2014 Barbie Christmas Ornaments Collection!

 2014 Barbie Hallmark Ornaments 

American Greetings/Carlton Heirloom has released their 2014 ornament catalog early.  Here’s pictures of the 2014 Barbie ornaments:



See new 2015 collection


Hallmark Barbie Ornaments List 1993 – 2013

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6 Responses to 2014 Barbie Christmas Ornaments Collection!

  1. neeser says:

    Is it my imagination, or are these just re-hashes of the much better sculpted Hallmark ornaments of the past?

  2. BarbieD says:

    I am not pleased with Matel not signing the contract with Hallmark. I am having a hard time finding the series of the Barbie ornaments for 2013. I have the entire collection but DO NOT want to stop, but…..

  3. Rita Matthews says:

    I agree with BarbieD. I have been buying them for my granddaughter since she was 5 or 6, and she is now 33. Last year I asked her if it was time to stop getting them each year and she said “No!” I do not want to quit giving them to her if she wants them. But, where do we find them??

  4. You can see pictures of what the 2014 Barbie ornaments will look like on the Christmas Past website at http://www.hallmarkornaments.us

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