inches in height (compared to Barbie’s 11.5 inches), and then as newer versions were released, she gradually became taller with an older appearance, eventually turning out to be as tall as Barbie. At first, Skipper was available with three different hair colors, but is currently only available with her hair-colored black and purple. Usually, Skipper dolls had blue eyes.

1964 was also the ‘first’ year that Barbie, Ken, and Skipper dolls were on the whole European market, contain some countries in December 1963.

1964 AD France 3
1964 AD France 41964 AD France 5



1964 Skipper Book

According to the Random House novels of the 1960s, Skipper Roberts is the second oldest child of the fictional George and Margaret Roberts of Willows, Wisconsin, their first child said to be Barbie. In these novels, she attended Baker Elementary, while the Marvel Comics of the early 1990s had her at Central Junior High School. The box of the first Kevin doll, Skipper’s second boyfriend, which was sold, “Cool Tops Kevin” described Skipper as “the most popular girl in school”.Cool Tops Kevin (Boyfriend of Skipper, Barbie's Sister)

 Like her sister Barbie, she has had numerous “acquaintances”, celebrity friends, fantasy friends, and Disney friends that were produced at her size.WALT DISNEY EXCLUSIVE ALICE IN WONDERLAND BARBIE SKIPPER SIZE DOLL

Some of these other dolls include Chocho, sold only in Japan in 1974, made with the Quick Curl Skipper body.1974 Mod Japanese Butterfly Skipper CHO CHO CHAN Doll
  Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, introduced in 2000, made with the Teen Fun Skipper body.2001 Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen Travel In Style Dolls Giftset

The Peppermint Rose dolls from 1993, also made with the Teen Fun body.

#2687 Peppermint Rose Doll1993 #1673 Peppermint Rose Vanilla Daisy Doll

The 1994 and 1997 Flying Tinker Bell Doll Euro Disney Peter Pan, also made with the Teen Fun body.

Flying Tinker Bell Doll Euro Disney Peter PanPeterPam

numerous versions of Ariel from The Little Mermaid, sold in either the Teen Fun or Teen versions.

1991 Disney's The Little Mermaid Ariel Tyco DollDisney Store Once Upon a Wedding ARIEL doll from The Little Mermaid

The Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses line sold two dolls named Isla and Hadley who were the size of Teen Fun Skipper dolls, but with a new appropriately sized “belly-button” body.Barbie in the 12 dancing princesses Isla and Hadley

Now she is younger than Barbie for two years, 3 Months and 4 days, making June 13 her birthday . She must be 14 years old.


1963–1974 ~ Skipper Dolls Vintage and Mode Period.

Skipper was created, along with Midge, to counteract criticism that claimed Barbie was a sex symbol. Midge’s facial appearance was gentler than Barbie’s, whereas Skipper was a response to requests that wanted Barbie to have children; however, instead of having a married, pregnant Barbie, which would make her too domestic, Barbie would babysit Skipper. As Barbie’s little sister, Skipper was Barbie’s first family member sold. Since their introduction in 1964, Skipper dolls have changed drastically. 



1963 – 1971 #0950 Skipper™ straight non bending legs.

  • #0950 Straight-Leg Prototype Skipper.


1963 #0950 Test doll Sample MIB

1963 test doll mint1963 test doll mint 50950 Test doll

The very first Skippers ever made were called “Sample Skippers”, “Prototype Skippers” or “Test Skippers”.  They were given to Mattel employees, but I don’t think these test Skippers were ever offered for sale to the public.  If they were, it was for a very brief time.

Here is the difference between the prototype and regular issue Skipper.  Notice the prototype Skipper has larger eyes, a little longer neck, more vibrant facial paint, and a little fuller and more mature looking face.  She has two rows of bangs, where the regular issue has only one row.   The prototype also has thicker, fluffier hair than most regular issue Skippers. They are found in blonde, brunette, titian and some had two-tone color hair .

0950 Test doll and 1964 doll heads

This prototype has two tone hair, so it is very thick.  Hair that is long, thick, soft, shiny and ‘sways’ in place.  There are two rows of bangs (see picture), which is correct for a Sample doll.

0950 Test doll top hair0950 Test doll hair

Complexion is creamy and well matched with the body.  It is marked (SKIPPER/1963/Mattel Inc.) on the right hip, which is correct for Sample Skippers.  She has a little wider stance than regular issue Skippers (as a Sample doll should). 0950 Test doll and 1964 doll

Also, on the bottom of the foot, the prototype has “Japan” scratched into the foot and goes from toe to heel (the length of the foot).  The regular issue has the Japan written from toe to toe (the width of the foot) and is written in raised letters, not carved in, like the prototypes.

Sample feets

This is another definite difference between Sample dolls and regular issues.

0950 Test doll and 1964 doll feet



Ad 1964Skipper~TM~BookletNo1 (2)

  • 1964 The first dolls in the toyshops had a TAN/GRAYISH skin. Her size 9.25 inches was. The doll has painted blue eyes, coral lips and long straight rooted hair with bangs; blonde, brunette, or titian; brass headband (1964 – 1971); red cotton swimsuit with red and white striped trim; red shoes; white brush and comb (1964 – 1971); Skipper few dolls are found with a black stand. Also, Ricky dolls had a black stand (1964- 1965); But most Skipper dolls had a gold stand (1964 – 1969).




1964 marks0950~Skipper~SL~Redhead~1964~name tag TM

brass headband0950~Skipper~SL~suit&acc. (2)


0950~Skipper~SL~TM~Booklet&acc~NRFP (2)skipper~booklet1~mint

0950~Skipper~SL~TM~Booklet&acc~NRFP - 1964

 Variations Skipper Dolls:

Few shades hair color blonde, black, brown, red, rare Color Magic, and Two-Tone color hair:

Black Hair Straight Leg Skipper Doll Mint

1964 #0950 Skipper doll Blonde NRFBNRFB with Rare hair1964 Skipper With Red-Color Magic Hair MIB

0950~Skipper~SL~Platinum~1964~MIB-closeup faceSilver1964 Two Tone Blonde With Platinum Highlights Skipper DollTwo-tone Golden Blonde Bangs Blonde Hair

1964 dark red Straight Leg Skipper DollAuburn Red face0950 warm chocolate brown with a hint of dark cinnamon!1964 blackLight Titian Straight Leg Skipper Doll 0950~Skipper~SL -Brunette Sable with Gold & Subtle Red Coppery HighlightsBlack and blonde hair

Two Tone Brunette Skiper

Just is found a Skipper with Beige Eyes & Dark Purple Eye Shadow MIB.

Rare eyes skipperRare eyes skipper. close up


Japanesse SK AD - kopie

  • In the Japanse market, some Skippers™ that were sold had very dark brown-black eyes. The Japanese Skipper dolls came in the same three hair colors as well and had the marks “Skipper™”. First dolls and tan color body and later issue had a pink color body.

1964 japan



Marks same as USA #0950 1964:

japaneseskipper~red~nm2~back`marks (2)

0950 Japanese exclusive SKIPPER Pedestal StandBarbie, Ken, Skipper Japanese Booklet

Later version Japanese Skipper. The dolls had a pink skin (other is tan). Her lips have turned into a buttery color. Her face vinyl has also changed color which is typical of these pink skinned dolls.

Blonde Japanese Skipper Pink SkinBrunette Japanese SkipperJapaneseSkipper~redmark 2


  • 1966 till 1969 #0950 Skipper doll had a new pink skin tone called “Mod” skin tone.

Second Issue Pink Skin straight leg skipper doll face

Second Issue Pink Skin straight leg skipper doll0950~Skipper~SL~Platinum~1965~MINT

1965 marksNew label


  • In 1970 (-1971), the original #0950 straight leg Skipper® doll was reissued with only a few minor changes, such as stronger makeup and a pinker skin color. Blonde, Brunette, and red head. New artwork on box with 1970s fashions, PJ replaces the Midge doll on box & Barbie is in a TNT swimsuit and new transparent plastic “X” stand. Same marks like before doll.

1970 Barbie, Family and Friends AD - Sears catalogus

Redhead Titian Re-Issue Vintage Straight Leg Skipper Doll face

0950~Reissue Skipper PinkSkin Straight Leg~1970-72-blondehair NRFB0950~Reissue Skipper PinkSkin Straight Leg~1971-72-redhair NRFB

Variation box liner – found in UK.

1971 skipper blonde

Redhead Titian Re-Issue Vintage Straight Leg Skipper Doll1971 0950 Brunette





1965 – 1968 #1030 Bendable Leg Skipper.

1966 JCPenny catalog

  • 1965 The first dolls had a tan toned skin. The doll had blonde, pale blonde, brunette or red hair (AKA titian) and blue eyes. Navy blue, red and white trim swimsuit. Doll had the same gold stand, brass headband, Tag, white comb and brush and red flat shoes as 1964 #0950 dolls.

1965 Bendable leg blonde doll

1030~Skipper~BendableLegs~blonde~1965 NRFB1030~Skipper~BendableLegs~Pale blonde~1965-NRFB1030~Skipper~BendableLegs~Brunette1965~NRFB1030~Skipper~BendableLegs~Redhead~1965~NRFB1965 Bendable Leg Skipper - High Color - NRFB


1965 marks

1965 Fashionbooklets (also for the #0950 dolls):



  • 1966   New pinker skin, often called ‘Mod’ skin tone.



  • 1967 -1968 New box lime green, one piece cardboard box with clear cellophane front.

1967 AD 4 Page Dolls Tutti Barber's New Sister Ricky Skipper Skooter

1967 Transitional Skipper

1967 Transitional Skipper`label1967 Transitional Skipper`lside11967 Transitional Skipper`lside2

New clear plastic


1968 – 1971 #1105 Skipper Twist N’ Turn.

1969 j.c.penny ad for twist'n turn skipper 1

  • 1968 Skipper doll with rooted eyelashes and new TWT body.  Pale Blonde, Ash Blonde, Brunette, and Titian hair color.  New box and X plastic stand; new one-piece blue, pink stripe swimsuit (three variation color) and turquoise headband. and white comb and brush, NEW black eyelash comb. New Markings: ©1967 Mattel, Inc. U.S. Pat’d U.S. Pats. Pend Made in Japan (or late 1968 Made in Taiwan).

1105~Skipper~TWT~Brunette~1968 face

1105~Skipper~TWT~Red~1968 2#1105~Skipper~TWT~Blonde~1968~MIB~Item2201353180041968 #1105~Skipper~TWT~Brunette NRFB1968 box

Titian Redhead Twist 'N Turn TnT Skipper


1105~Skipper~TWT~Blonde~1968 variation

TWT Blonde Skipper

DARK Blonde Twist 'N Turn TnT Skipper - very long hairRedhead Twist N Turn TnT Skipper Doll face

1968 Redhead Titian Hair Twist N Turn TnT Skipper Doll


Brunette Twist N Turn TnT Skipper Doll Mint

1966 nude TWT Skipper1966 nude TWT Skipper - back



1969 ad Mattel

  • 1969 Skipper TWT doll with new two sausage curled hairdo; Golden blonde or Java brown hair color, rooted eyelashes, one piece red, orange checked, solid orange bottom swimsuit, orange hair bows, same clear X stand, white comb and brush, black eyelash brush. Markings: © 1967 Mattel, Inc.  U.S. Pat’d  U.S. Pats. Pend Made in Taiwan.

Brunette Hair Sausage Curl Twist N Turn TnT Skipper Doll
1969 Skipper TWT doll with new two sausage curled hair-do blonde1969 Skipper TWT doll with new two sausage curled hair-do brown nrfb

Rare Mailbox.1969 Skipper Twist 'n Turn Doll mail box
Blonde Hair Sausage Curl Twist N Turn TnT Skipper Doll complete
Blonde Hair Sausage Curl Twist N Turn TnT Skipper Doll

Swimsuit frontSwimsuit back


  • 1970 – 1971 Skipper TWT doll had a new swimsuit; jacket of orange vinyl with yellow daisy heads, edged in yellow, over orange vinyl shorts and top. Hair color is still either, Golden Blonde or Java brown. Orange hair bows, white comb and brush, clear X stand, black eyelash brush. Markings: © 1967 Mattel, Inc.  U.S. Pat’d  U.S. Pats. Pend Made in Taiwan or Made in Japan.

Blonde Sausage Curl Twist 'N Turn TnT Skipper

Skipper 1970

Brunette1105~Skipper~TWT~Blond SAUSAGE CURL ~1970 2

Brunette Sausage Curl Twist 'N Turn TnT Skipper Doll



1970 – 1971 Living Skipper.

Ad from the Netherlands

  • #1147 Trade-In doll.  Mattel did a trade-in promotion – for half price plus a prior Skipper doll and they get a new Living Skipper doll. The Skipper doll had Bendable knees, elbows, swivel waist, neck, hands, arms, and legs.  Orange, blonde hair tied in two pigtails with hot pink ribbons either: strawberry blonde or the HTF pale blonde, rooted eye lashes. Green, blue, pink one-piece swimsuit, hot pink necktie ring, clear X stand. Has a special pink trade-in box. Markings: © 1969 Mattel, Inc. Taiwan U.S. & For. Patd. Other Pats. Pend Patd. in Canada 1967.


1970 trade in doll


C1969 Living Skipper - Booklet Living Barbie As Ful of Live as you Are


  •  #1117 Dramatic New Living Skipper. Different blonde hair color and box that says, “Dramatic New Living Skipper”. Markings same as #1147:  © 1969 Mattel, Inc. Taiwan U.S. & For. Patd. Other Pats. Pend Patd. in Canada 1967.

1971 #1117 Dramatic New Living Skipper face




Found in a rare Mailbox.

Living Skipper in Mailbox


  • 1971 – 1973 Same doll, new blue box, new yellow swimsuit, orange skateboard, new two-piece transparent plastic stand and booklet. Markings same as 1970: © 1969 Mattel, Inc. Taiwan U.S. & For. Patd. Other Pats. Pend Patd. in Canada 1967.

1971 Living Skipper1117~ Skipper~DramaticLiving~1971~backbox

1971 Living Skipper mint1971 Living Skipper mint back



1971 – 1983 MABIBU Skipper.

  • 1971 – 1972 #1069 Malibu Skipper.  Suntan skin, long straight blonde hair, bangs, twist waist, bend knees, painted eyelashes, two-piece orange tricot swimsuit, blue towel and sunglasses and name tag. Markings:  © 1967 Mattel Inc. U.S. Pat’d. U.S. Pats. Pend. Made in Japan.

1971 Sears AD



  • 1971 Japanese Exclusive Sun Sun Malibu Twist N Turn Skipper (outfit was not with this doll. Original was the same orange swimsuit as Malibu USA Doll see last picture) Tan skin, BRUNETTE hair and bangs, ROOTED eyelashes, BROWN eyes, bend legs, orange two-piece swimsuit.  Marking: same as before. 

RARE Japanese Exclusive Sun Sun Skipper NRFB

Skipper from Japan Malibu


  • 1973 – 1974 No name tag and different color box.  Same doll as the USA 1971 doll. Doll marking: made in Korea.

1972 malibu skipper


  • 1975 Doll same as 1974, new white box, no towel, or sunglasses Markings: © 1967 Mattel, Inc. U.S. Pat’d. U.S. Pats. Pend. Made in Korea.

1974 Malibu Skipper1975 #1069 Malibu Skipper back box


  •  1976 – 1978 Doll same as 1975, new rose box. Markings: © 1967 Mattel, Inc. U.S. Pat’d. U.S. Pats. Pend. Made in Korea.

1976 Publicité Mattel BARBIE & SKIPPER - Vintage AD

1977 #1069 Malibu Skipper1977 #1069 Malibu Skipper 2

1977 Variation from Canada and Germany.

1971 Malibu Skipper® Doll #1069 — Canada1977 simpatia skipper


  • 1979 #1069 Sun Lovin’ Malibu Skipper. The only doll with real TAN linesTurquoise Blue Bikini Turquoise vinyl tote bag Purple Mirror Sunglasses. Marking: © Mattel, Inc./1967/ Phillippines.

1979 publicité Malibu Barbie, Ken and Skipper - France

Sun lovin'Malibu SkipperNRFB


Sun Lovin' Malibu SkipperRare skin color


  • 1981 #1069 Susational Malibu Skipper. One-piece fuchsia halter style swimsuit with pink trim and flower; Pink towel; Purple Sunglasses. Marking: © Mattel, Inc./1967/ Philippines.


1981 #1069 Susational Malibu Skipper


  • 1983 #1069 Malibu Sun Gold Skipper. New face and hair styl. One piece halter style swimsuit with solid turquoise bottom and gold checked top; Turquoise bag that converts to mat; 3 pair of sunglasses: turquoise mirrored, pink & light purple. Marking: © Mattel, Inc./1967/ Philippines.


1983 Mattel Barbie Malibu Sun Gold Skipper1983 #1069 SUN GOLD Malibu Skipper 2


Close up doll



1972 – 1973 Skipper Pose ‘N Play.

  • 1972 – 1973 #1179 Skipper Pose ‘N Play Swing Gym Gift Set. Included a Swing A Rounder Gym in orange and pink plastic, doll is exclusive to this set, waist, head, elbows, and legs are posable, doll has shoulder length pigtails either strawberry or HTF pale blonde, two-piece solid blue with blue and white check bib and skirt playsuit. Markings: © 1969 Mattel Inc. Taiwan U.S. & For. Patd. Other Pats. Pend Patd. in Canada 1967.

1179~PoseNPlaySkipper~Gift Set (1972-73)-MIB1179~PoseNPlaySkipper~Gift Set -back

Set out of box

Skipper Pose 'N Play face

1971 Swing-around Gym-NIB doll 1971 Swing-around Gym-NIB doll hair



  • 1973 #1179 Skipper Pose N Play doll ‘Baggie’. Same doll as above, only sold as a “baggie” in a transparent plastic bag, stapled on cardboard header.  This was a method to move old store stock. Same markings as above doll.



Rare Twist N’ Turn and Bendable Leg Skippers from Europe.

77funtime1976 BARBIE in Vacanza con KEN e SKIPPER - Mattel Italy

  • 1972 – 1973 #8519 Twist N’ Turn. Came in a blonde, brown, and brunette, has a twist waist, straight non-bending legs, wore a blue with white and pink flowers swimsuit with white attached little pleated skirt. Doll was only available in the European market and is HTF also there. Markings:  © 1967 Mattel Inc. U.S. Pat’d. U.S. Pats. Pend. Made in Taiwan.

NRFBEurope TWT Skipper brunette

$_57Skipper from Europe Blonde.jpg2

1973 SWIMSUIT #8519 $10001973 SWIMSUIT #8519 back


  • 1973 #8126 Twist N’ Turn Dress doll. Doll was only available in the European market and is HTF also there. Doll came out in a few different fashionsets.



  • 1974 #7193 Fun Time Skipper doll. White box, clear window, like Sunset Malibu only with pink skin, heavy eye makeup, long straight pale blonde hair, yellow two-piece tricot swimsuit.  Doll was only available in the European market.

1974 Funtime Skipper1974 Funtime Skipper back

with discounted sticker.

Funtime Skipper


  • 1974 (BD1973) #8126 Skipper Bend Leg doll. Has a twist waist and bendable legs, wore a two-piece tricot navy blue swimsuit.  Doll was only available in the European market. Markings: © 1967 Mattel Inc. U.S. Pat’d. U.S. Pats. Pend. Made in Korea.

1973~SKIPPER~8126~TWIST 'N TURN WAIST BENDABLE LEGS~NRFB~$399-Item number 3600544137921974 TNT- Skipper - Europe


1973 – 1977 Quick Curl Skipper dolls.

  • 1973 – 1975 #4223 Quick Curl Skipper doll.  Long blonde hair with metal fibers (some variations colors are found) that allow hair to be curled and stay that way, long blue & blue, white checked dress, short sleeved, black ribbon bow at waist, included are a pink comb, brush, curling wand, yellow & blue hair ribbons, two white metal barrettes, Taiwan white flat shoes, and booklet.  Two types of packaging; (shown) carded with a clear bubble or a  orange box with clear cello, and folded flap to view contents. Markings:  © 1967 Mattel Inc. Taiwan U.S. Patented Other Patents Pending.

1973 Publicité barbie

Close up

1973 Quick curl Skipper1973 Quick curl Skipper back

1973 Quick Curl Skipper 2 issue

Quick Curl Skipper doll.


  • 1976 – 1977 #9428 Deluxe Quick Curl Skipper. Doll has long light blonde with metal fibers hair (also some variation colors are found), new pink box, new pink maxi dress, white crocheted shawl, pink comb, brush, white bead necklace, Light blonde tie-on fall wig, same barrettes and ribbons, pink flat shoes. Doll was only available in the European market. Markings: © 1967 Mattel Inc. U.S. Pat’d. Made in Taiwan.

1976 Deluxe Quick Curl Skipper - C1977 Booklet 143 1000 377 Barbie en haar wereld - Neteherlands



Deluxe Quick Curl Skipper


  • 1974 – 1975 #521-16038 Chocho Chan doll or Butterfly Skipper doll (Japan Exclusive). Chocho was not referred to as a friend of Barbie or Skipper but does use the Skipper Deluxe Quick Curl body and hair.  Came in blonde, brunette, or titian pigtails. Wore either a red or hot pink satin dress, orange flat shoes and had yellow cardboard wings that a child could wear in her hair, additional accessories were pink comb, brush and hair curler, green and yellow hair ribbons and two white barrettes. Marked:  © 1967 Mattel Inc. Taiwan U.S. Patented Other Patents Pending.

1974 Skipper Butterly mod cho cho chan doll Japan Nrfb VariationJapanesse SK Cho Cho Chan Butterfly1974 Skipper Butterly mod cho cho chan doll Japan Nrfb2Japanese CHO CHO CHAN (Butterfly) SKIPPER Doll red headJapanesse SK Cho Cho Chan Butterfly - blondeJapanesse SK Cho Cho Chan Butterfly - back box

1974 Mod Japanese Butterfly Skipper CHO CHO CHAN Doll out of box1974 Mod Japanese Butterfly Skipper CHO CHO CHAN Doll out of box back

1974 Mod Japanese Butterfly Skipper CHO CHO CHAN Doll - marks


1975 – Present ~ Skipper dolls – Modern. 

1975 skipper ADGrowing up

In 1975 Growing Up Skipper was released. The gimmick of the doll, which led to much controversy in the newspapers, was that if Skipper’s arm were rotated, the doll would become an inch taller and small breasts would appear on her rubber torso. In 1979 Skipper’s entire appearance changed. She was advertised as “Super Teen Skipper”. She had a new body mold which included small, permanent breasts, and a different head mold that made her look slightly older. In 1985 Hot Stuff Skipper was released, which had another new head mold that included the addition of dimples and a longer face.

Skipper changed again in 1988 with the release of Teen Fun Skipper. Her new body mold was taller and more graceful. Her waist was more flexible, and her breasts were slightly bigger. Her eyes were also enlarged, giving her a cartoon-like look. At this stage she was somewhere between 13 to 15 years old. Later, Skipper had a new head mold with smaller eyes in a Pizza Party line, but with the same body mold. Many collectors believe that the “Pizza Party” head mold was the most popular, if not the prettiest, version of Skipper. Dolls with the “Pizza Party” Skipper head mold or the 1960s head mold are the most sought-after Skipper dolls by collectors.

1997 barbie bazaar

Finally, in 1997, Teen Skipper was introduced. She again had a new body mold and was now almost as tall as her sister Barbie. This was mostly because of her legs, which were now long and lanky. Most notable of all, however, was Skipper’s new face mold. She no longer looked like a child, but more like a girl on the brink of becoming a woman, appearing to be about 14 years of age. Skipper and Barbie now are teenagers. They are close to each other’s age. Skipper also had larger breasts which continued the controversy over her sexualization that has dogged Skipper in the past.


  • 1975 – 1977 #7259 Growing Up Skipper doll. Growing up Skipper doll, was one of the most controversial dolls in 1975, about every newspaper in the U.S.A. carried a story about her, some women’s groups and a few parents wrote to complain, but with sales expected at 1 1/2 million, the doll must go on to market.  She’s 9″ tall with long platinum or dark blonde hair curled with an end flip. She’s Two dolls in One” when you turn the left arm she grows a modest bust line, slimmer waist and becomes 3/4″ taller. (Turning the arm back again reverts to the previous shape and size doll). Included are a red headband, red body suit, blue collar, blue scarf, red socks, red flat shoes, white platform like wedgie sandals, two red and white plaid skirts; one short skirt and one long.  Markings:  © 1967 Mattel Inc. Hong Kong U.S. & For. Pat..

7259~Skipper~GrowingUp~1975~variationSkipper~GrowingUp~Item number140151662688

7259~Skipper~GrowingUp~1975~$100(€80)~0609051976 #7259 GROWING UP SKIPPER blonde

1976 #7259 GROWING UP SKIPPER pale blonde1976 #7259 GROWING UP SKIPPER pl blonde back

1975 growing Up Fashion - complete


  • 1975 – 1976 #7379 Gold Medal Skipper doll.  White solid box. Malibu Skippers with straight long blonde hair. Dressed a one-piece red, white, blue swimsuit, gold medal, Markings: © 1967 Mattel, Inc. U.S. Pat’d. U.S. Pats. Pend. Made in Korea.

1975 Gold Medal Barbie, Ken and Skipper - AD France


Gold Medal Skipper® Doll — Europe #7379



  • 1977 – 1979 #9926 Party Time Skipper with ‘rooted’ eyelashes. Came in a hot pink box with partial front cello, wore a yellow satin party dress with lace and ribbon trim and white pumps, has a twist waist but her legs do not bend and are of a soft vinyl, came with pale blonde long rooted hair with bangs. Doll was only available in the European market. Marked:  © Mattel Inc. 1967 Philippines.

1977 Partime Barbie and Skipper - AD France



1977 #9926 Partytime SkipperTwist 'n Turn NRFB back

Variation Party Time Skipper has no rooted eyelashes. Found in France.




  • #2167 Spiel Mit (Play With) Skipper. Doll was available in the Germany and France market.

1978 Play With Barbie, Ken and Skipper

1978 SPIEL-MIT-SKIPPER Doll BL & TNT #2167 - Europe1978 SPIEL-MIT-SKIPPER Doll BL & TNT #2167 - Europe back



  • # 1201 Skip-Chan. Skipper with blonde hair and rooted EYELASHES.  Salmon satin dress.  Doll was only available in the Japan market. Marking:  © Mattel Inc. 1967 Philippines.

1976 Skipper - Japan import SKIP CHAN

Variation pink satin dress.

 Variation pink dress with lace sleeves.

Skip Chan (Skipper)Skip Chan (Skipper)-back

 Variation white satin dress.

(No picture yet.)


  • #2756 Super Teen Skipper. Growing Up/Super Teen Skipper body. Long dark blonde hair with bangs, hot pink bodysuit, and matching maxi skirt. White sport shoes and flat pink shoes. Div. sport items see pictures. Marking:  © Mattel Inc. 1967 Philippines.

1979 Mattel Barbie - AD France

NRFB1978 #2756 Super Teen Skipper - back



  • #? Beach Fun Skipper (Strands Pass). Malibu Skipper Doll. Yellow, blue and orange swimsuit, and bag. Doll was only available in Germany, Italy, and Canada.   Made in the Philippines.

70 Malibu from europe

1979 Beach Fun Skipper Europe Germany1978 Beach fun



  •  #1335 Sports Star Skipper.  Malibu Skipper in red knit top and white pleated tennis skirt and white sport shoes. Doll was only available in the Europe market and Canada. Made in the Philippines.

1980 Sport Star Barbie, Ken and Skipper - Ad France



  • #3209 Disco Skipper.  Malibu Skipper in glittery gold top, white pants with gold belt and white shoes. Doll was only available in the Europe market. Made in the Philippines.

1979 Disco Skipper1979 Disco Skipper. back


  • #5029 Western Skipper. Long straight blonde hair in two ponytails, Growing Up/Super Teen Skipper body, red blouse with white fringe, white jeans, and white boots. Made in the Philippines.

5029 Western Skipper

5029 Western Skipper nrfb5029 Western Skipper back box

#5029 Western Skipper

Instruction 5029 Western Skipper Instruction 5029 Western Skipper back



  • #3902 Jeans Skipper NRFB.  Malibu doll with jean, red T Shirt and white sport shoes. Doll was only available in the European market. Made in the Philippines.

Q5 Pubblicità Advertising Werbung 1982 Ken Skipper e Barbie-Jeans Mattel



  • #3987 Jogging Skipper. Malibu Skipper in white tank top with #101 on it, blue nylon jogging shorts and white sport shoes. Doll was only available in the Europe market. Made in the Philippines.

Joging set1981~joggingskipperboxJogging Skipper

Jogging Skipper back box

Jogging Skipper



  • #5029 Horse Lovin’ Skipper. Same nude doll and stocknummer as Western Skipper, red checked blouse, white hat, white fur vest, red jeans, and white boots. Doll was only available in the Europe market. Made in the Philippines.

Horse Lovin’ Skipper

1982 #5029 Western SKIPPER Doll Horse Lovin' 31982horselovinskipperboxback


  • #4975 Safari Skipper.  Malibu Skipper in olive and white safari print blouse with gold belt, cap, olive shorts and white shoes. Doll was only available in the Europe market. Made in the Philippines.

Safari Skipper

1983~safariskipperbox2Safari Skipper out of box


  • #3902 Super Dance Skipper.  Malibu Skipper in lavender body, pink knit leggings, pink headband, and pink ballet shoes. Doll was only available in the Europe market. Made in the Philippines.

1983 Barbie, Ken en Skipper de Super Dancers. Partners in sport en aerobics - Netherlands

Super Dance Skipper

Variation – Super Dance Skipper – Congost, Spain.




  •  #7414 Great Shape Skipper. Blonde hair with bangs, pink bodysuit, pink and blue striped tights and pink sport shoes. Made in the Philippines, original Skipper body. Called Ritmic Skipper in Spain.


#7414 Great Shape Skipper face

1983 GREAT SHAPE SKIPPERGreat Shape SkipperGreat Shape Skipper back

Great Shape Skipper out of boxSuper Dance Aerobic Skipper

  • #7417 Super Dance 2 Aerobic Skipper.  Doll with blue vest, was only available in the Europe market.


1983 #7417 Skipper Super Danse 2 Aerobic


Super Dance Aerobic Skipper UK

  •  #7312 Great Shape Skipper. Prettiest of the eighty’s dolls, the doll’s hair and green eyes are beautifully, dressed in dark green stretch knit body suit, yellow sport bag and yellow Ballet shoes. Dolls where only available in UK. Made in the Philippines.

1983Great Shape Skipper, England



  • #7927 Hot Stuff Skipper. Growing Up/Super Teen Skipper body. Blue headband, hot pink knit bodysuit, short red skirt, white tights, aqua sweater, yellow stretch pants, pink and yellow sport shoes. Made in the Philippines.


#7927 Hot Stuff Skipper.1984 Hot Stuff SKIPPER Doll w Over 5 Bright Fashion Looks!

#7927 Hot Stuff Skipper. box

Variation ‘Superstyle’ from Canada.

#3621 Superstyle Super Skipper

Variation ‘Superstyle/Supermode’ from Europe. White and pink sport shoes. Rest the same as before.

1985 K957-Advertising Pubblicità- MATTEL



  • #9111 Regate’ (Sea Lovin’) Skipper. Great Shape Skipper in red, white, and blue striped sailor suit with white collar, white sport shoes and Sailor bag. Doll was only available in the Europe market.  Made in Hong Kong.

1985 Sea Lovin'Barbie, Ken en Skipper - Journaal nummer 1 - 1985 - Netherlands



  • #9104 Beach Time Skipper. Sun Gold Malibu Skipper in red skirted swimsuit. Doll was only available in the Europe and Canada. Made in Hong Kong.

80 #9104 Beach Time Skipper Doll - from Germany



  • #7076 Music Lovin’ Skipper.  Sun Gold Malibu Skipper in yellow jumpsuit and yellow knitted sweater and socks, white sport shoes and wearing a gray Walkman. Doll was only available in the Europe market. Made in China.

1987 Barbie Journaal - Music Barbie, Ken und Skipper - Germany

#7076 Music Lovin' Tempo SkipperMusic Lovin' Skipper back


  • #1284 School Going Skipper.  Blonde with ponytails, square face. blue jumper, white blouse, comes with 1986 So Active #2237 pink checked dress. Doll was only available in India. Made in India.


Skipper doll from IndiaGoing Skipper Barbie Doll India Foreign Issue NRFB #1284Going Skipper Barbie Doll India Foreign Issue NRFB #1284 back

#4207 NRFB LEO Mattel India School Going Skipper -variation

#1294 Leo Mattel School Going Skipper Barbie Doll--India NRFB back#1294 Leo Mattel School Going Skipper Barbie Doll--India NRFB side#1294 Leo Mattel School Going Skipper Barbie Doll--India NRFB side2


  • #1021 Tropical Skipper. First issue had exceedingly long blonde hair in tail, later issue had thick twists, dark orchid print one shoulder swimsuit, yellow lei. Made in China.

1986 TROPICAL SKIPPER1985 #1021 Tropical Skipper - 2e

1985 #5792 Tropical Tropiques Skipper - issue from Canada




  • #3133 Jewel Secrets Skipper. Growin’ Up/Super Teen Skipper body. Blonde hair in tight ringlets; white jacket; red shirt, skirt, tights, and shoes. Made in Hong Kong.

Jewel Secrets Skipper face

Jewel Secrets Skipper nrfbJewel Secrets Skipper back

Variation “Fotos pass” from Germany and Italy “Click”.

Skipper ad Mattel Italy

Foto pass Skipper

1987 Barbie Journaal - Diamanten - Germany

Very HTF and Rare #3133 Skipper Diamantes – from Spain only.

3133 Skipper Diamantes


  • #1762 Tennis SkipperSun Gold Malibu Skipper with a topknot, wearing a purple and white tennis dress, white socks with purple trim, and purple tennis shoes. Doll was only available in the Europe market. Made in China.

1987 Barbie Mattel Tennis Ken Skipper

1987 Barbie Journaal 1 - Tennis Barbie, Ken en Skipper - Netherlands

1986 #1762 Tennis Skipper



  • #4064 Island Fun Skipper (Called Tropical in Europe) Same nude doll as Tropical, orange swimsuit, blue flower print wrap skirt, pink and orange lei. Made in China.

1989 Barbie Journaal - Tropical - Germany

1987 Island Fun Skipper Doll1987 Island Fun Skipper Doll 31987 Tropical Skipper


  • #4440 California Skipper. Blonde with two long ponytails, jumpsuit with an LP print top half and yellow and white striped legs, blue tank top and yellow sport shoes. Doll was only available in the Europe market. Made in China.

1988 Barbie Journaal - California - Netherlands

1988 California Skipper DollCalifornia Skipper doll


  • #5893 Teen Fun Cheerleader Skipper. Teen Fun Skipper body. Light and dark blonde streaked hair in two ponytails, BROWN eyes (Collectors call = Big Eye head mold), white and silver bodysuit and tights, pink skirt, pompoms, and pink sport shoes. Made in China.

1998 Teen Fun Cheerleader Skipper

1987 Cheerleader Teen Fun Skipper 2


  • #5899 Teen Fun Party Skipper. Teen Fun Skipper body.  Blonde hair, LAVENDER eyes, blue and white striped knit top and matching hose, jumpsuit, blue overskirt. Made in China.



  • #? Teen Fun Workout Skipper. Teen Fun Skipper body. Blonde “big” hair, GREEN eyes, yellow tights, midriff top. Made in China.

1987 Teen Fun Workout Skipper


  • #4855 Teen Sweetheart Skipper (Called Quinceanera in Mexico).  Teen Fun Skipper body. Blonde hair, minidress, very pale pink long skirt with three rows of tulle and pink trim, white GLOVES! Made in China.




  • #3242 Beach Blast Skipper. Teen Fun Skipper body. Long platinum blonde hair with barrettes, LAVENDER eyes, swimsuit with hot pink top, yellow bottom, and black trim. Made in China.

Beach Blast Skipper1988 BEACH BLAST SKIPPER Doll - back

#5903 Called ‘Sun Magic’ in Europe. 

1988 #5903 Sun Magic Beach Blast Skipper


  • #4893 Cool City Blues Barbie/Ken/Skipper Giftset (Toys R Us Exclusive). Barbie in Jeans Look #4333, Ken in Jeans Look #4336 and Skipper in Teen Fun #5860, all from 1988. Ken made in Malaysia, Barbie made in Malaysia or China, and Skipper made in China.


1989 #4893 BARBIE COOL CITY BLUES with KEN & SKIPPER - variation box


  • #1950 Homecoming Queen Skipper (Called Homecoming Queen Debutante Skipper in Canada, Teen Romance Skipper in Europe). Teen Fun Skipper body. Blonde hair, long white gown with ruffled V collar and pink rose trim.  Made in China.

1988 Homecoming Queen Skipper

1989 Barbie Journaal - Romanik Skipper - Germany1987 - SKIPPER PRIMO BALLO - Ad Mattel Italy

1988 Teen Romance SKIPPER NRFB

  • #2390 Homecoming Queen Skipper. First Teen Fun Skipper brown bodyBack hair, long white gown with ruffled V collar and pink rose trim. Made in China.

homecomming SK


  • #4867 Pepsi Spirit Skipper (Toys R US exclusive). Teen Fun Skipper body. White sweatshirt with Pepsi-Cola logo, chambray miniskirt, blue knit shorts, red, white, and blue bikini. Made in China.

1989 #4867 Pepsi Spirit Skipper 2


  • #1915 Super Style Skipper.  Blonde curable hair, denim minidress. Doll was only available in the Europe and Canada market. Made in China.

1989 Frühjahr - Sommer Journaal - Super Style Barbie & Skipper - Germany

1989 Super Style Skipper


  •  #1951 Teen Time Skipper (Called College/ Tienertijd in Europe) Teen Fun Skipper body. Pink striped blouse, denim look top, pink polka dot skirt. Made in China.


1989 Barbie Mattel ValigettaArmadio Skipper

1988 Skipper COLLEGE from Europe


  • #9911 Leo Mattel My First Skipper. Wears 1986 So Active #2233 teal and rose sweatsuit.  sold only in India, original Skipper body. Wears pastel plaid dress with dropped waist and full skirt; Wears pink cotton party dress with white heart print and large collar; Wears Blue/white dress. Doll was only available in India market. Made in India.

Skipper doll from India My First



  • #4989 Cool Tops Skipper (Called Teen Trend Skipper in Germany) Teen Fun Skipper body. Long platinum blonde hair in two ponytails, blue T-shirt, blue tank top, white print full skirt, pink leggings. Made in China.

1990-91 Barbie Journaal - Teen Trend Skipper - Germany

1989 Cool Tops Skipper Doll 21989 Cool Tops Skipper Doll


  • #5441 Cool Tops Skipper. Teen Fun Skipper brown body. Long black dark brown hair in two ponytails, blue T-shirt, blue tank top, white print full skirt, pink leggings. Made in China.

1989 Cool Tops SkipperBlack


  • #1975 Dream Date Skipper (Toys R Us Exclusive) – Called ‘Party Traum’ (Party Dream) Skipper in Germany. Teen Fun Skipper body. Blonde bags, long red hair, blonde hairpiece, light blue gown with sleeveless bodice and two layers of tulle for skirt. Made in China.1991 Barbie Journaal 1990-91 - Dream Date Skipper - Germany



  • #4138 Wet ‘n’ Wild Skipper (Called ‘Oh! Eau! Skipper’ in Canada and ‘Aqua Magic Skipper’ in Germany) Teen Fun Skipper body. Blonde hair with spiky bangs, pink and yellow color-changing swimsuit.  Made in China.

1989 #4138 Wet 'n Wild Skipper DollBack box

1990-91 Barbie Journaal AQua Nagic Ken, Marina, Skipper and Barbie - GERMANY