1959 – 2014 Fifty-five years big changes of the Barbie™ Doll (Part I)

1959 – 2014 Fifty-five years big changes of the Barbie Doll

(Part I  1959 till 1989)

1959 #850 NO.1 Barbie Teen Age Fashion Model ™

1959 #850 NO.1 Barbie Teen Age Fashion Model ™.

2015 Black & White Bathing Suit Barbie® Doll - .Teenage Fashion Model™ Collection.

2015 Black & White Bathing Suit Barbie® Doll – Teenage Fashion Model™ Collection.

In Barbie Doll History here have been numerous types of Barbies made since she was first introduced in 1959.  With a rare exception here and there, Barbie’s body hasn’t changed much.  Some may have more movable parts, but the size and shape remains the same.  Her face however, is a different story.

* I will not put all dolls on this list, because nothing has changed on the doll as a doll above.


Vintage Barbies were made from 1959 to 1966


March 9, 1959 

 Happy birthday Barbie!

1959 – 1972  Barbie Teen Age Fashion Model ™ Ponytail.


  • #850 NO.1  Barbie Teen Age Fashion Model ™ She had rooted hair made of a soft silky saran marial styled  in ‘ponytail’(some had a different hair styling) with curly bangs either blonde or brunette. She had bright red lips. heavy eyeliner and pointed eyebrows. Her eyes had white irises with a slightly oriental apperance. Made of flesh-toned vinyl plastic (most ar now pale ivoy color and a few are sickly white), she was a long-limbed, shapely doll, 11 1/2 inches tall. She had metal cylinders in both legs with openings in the feet to fit down on a pedestal stand with two prongs. She had movable head, arms and legs.

A- 1959 -#1 Sample Dressed Barbie Doll - close up faceA1~N01~blonde~headsideA

#850 N01 Barbie Ponitail blonde~MIBN01~brunette~MIB


no-1 feetN01~Stand~CloseUp

black and white swimsuit black and white swimsuit back

Barbie Dolls #1 Ponytail Barbie Silver Hoop Earrings



Found few rare NO. 1 Barbie dolls.

1959 #1 Sample Dressed Barbie Doll.No.1 Sample Barbie Doll


1958 – 1959 #1 Sample Barbie Dolls.  Are Ultra rare HTF they are hand painted  (free form, no stencils), you can see the tiny brush strokes. They are the very first dolls and a gift from Mattel. Some of you may know that the Handlers and Mattel were very family/ employee focused and this doll was awarded to her owner for doing a job well done. Proof of this is the fact that there isn’t a price sticker or remnants of one on the box. The dolls were not sold in a store!!

1959 #1 Sample Barbie Doll.#1 Sample Dressed Barbie Doll#1 Sample Dressed Barbie Doll box label


This is a Rare PINK NO.1 Barbie doll and found in 2014. She is not paled at all and has the flesh color. The original owner, who had her stored away since receiving her in 1959.

No.1 Barbie face

no.1 body pink colorNo.1 Normal Color body


Rare 1959 PINK SILHOUETTE Shopdisplay Dressdolls:

No.1 Barbie doll some with rare hair styl.

MIB1959~Pinkdrressbox~BlondeNO1~#862 Barbie-Q Outfit ~ back

1959~Pinkdrressbox~BlondeNO1~#862 Barbie-Q Outfit NRFB~acc

No.1 Barbie doll Sweater Girl 1959 #876 MIBNo4Ponytail~ PinkSilhouetteDressedBox~braid

No.1 Barbie doll Sweater Girl 1959 #876 MIB - close up acc.

No1Ponytail~ PinkSilhouetteDressedBox~SweetDreamsLabel~2


Barbie Original Salesman Sample Case 1959 – Original Photo 1987 by Debbie Smith. See carefully the details of the suitcase and compare with outfits catalogue of 1959. 23 dolls ponytail No 1 blonde and brunette, with black base with tubes. Outfits and accesories of each of them. Mini boxes to put mini accesories.


  • July 24, 1959  #850 NO.2  The dolls without holes in her feet. New black stand. Rest the same like before.


NO2 Barbie Original Patent from the Patent & Trademark Office John W. Ryan 3,009,284. The application was filed on July 24, 1959 and patented on November 21, 1961.

NO 1 and 2 Barbie Original Patent from the Patent & Trademark Office John W. Ryan
3,009,284. The application was filed on July 24, 1959 and patented on November 21, 1961.




No 3 complete back#2 or #3 Ponytail Barbie Dolls Stand 2 $89


No.2 PINK SILHOUETTE Shopdisplay Dressbox 

No2 PINK SILHOUETTE~Evening Splendor~MIB



  •  1960 #850 NO. 3 In 1960 Mattel came out with a new face for Barbie. The mold was the same, but Barbie now had new makeup. Her pointy brows were now softly arched, her heavy black eyeliner and white irises replaced by black eyelash ridges and blue irises, with blue or brown eyeliner that was far lighter and more youthful in appearance. Her red lips remained, as well as her hourglass figure. Rest the same as the NO.2 Barbie.

no3 blondeNo3 Blue

C1~N03~blonde~MIB~brownEyShaduwC2~N03~Brunette~MIBC03~N03~Blonde~~blueEyShaduw~MIBNo 3 Brunette with blue

Same marks like before.


NO.3 Also found with different hair styling.

Rare hair styl Pony Tail


No.3 Ponytail – Pink Silhouette Shopdisplay Dressboxes

No3 Pink Silhouette Box Solo in Spotlight

No3Ponytail~ PinkSilhouetteDressedBox~SweetDreamsLabel~2PinkDressBox~No3~963 Resort Set

No3Ponytail~ PinkSilhouetteDressedBox~WinterHoliday~MIBPink Silhouette Box #3 Brunette Ponytail ~Suburban Shopper MIB


Rare Founds:

No.3 Blonde Ponytail Salesman Sample in Gay Parisienne Pink Silhouette MIB. She has Brown and Blue eyeliner! This is the only time we have ever seen this! Hair is in a factory bun. Comes dressed in Gay Parisenne Outfit with a prototype white hat! (Also includes the regular issue blue hat). Sold at Ebay.com for $5,600.00 Nov.10, 2015.

No 3 Ponytail

#3 sample


No.3 Blonde Ponytail in a darling variation ofApple Print Sheath with red hat!  She is tied into a first-issue box marked “Sample” on both ends.

No3 Blonde Sample

No.3 Blonde Ponytail in a darling variation of “Picnic Set”.  She is tied into a first-issue box marked “Sample” on both ends.

No3 Blonde

NO.3 Has just been found and it still has the pink body color.


  • Later in 1960 #850 NO.4  Barbie changed again by the end of 1960, when Mattel started using an improved vinyl (the previous dolls had a tendency to fade in color), and along with that, made some more face changes. Her brows became a bit lighter, and her eyeliner became exclusively blue, and less dramatic. These changes gave her a subtly younger appearance due to the look of less heavily-applied makeup. New stand with but a few had still the old stand. Rest the same like before.

Blonde #4 Ponytail Barbie Doll face#4 brunette Ponytail

No.4 Pink Silhouette Shopdisplay Dressbox.
No4Ponytail~ PinkSilhouetteDressedBox~MIB~$2075~230106
Rare Japanese Shopdisplay Dressbox. 
Japanese DRESSED BOX #4 Brunette Ponytail In #976 SWEATER GIRL US$ 995,- Okt 21 2013

Rare Founds

Rare SAMPLE No.4  Dressbox – variation Open Road. The  sweater is a BLUE/LAVENDER color that was never produced by Mattel but IS THE SAME BLUE SWEATER SEEN IN SOME OF MATTEL’S EARLY CATALOGUES FOR OPEN ROAD.
Sold at Ebay.com for US $2,400.00 April 5, 2016.

Sold at Ebay.com for US $2,400.00 April 5, 2016.

NO.4  Has just been found and it still has the pink body color.
857`MIX N MATCH Gift Set`No.4BlondeBarbie`BOX - kopie
No4 pony Tail Mix&Match set
  • 1961 #850 NO.5  Dolls with a new firmer textured saran hair (some had the old soft hair), in Blonde, Brunette and Readhead/Titan ‘Pontytail’. The eyes had a sky blue eyeliner. A new type of body made of hard plastic and was hollow inside. Most of these dolls had hard plastic arms and legs. A few have been found with the older, rubbery-feeling arms and legs. Rest the same like before.

no5 blonde faceno5 Brunette PonytailE4~05~Redhead~MIBno5 blonde


1961 Barbie bubble cut black hair close up marks



1960 #856 BARBIE PARTY SETGift Set - 5 Outfits & #5 Blonde Ponytail NRFB inside box


Barbie Ponytail #5 Barbie JE Dressed Box #B901 from Japan.


  • 1963 – 1965 #850  (from 1964#0850) Blonde, Leomon Blonde, gold blonde, Ash Blonde, Brunette, Brownette and Redhead/Titan ‘ponytail hair styl’.  New red suit and shoes. New marks body with Midge/Barbie.  New box. 1964 new gold stand. Rest the same like before.

no 6 or 7 Ash Blonde Ponytail


1964 New Gold Stand

gold stand



Toy Fair – Shopdisplay Dressboxes.

ToyFair~DressBox~PonyTail~Redhead~in Swingin’ EasyToyFair~DressBox~masquerade ~1962ToyFair~DressBox~#6 Brunette Ponytail in Arabian NightsToyFair~Dressbox~AMERICAN AIRLINES STEWARDESSToyFair~DressBox~#6 Brunette Ponytail inKNITTING PRETTYBlue version of the outfit~MIB~$599~042007ToyFair~DressBox~Senior Prom ~1962Dress box pony tail.



857`MIX N MATCH Gift Set`No.5BlondeBarbie


  • 1963 – 1964  #0850 Blonde, Leomon Blonde, gold blonde, Ash Blonde, Brunette, Brownette and Redhead/Titan ‘ponytail’.  Rare issue From Europe with Fashion Queen suit and white shoes.



  • 1966 – 1967  #0850 Blonde, Leomon Blonde, gold blonde, Ash Blonde, Brunette, Brownette and Redhead/Titan ‘ponytail’.  New High Color American Girl Face. Rest the same like before.
1966 No 7 Barbie Pony Tail
1966 No 7 Barbie Pony Tail MIB Hogh Color


  • 1972 Montgomery Ward #1 reproduction. In 1972 Montgomery Ward & Company was one hundred year old. To help celebrate this anniversary, several doll companies reissued famous dolls sold through the years by the montgomery Ward & Company. Mattel reissued what was supposed to be the first Barbie doll. Actually the reissured Barbie was more like the Barbie of 1964. She had the tan tone skin, the hard hollow torso, marked Midge/Barbie like in 1964. Her brunette ponytail hair was made from later type saran material. She also had the blue irises and the curved eyebrows of the later dolls. Found in two variation boxes.

1972 Montgomery Ward #1 reproduction f

!972~MONTGOMERY WARDS ANNIVERSARY BARBIE PONYTAIL ~$295~2005Montgomery Wards Ponytail Barbie Doll


1972 Montgomery Ward #1 reproduction



From 1961 through 1963 Barbie had more hair colors and new bouffant hairdos to choose from. Her face didn’t change too drastically, continuing to have the same mold, although her lip color went from deep red to shades of pink and coral along with the fashions of the 60’s. Barbie stayed in the more youthfulcrowd with the light lip colors and hip bouffant hair style.

1961 – 1967 #850   Barbie Teen Age Fashion Model ™ New short ‘Bubble Cut’ hair styling

1963 AD 2 Page Barbie Ken Dolls Outfits Sports Car Carry Case Swim Suit Wedding

  • 1961 #850   Barbie Teen Age Fashion Model ™.  Blonde (Ginger), Honey Blonde, Black, Brunette, Brownette and Redhead/Titan new short ‘Bubble Cut’ hair styling. Rest the same the 1961 Ponytail doll.

White Ginger Bubble Cut Barbie
#850 no1 Bubble Cut Blonde
light-brunette-1st-issue-bubble-cut-barbie-dollRed head Bubble Cut 1961.jpg2

Red Head with dark red lips Bubbule Cut 1961


#850 Barbie Brunette 1st Issue Bubble Cut - mint

1961 Ginger Bubble Cut MIB

1961 Ginger Bubble Cut MIB

1961 Hony Blonde1961 Barbie bubble cut black hairA6~brownette1961~MIBA8~RedHead~1961~gold red head~MIBA8~RedHead~1961~MIB


1961 Barbie bubble cut black hair close up marks


  • 1962 #850  Blonde, Ash Blonde, Brunette, Brownette and Redhead/Titan ‘bubble cut’ hair styling. Teal green eyeliner. Lip and nail colors varied from pale pink to bright red. Late 1962 Doll had already the new red suit and shoes. Rest the same like before.

Lemon Blonde Bubblecut Barbie Doll

B1~1962~Blonde~NRFB1962 STRAWBERRY BLONDB1~1962~Brunnete~NRFBB1~1962~redhead~NRFB~Booklet1961

Lemon Blonde Bubblecut Barbie Doll2



 1962 top box 1962

BarbieKen~Tennis~Giftset~1963~2Giftset tennis Bubble cut 1961



By 1963-66 Barbie’s face became plumper-cheeked. She had a new, larger knob that held her head on her neck, which necessitated the plumper face–or did it? In any case, a plump face is more typical of a teenager, and confers youth. Her eyes became larger in appearance due to the way the eyes were made up.

  • 1963 – 1965 #850 (0850)    Blonde, Honey blonde, Ash Blonde, Brunette, Brownette and Redhead/Titan slightly longer ‘bubble cut’ hair styling. New marks body with Midge/Barbie. Rest the same like the 1963 Ponytale Barbie. 1964 new gold stand.

Platinum Bubble Cut Barbie

platinum-bubble-cut-barbie-doll1963 Lemon Blonde Bubble Cut1963 Bubble Cut Blonde NRFB close up

Red Head Bubble CutRed Bubble Cut1963 Bubble Cut Brunette NRFB close up

1963 NRFB

1963 Bubble Cut Blonde NRFB1963 Bubble Cut Brunette NRFB

1964 NRFB

Platinum Bubble Cut Barbie mib1963 Bubbele Cut Red NRFBAsh Blonde Bubble Cut Barbie Doll


Barbie/Midge marks


1964 Toy Fair – Shopdisplay dressboxes.

ToyFair~Dressbox~SOLO IN THE SPOTLIGHT!~NRFBOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAToyFair~Dressbox~BarbieInHolland~NRFBToyFair~Dressbox~BarbieInSwitserland~NRFBToyFair~Dressbox~MOOD FOR MUSIC~MIBToyFair~DressBox~dinner at eight~$1000ToyFair~DressBox~RegistreedNurseToyFair~Dressbox~CareerGirl~NRFBToyFair~DressBox~Senior Prom ~1962-bubbleCut-blond956-BUSY MORNING DRESSED BOX DOLL~$1200~090406ToyFair~Dressbox~Bride's Dream Dress #947~MIB~Red Bubble Cut 1963ToyFair~DressBox~BubbleCut inKNITTING PRETTYBlue version of the outfit~MIB

Japanese exclusive #1609 Black Magic and #875  Drum Majorette Dressed Boxes




Barbie's~RoundTheClockGiftSet~backboxBarbie 'Round the Clock Gift Set NRFB, 1963 insideBarbie's~RoundTheClockGiftSet~NRFB~brunetteBarbie's~RoundTheClockGiftSet~NRFB~sideBarbie's~SparklingPink~Gift Set~blonde BubbleCut~NRFB~1963-2Barbie's~SparklingPink~Gift Set~blonde BubbleCut~NRFB~1963Barbie's~SparklingPink~Gift Set~brunette-BubbleCut~NRFB~1963Barbie's~SparklingPink~Gift Set~NRFB~1963~RedHead~inside

 857`MIX N MATCH Gift Set~BarbieBubbleCut~Brunette~NRFB~boxBack857`MIX N MATCH Gift Set~BarbieBubbleCut~Blonde~NRFB

857`MIX N MATCH Gift Set~BarbieBubbleCut~Brunette~NRFB~box857`MIX N MATCH Gift Set~BarbieBubbleCut~Brunette~NRFB

 BarbieKenMidge~OnParade~GiftSet BarbieKenMidge~OnParade~GiftSet~NRFB~brunette BarbieKenMidge~OnParade~GiftSet-joe

LittleTheatre~giftset~Backbox LittleTheatre~giftset~NRFB

WeddingParty~Gifset~box WeddingPartyGiftsetsNRFB WeddingPartyGiftsetsNRFB~side



Bubble Cut Ken. DressboxCel. Bubble Cut Dress Box


1964 – 1967 #0850 There were a Big hair and few side part styling Bubble Cut dolls (hair colors varied).  Some had big lips and a few had white lips. Some had in 1965 High Color and AM (Amercan Girl) face. Some had straight legs and some had bend legs. They are found in Japan and in Europe. Rare found in the Netherlands the bendable legs had a #0850 box with a red sticker ‘Buigbare benen” (Bendable Legs). Also found in Europe Bubble Cut dolls with pink skin straight legs or bendable legs with High Color Magic faces and they do not have nail polish color.

Brunette Bubble Cut Barbie doll big headred-head-bubble-cut-barbie-doll1964 Red headBig Head Bubble Cut brunette

Bubble Cut with white lips

Rare~1965~Japanees Side Part Bubble pink tonedbrunette-side-part-bubble-cutSide Part
Side Part Red Bubble CutSide Part Red Bubble Cut.jpg face

Bubble Cut with white lips doll


1966 Ad from Mattel France Europe

1966 Ad from Mattel France Europe.

1966 Some ‘Big Hear’and ‘Side Parts’ were dressed in Fashion Queen swimsuit – sold only in Europe (see ad).

Bubble Cut Brunette Europe

1967 and later Very rare Sidepart Bubble Cut Barbie pink skin and High Colr Magic face and straight legs (some had Bendable legs) and they do not have nail polish color – sold in Europe.

1967 blonde Sidepart Bubble Cut Barbie pink skin



Ad Mattel late 1962 – rare Barbie Fashion Queen – wigs set.

1963 – 1966 #870   Barbie Fashion Queen ™ 

  • 1963 #870   Barbie Fashion Queen. New molded head with a blue band and three wigs on a wigstand. Blonde bubble-on-a-bubble, brunette page boy and titian side part flip. Body and the Midge/ Barbie marking. Rest the same like before the 1963 dolls.

fashion Queen.jpg complete fashion Queen

1963_864_Trousseau_Set_box1963_864_Trousseau_Set NRFB fqtrousseaugs#864 Fashion Queen Barbie and Ken Trousseau Set (1963) with pink lips
1964 FASHION QUEEN BARBIE AND HER FRIENDS KEN & MIDGE MIB Giftsetfashionqueen giftsetfashionqueen giftset.jpg2

Rare variations:

1964-65 #1070 Fashion Queen with High Color Face.


1966 #1070 Fashion Queen with bendable legs – Found in Japan.


Prototype Fashion Queen Doll and info:

 May 26, 2005 Found  at Christie’s Auctions UK – Fashion Queen Blonde Prototype Barbie!

Info and picture from Christie’s auctions UK: https://www.christies.com/lotfinder/Lot/a-blonde-870-fashion-queen-barbie-4495213-details.aspx

The blonde Fashion Queen Barbie was purchased at Remember When Auction, U.S.A in August 1992. The catalogue, which is being sold with the doll, described it as a ‘1963 Prototype Fashion Queen’ with emphasis on the blonde hair colour and no ear piercings.

Lot Essay: Early Mattel catalogue pictures show a Fashion Barbie with blonde hair and red lips. But by the time the doll was in production, this had been changed to a brunette with pink lips. The blonde Fashion Queen Barbie in this lot differs not only in the hair colour but has centred eyes, rather than the usual side-glancing and light blue eyeliner. Christie’s thank Chloe Gambell from http://www.highheelsnewsletter.com for her input.

Estimate GBP 250 – GBP 350 <> Sold for GBP 336.

  • 1964 #0871 Wig Wardrobe – some NRFB variation found.
B1~wigsets~Barbie~NRFBB1~wigsets~Barbie~Rare2wig warderobe
  • 1965 Color ‘N Curl.
Color 'N Curl Wards Catalog Set~NRFB Color'NCurl~NRFB~$375~021107 Color'NCurl~NRFB~back



1964 – 1967 #0850 Barbie with swirl ponytail

  • #0850 Barbie with swirl ponytail.  New hair styling! Blonde, Brunette and Red hair in few shades hair colors. Blue eyes, eyebrows match hair color, variety of lip colors. Rest the same like the 1963 Dolls before.




Ash Blonde SwirlGold Blonde SwirlAsh Blonde SwirlSWIRL PONYTAIL-Hi Color

1964 Dark Brunette Swirl Ponytail HC face

Red Head Swirl

Titian Swirl Ponytail Barbie Doll

A1~850~SwirlPonyTail~Platium Ice Blonde~Higecolor~$896~280507A2A~850~Swirl~GoldBlonde~NRFBA3~850~SwirlPonyTail~Brunette~NRFBA4~850~Swirl~RedHead~NRFB
Found few rare ‘Swirl’ Barbie dolls in Europe:
black swirl face
B1~850~Swirl~Platinum~White Lips~NRFB
Rare Diamondcase with Swirl Ponytail Barbie NRFB

Rare Diamondcase with Swirl Ponytail Barbie NRFB


 Toy Fair Shopdisplay Dressbox.

SwirlPoytail~ ToyFair~DressBox~0965-nightyNegligeeLabel~NRFBlToyFair~DressBox~BarbieBruneeSwirl~in Arabian Nights~NRFB3ToyFair~Dressbox~DreanBride~MIB



LittleTheatre~giftset~BackboxLittleTheatre~giftset~NRFB~Sol dUS $10.000,00-Mar-18-07LittleTheatre~giftset~NRFB~2~CloseUp~Dolls-faces

1964 #1060 Miss Barbie.This doll was a real innovation in the Barbie doll line. She was the first doll with life-like bendable legs and the only doll with eyes that would open and close. She had a molded head with orange band and three wigs on a wig stand. The wigs were in the thre different styles and varous shades of blonde, brunette and titian.  Included was a lawn swing and planter and new colored gold stand. Although the Miss Barbie boddy was the same size as the other Barbie Bodies, it had a different neck knob. This type of neck was neccessary because of the special construction of the Miss Barbie head. New marks.

Miss Barbie FaceMiss Barbie Sleep1060~MissBarbie~doll
MissBarbieNRFB~with cello (2)MissBarbie~LawnSwing&Planter~MIB1060~MissBarbie~doll~nude1060~MissBarbie~doll~backMissBarbie~outfit




1965 – 1967 Barbie ‘life like’™ bendable knees and American Girl hair styling.



  • 1965 #1070 Barbie ‘life like’bendable knees.  She had classic American Girl hair styling. Blonde, brunette and red head/titian in few shades and few different hair parts. Rest the like the Miss Barbie doll before.
Black Hair am

Rare Japanese Shopdisplay Dressboxes.



Variation Hairstyl:

 Rare Side Part hair with blue headband from Japan (some are found in Europe)

AM Frosted Blonde Side Part

1966 AM Side Part Ash /Silver Blonde Face

AM sideface

1965 Pink-Skinned Bendleg Side Part American Girl black h
1070~BL~Blonde-Ashblonde-Brunette~JapaneseSidePart-NRFBAmercian Girl side part.JPG gr


 Rare Long hair dolls from Europe.


Blonde long hairSilver AM long hair

Silver Brunette Long Hair Medium Color AM

Long Black Hair Medium Color American Girl BarbieNutmeg hair color AM Long Hair Silver Blonde AMSilver Blonde long hair2

Silver Ash blonde AM Long hair


1070~BL~Longhair~Brunette~NRFB1965 long hair AM


c1965 Flyer of Japan with a High Color AM

c1965 Flyer of Japan with a AM High Color Magic Face.

Vere Rare long Hair with High Color Magic face.

High Color American Girl Barbie Doll

Silver Blonde Long Hair High Color American Girl 2ilver Blonde Long Hair High Color American Girl
Silver Blonde Long Hair High Color faceSilver Blonde Long Hair High Color American GirlLight Silver Nutmeg Long Hair High Color American GirlSilver Blonde Long Hair High Color American Girl Barbie Dolllong-hair-silver-blonde-hc-amlong-silver-brunette-am-high-color

Brunette HCAM HC Long Hair MIBAM Platinum Long Hair High Color

Nutmeg Long Hair High Color American Girl Barbie DollSilver Brunette Long Hair High Color American Girl dollAM Brunette Long Hair High Color Dark Brunette sold for US $1,425.99 April 27 2016AM Silver Long Hair High Color Barbie Doll sold for US $1,700.99 April 5 2016 Silver Blonde Long Hair High Color AM

New marks with RAISED ‘MADE IN JAPAN’.



Rare Sample Doll with long hair and High Color Magic face.



1966 – 1967 Very rare Long hair American Girl from Europe with Straight Legs and Pink Body and Face, with High Color Face.

Silver Ash Blonde European Pink Skin face

AM Bendable Legs Brunette

Silver Ash Blonde European Pink Skin Silver Ash Blonde European Pink Skin marks


1966 – 1967  Side Part hair styling American Girl .  Indifferent shades, two different parts hair, with high Color Magic face. She is on a Straight Leg Body, with pink skin, her skin tone is even. Sold in Japan and is very HTF.

Pale Blonde Side Part AM1070~BL~SidePart~SliverBlond~From Japan~ClosrUpStraight leg sidepart AM
1070~BL~SidePart~SliverBlond~From Japan~NRFB
Very rare  frosty Blonde Side Part hair with long bangs, and her facial painting glows from the frosty highlights. This near mint doll is sold for $ 1.734,- Jan.15 2016 at Ebay.com. See also book ‘Barbie in Japan’ page 66 and text 68.
AM Brownette Sidepart face
Marked as a Midge/Barbie.
Now (July 28 , 2019) a mint doll is for sale at Ebay.com for US $ 3,249.00.
Dark blonde mint also for sale now (July 28, 2019) at Ebay.com for US $ 2,999.00.

1966 Bendable Legs box with Swirl Ponytail and Bubble Cut Barbie with bendable legs. In 1966 Mattel switched to making the bend-leg (American Girl) bodies.  And of course they switched to the new pageboy hair styl.  However, as we know, they tended to use up all their extra parts, so they ended up with some left-over Swirl and Bubblecut heads.  What to do?  Sell them in the new boxes on bend-leg bodies! Swirl Ponytail is one of those  rare gals.  If you look closely, her box is actually hand-stamped “Brun. Pony” on one end (see photo).  This stamp was put on there at the factory.

Swil Barbie Bendable Leg MIB label

Swil Barbie Bendable Leg MIB

Rare dolls from Europe


1966 Straight Leg box with “Dutch” Sticker “Met kniegewrichten” in the box Swirl Ponytail with bendable legs with suit from Fashion Queen Barbie. Now (July 28, 2019) for sale at Ebay.com.


1966 Big hair  or Side Part Bubble Cut, high Color Magic face with bendable legs sold in  Japan and Europe.

Big Head Bubble Cut brunetteBubble Cut AMPlatinum Blond European Side Part AM

Bubble Cut Barbie Doll with the American Girl with Color Magic Face on her original American Girl Body.Am Bubble Cut BrunnettePlatinum Blond European Side Part AM - MINTSidePart~BubbleCut~Blonde~Japan~NRFB

A Very rare found in the Netherlands:  #850 Ash Bonde Side Part Bubble Cut with Bendable legs with red sticker: ‘met kniegewrichten'(Dutch = with knee joints) NRFB. – found in the 80′ in a Toy shop (old stock)  in the Netherlands – Barbielist-Holland collection.

Bubble Cut met bendable legs - Found in a shop in the Netherlands.5 (2 head)

Bubble Cut met bendable legs - Found in a shop in the Netherlands. (2 website)Bubble Cut met bendable legs - Found in a shop in the Netherlands.3 (2 website)

#850 Dark Brunette Side Part AM with Bendable Legs with red sticker: ‘met kniegewrichten'(Dutch = with knee joints) from a Collector in Belgium and also found in the ’80  – Sold at Ebay.com Oktober 4, 2015 for $ US $1,191.66.

1966 Rare AM Side Part Bubblecut AM with text in Dutch Buigbare Knieën


1967  Barbie ‘life like’bendable knees and Twist N Turn head sold only in Germany.

1967 German Bend Legs Barbie pink skin 1958 TNT face





  • 1966 #1150 Color Magic This doll came with either Golden Blonde or Midnight Black hair that changed to either Scarlet Flame or Ruby Red when the enclosed solution was applied.  Some Color Magic Barbie are considered “high color” with very vivid makeup. Rest the same like the American Girl .

Platinum Blonde Color Magic Barbie Prototype Rare Malibu Legs Doll - close up headHigh Color Color MagicMidnight High Color Color Magic Barbie

1966 #1150 Barbie Color Magic

Three colors.JPG

This is a  Gold Blonde Prototype/sample (platinum see picture before). Mattel did not make these Barbies with Legs.

This is a Prototype, Mattel did not make these Barbies with Legs.This is a Prototype, Mattel did not make these Barbies with Legs. front
This is a Prototype, Mattel did not make these Barbies with Legs. back


Rare Found: American Girl / Color Magic – This is a sample doll that looks like an American Girl with Lemon Blonde Color Magic hair.  She has her American Girl swimsuit, and a Color Magic hair band in her hair.  She comes with her aqua open toe pumps, booklet and a cardboard box that is stamped “sample” on each side. She is Mint and never been played with. She has her nail polish and some toe polish.  She also has her original cello on her hair and head.

Am Coler M. SampleAm Coler M. Sample Doll completeAm Coler M. Sample.jpg back



BarbieColorMagicDollandCostumeSet-NRFB-$4000-23052010-back BarbieColorMagicDollandCostumeSet-NRFB-$4000-23052010




1990 Mattel Barbie Trading Card 1st Edition 278 1967 Braniff Boarding Outfit 1990 Mattel Barbie Trading Card 1st Edition 278 1967 Braniff Boarding Outfit2 1990 Mattel Barbie Trading Card 1st Edition 278 1967 Braniff Boarding Outfit3 1990 Mattel Barbie Trading Card 1st Edition 278 1967 Braniff Boarding Outfit4

Vintage Barbies made from 1967 to 1973 are considered to be ‘Mod’ Barbies.

In 1967 Barbie became an entirely new girl with the advent of a new face mold and a twist-n-turn waist. She quickly gained real rooted eyelashes, bigger eyes, a somewhat rounder face, and plump pink or coral lips. Her hair was now in the new long, straight style that would usher in the 70’s. Barbie had the same face mold essentially through 1972, although there were a number of variations that walked, talked or could be contorted into more poses.

  • 1967 – 1971 Twist ‘N Turn Barbie Dolls

Brunette TWT Doll face

BarbieGeneratyionPrint4TWT Body

  • 1967 #1162 Trade-IN Doll. The big news of 1967 was the “Twist ‘N Turn”waist-and Barbie’s new “Facelift”! Since teenage makeup and hair styles had changed dratically since 1958. Mattel felt that Barbie should have a more modern apperance. Therefore, a new head was designed for her. The twist and turn waist was a major technological change, making the dolls more poseable than ever before. In may there was an official Mattel Trade-In program to introduce the new Twist ‘N Turn Barbie. One could trade in a old doll, plus $1.50, and get one of the new dolls. 1,250,000 old dolls were trade during the month of May alone. These were given to charity. The doll had lond straight hair with bangs in four colors: Summer Sand, Chocalate Bon-Bon’Go Go Co-Co and Sun Kissed. She had Rooted eyelashes, pink skin and bendable legs. Made in Japan.

TNT~Barbie~blonde~Trade-In Box~closeup-back TNT~Barbie~blonde~Trade-In Box~closeup-sideTNT~Barbie~blonde~Trade-In Box~closeup-side2TNT~Barbie~blonde~Trade-In Box~closeup-topHead



TWT Platinum Barbie


#1160 1966 MIB Barbie TNT Brunette Lt Brown (2)

Blonde Twist ‘N Turn Barbie Doll

Silver Hair Twist 'N Turn face

TWT Gold Blonde

carrot-redhead-titian-twist-n-turnTWT carrot red
1966 TWT Red Head
Dark Red Twist 'N Turn Barbie Doll
red TWTdeep Cherry Red Auburn Color TWTBlack Cherry Twist 'N Turn

Dark Brunette Twist 'N Turn TNT Barbie Doll face


Chocolate Hair TNT Twist n Turn TRADE IN Barbie #11621162~TNT~Barbie~Achblonde~Trade-In Box 31967 BLONDE TWIST 'N TURN
Silver Hair Twist 'N Turn doll
1967 TWT read 1967 TWT read.jpg back
TNT~Barbie~blonde~Trade-In Box~closeup-wristTagTNT~Barbie~blonde~Trade-In Box~closeup-wristTag-back
  • Later 1967 #1160 regular Twist Barbie, same doll different box sold for the normal price:-).


BarbieTWT~PLATINUM ~1966 $600 Feb 20131967 TWT BarbieBarbieTWT~redhead~1966BarbieTWT~Brunette~1967



Late 1967 – 1968 Twist ‘N Turn Barbie Doll Palmolive Purchase Mail Order Box.  late 1967, Palmolive Soap advertised on their “”4 Soap Multi-packs”” for a new 11 1/2″” Twist N Turn Barbie for only $2.98 plus three Palmolive Soap wrappers. Offer expired on Feb. 28, 1968.  This boxed doll arrived directly from that promotion. Same Doll like fore.

This one expired on Feb. 28, 1968. Still has the original soap scent.1967 MIB Barbie TNT Titian Palmolive Purchase Mail Order Box


Sears Exclusive Beautiful Blues Giftset – Twist ‘N Turn Barbie Doll with Rare Blue Eyeliner.

This is the Gift Set Doll to Beautiful Blues Sear Exclusive Blonde Twist 'N Turn TNT Barbie Doll from 1967 face



TWT Brunetteblonde-twist-n-turn-tnt-barbie-dollThis is the Gift Set Doll to Beautiful Blues Sear Exclusive Blonde Twist 'N Turn TNT Barbie Doll from 1967


Japanese Exclusive dressed Box Twist ‘N Turn Dolls 

TNT Japanese Exclusive Dressed BoxJapenese Exclusieve Brunette TNT Dress Doll

60 Japanese TWT Dressbox


The Wold Of Barbie Store Display

  • 1968 Same doll like 1967.

Brunette TWT facebrunette-twist-n-turn-tnt-barbie-doll1967-silver-hair-twist-n-turn-barbieSilver Twist ‘N Turn

1968 #1160 Barbie TNT Brunette Dark Brown NRFB

BarbieTWT~1968~Blonde~1968~NRFBTWT Ash BlondeBarbieTWT~1968~darkbrown~NRFB 2OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA1968 TWT Brownette NRFBLt brown hair NRFB



1967 TWT marks


The Wold Of Barbie Store Display2

  • 1969 Blonde, brunette, with NEW Flip hairdo.  Her hairstyle went from long to a new flip style often referred to as the “Marlo Thomas” doll from the television show “That Girl”. Rest the same like before.

brunette-flip-hair1969-dark-brunette-flip-twist-n-turnLight Blonde Hair Twist 'N Turnash-blonde-flip-twist-n-turnach-blonde-flip-twist-n-turn-baclk

TWT Blonde With Factory Error name

BarbieTWT~1969~Brunette~NRFB 2#1160 1968 MIB Barbie TNT Light Brown

Brunette Twist 'N Turn Flip Barbie DollLight Blonde Hair Twist 'N Turn dollLight Blonde Hair Twist 'N Turn back suit


Palmolive Soap w/ BARBIE DOLL Mail Away Offer Mattel.

Soap ad



The Wonderful World of Barbie

  • 1970 Same doll like 1969.

Blonde filp Twist 'N Turn Barbie Doll fac
Blonde Tnt Twist 'N Turn Flip facedark-brunettte-flip-twist-n-turnbrunette-flip-twist-n-turn-tnt-barbie-doll-back

1969 #1160 TWT Blonde NRFB

BarbieTWT~1160~lightBrown~NRFB~19701969 TWT

blonde-flip-twist-n-turn-tnt-barbie-dollbrunette-flip-twist-n-turn-tnt-barbie-dolldark-brunettte-flip-twist-n-turn-dollDark Brunette Flip Twist 'N Turn TnT

Same doll in  rare Mailbox:



  • 1971 Dolls with  ‘new ‘ her eyes changed to center glance eyes rather than side glance eyes. Rest the same like before.

1970 TWT

1971 TWT Brunette1971-twt-brown-auburn
1971 TWT B


70′ Twist ‘N Turn dolls found in Europe:

  • 1973 – 1974 Twist and Turn. This doll has blonde hair styling with two tails. Found in Germany and Italy.



  • 1974 #7192 Funtime.This doll has blonde hair styling with two tails. Found in Germany, Netherlands, Belgium  and France. Made in Taiwan.

Funtime Barbie head1974~Barbie~Funtime~NRFB


1974 Funtime barbie marks


1967 – 1971 #1190 Standard.

  • 1967 #1190 Standard with new mod Barbie face and hair-do like TWT; blonde, two shades; brunette, two shades or red head. The doll had painted eyelashes and pink skin. Some had the old gold stand and most had the new Clear X-Stand. Old Midge/Barbie marks body.

standard Barbie Doll nrfb

Silver Blonde Hair Standard1190~STANDARD BARBIE~SILVER ASH~NRFB1966~Standaard~mib~Brurnette~Japan1966~Standaard~DarkBrown~NRFB~$510~1807051966~Standaard~Red Head-MIB

Platinum Blonde Standard Barbie Doll

1967 Standard Barbie Dollstandard-barbie-red-hair


1970 marks standard Barbie



1968 Island Steel Barbie Loves the Improvers Exclusive. These dolls (either blond or redhead) were part of a promotional campaign for ISLAND STEEL! The doll’s metallic dress is a futuristic design by Spanish designer Paco Rabanne.

1968 Inland Steel Barbie Doll

Steel ProBestDressedWomen~1968~blondeTITIAN-BARBIE-LOVES-THE-IMPROVERS~giftsetBestDressedWomen~1968~RedHead~outboxBestDressedWomen~1968~RedHead~outboxBack




TwinkleTownSet~CloseUpDollBarbie Dolls Sears Exclusive Twinkle Town Gift Set dark brown hairtwickel Standard BBack

Variation color.

Barbie Dolls Sears Exclusive Twinkle Town Gift Set fashionset


1968 Standard Barbie Travel in Style Gift Set 1968 Standard Barbie Travel in Style Gift Set suit


  • 1969 New  swimsuit.  The Rest the same dolls like 1967.

silver hair Standard Barbie Doll face

 AshBlNRFBside2 AshBlNRFBside1
1970~Standard~SandyBlonde~NRFB 21970~Standard~darkbrown~MIB1970~Standard~CholateBrown~MIB
silver hair Standard Barbie Doll Brunette Hair Standard Barbie Doll1970~Standard~red~MINT

 Dressbox  Sliver Tip – Sears Giftset.



  • 1971 Blonde, Gold blonde, Light Brunette and  Dark Brown hair with NEW centered eyes. The Rest the same dolls like 1969.

Standard 1971 face

1970~Standard~Blonde~NRFB1969 #1190 Barbie Standard Lt Brown NRFB1970~Standard~darkbrown-red~NRFB1190 Standard Barbie Vintage CENTER Eyes


70′ and 80’s Standard dolls found in Europe and Canada:

  • 1972 – 1973 Standard DressDoll, Barbie Standard Doll from 1969.

1972 Standaard Dressdoll


Barbielist-Holland Collection

Barbielist-Holland Collection

  • 1973 Standard. Blonde sold in Europe and Titian with Stacey head mold in England.

1973 standard europe head




  • 1973 #8587 Standard. Blonde with a defferent Steffie face.  Found in Germany, Netherlands and Canada. Made in Korea.

#8587 Standard Face #8587 Standard Barbie Doll NRFB


  • 1974 Standard. Blonde with a defferent Steffie face and Francie arms. Found in Germany, Netherlands and Canada. Made in Korea.



1974 standard barbie marks


  • 1976 Standard – pink box.  two variations Blonde with straight hair and Steffie head; blonde hair styling with two tails and Barbie head mol. Found in the Netherlands.

1977~7382~standard~$45Dolls from Barbielist-Holland collection


  • 1976 Standard. Blonde with a Stacey head mold. Sold only in Germany.

1976 Standard Barbie #7382 Stacey face European


  • 1977 Standard Dress doll – Sold in Australie and Europe.




  • 1982 Standard. Two variation dolls and sold in Germany.

1982standardbarbie from Philippines 1982standardbarbie5336mib2


Also in Canada sold Standard and Malibu dolls with fashion sets from the 70’s (made in Korea) and later fashionsets from the 80’s. These dolls are the same as the dolls above, so let’s see a few:

  • 1980 Standard Dress Doll from Canada.



1976 marks


  • 1983 Standard Dress Dolls. Sold in Europe.

1982 Fashion Play 2 1982 Fashion Play 31982 Fashion Play


  • 1984  Fashion Play, Fun Fashion and Mode Fatasie.  Sold in Europe.

1983 Fashion Play NRFB Europe 1983 Fashion Play NRFB Europe21984FashionPlay1983 Fashion Play NRFB Europe41983Sainttropez

Barbie~7193~FashionPlay~1983 Barbie~7193~FashionPlay~1983-2Barbie~7193~FashionPlay~1983-4Barbie~7193~FashionPlay~1983-5Barbie~7193~FashionPlay~1983-6Barbie~7193~FashionPlay~1983-7Barbie~7193~FashionPlay~1983-8Barbie~7193~FashionPlay~1983-9Barbie~7193~FashionPlay~1983-10


  • 1984 Play Time. Sold in Italy.



  • 1986 – 1989 Fashion Play,  Fun Fashion and Mode Fatasie. Sold in Canada and Europe.

1986FashionPlay 1986FashioPlay21987FashionPlay NRFB Europe1987FashionPlay NRFB Europe21987FashionPlay NRFB Europe31987FashionPlay NRFB Europe4 1989Fashion Play NRFB1989Fashion Play NRFBVariation



  • 1968 Hair Fair.

Hair Fair HeadDark Brunette Hair Fair Barbie Head

1968~Hair-Fair-set-blonde~NRFP2 1968~Hair-Fair-set-brunnette~NRFP~$189~190806 1968~Hair-Fair-set-brunnette~NRFP-back

Blonde Hair Fair Barbie Head

#4042 1966 MOC Hair Fair Wigs


1968 – 1971 Talking. She Talk!


 That was big news in 1968. She talked in Englisch and in Spanish. Just pull the string in there back and she say different sentences. Most of these Talking dolls are mute today because of deterioraring rubber bands inside, but they can be repaired to talk again. Another problem with these dolls (and many following doll types up to the mid-1970s) is limbs that fall off or melt into the bodies. That is caused by the softener in the plastic of the limbs, witch rescts with the hard plastic fixtures of the body.  (see picture from 1971 Busy Barbie) Most of the Talking Barbie dolls speak Englisch. A few speak Spanish. In Europe found, Barbie doll spoke French, Dutch and German. Japanese Talking  Barbie Dolls dolls are found. First dolls are made in Japan, later dolls made in Mexico in different hands.


Talking string

  •  1968 – 1969 Talking .  She talked in English (#1115) and in Spanish (#8348). The first talking mentined Stacey in their speech. She came in blonde, brunette and Titian two shades. Made in  Japan ( Window Box) and later dolls in Mexico (different hands).


Blonde Side Ponytail Talking Barbie Doll

blonde-side-ponytail-barbie-dolBrunette Talking Barbie Doll faceLight Brunette Side Ponytail Talking Barbie Doll