My first Barbie doll is 50 years!

1965 Catalogus from - Spielwaren Theinert - EGMBH (Gremany)

Barbie, Ken and  skipper in 1964 for the first time in the Netherlands in the Toy Shops .


Swirl Barbie doll - My first Barbie doll in 1964 - from the Netherlands4


My love for Barbie dolls started when I was 12 years old in 1964.  I saw her for the first time on TV the first promotional video of Mattel in the Netherlands. 

There I saw a Swirl Ponytail Barbie doll for the first time and found her beautiful. When I was later at a birthday party of my best girl friend I saw the  Swirl Barbie doll in real. I fall in love . She was so beautiful and so real …. I dreamed to be as beautiful as Barbie!

In the same year on December 5, 1964 , St. Nicholas ‘ Day , I received a beautiful blonde Barbie Swirl . I was in the clouds . But later in the evening , I also got a Ken and Skipper , and few Fashion Sets. I squeezed my arm and I was not dreaming .

Later I heard from my grandmother from my mother that the whole family had sponsored them. Prices for Barbie and Fashion sets were then very high for toys in the Netherlands . My girlfriends and I were not playing with our Barbies , but they were exhibited in our teenage bedrooms and dreamed to be as Barbie. In those years we change Barbie fashion parts with each other. This happened spontaneously and without money . So my Fashion sets are not all complete at that time .  But now all they are complete. But these first dolls I have in orginal boxes.

Swirl Barbie doll - My first Barbie doll in 1964 - from the Netherlands



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8 Responses to My first Barbie doll is 50 years!

  1. Rike Platenkamp says:

    Can you give me advice about a Skipper Doll, 1967 made in Korea by Mattel on her buttock. I cannot find her on your site…
    XXX Rike

  2. Debra Schrock says:

    Your Blog is fantastic!
    I have just discovered a cute series (looks like it is dated 2015)
    They are Basic Barbies and I believe the them is friends(Shows Barbie, Teresa and an Asian doll in really cute dresses) I was wondering if you knew what chain stores are selling them or did sell them? I hate to pay the price on amazon, but I have been looking for this type of set–compatible dresses, friends of Barbie, etc.,…. Now If I can only convince my husband I need them, ha..
    Thank YOU!

    • Thanks for the nice words! The 2015 collection of Barbie Dolls you can still buy at many stores for nice prices. I found most dolls at online shops in USA: Target, Toy”R”US, Walmart, Kmart and Succes!

  3. Debra Schrock says:

    Thank you very much… I hope I find the friend set at a reasonable price!

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