1964 – Present ~ The big changes of the Skipper Doll.

different heights for the different Skipper dolls.

1964 – Present ~ Skipper Roberts™

The big changes of the Skipper Doll was her size.

1964 When she first came out, she was 9 1/4 inches in height.

In 1971, apart of the Sun Set line of dolls, Skipper became Malibu Skipper with a suntanned skin and twist ‘n turn waist. She had a new look, much like the Living Skipper of 1970, but with fuller lips.

In 1975, Growing Up Skipper was released. 9 1/4 inches tall. When you swiveled the doll’s arm, she grew small breasts on her rubber chest and grew taller in height till 10 1/4 inches.

In 1979 Skipper’s entire appearance changed. She was advertised as “Super Teen Skipper.” She had a new body mold which included small permanent breasts, and a different head mold that made her look slightly older In 1985, Hot Stuff Skipper was released, which had another new head mold that included the addition of dimples and a longer face.

Skipper changed again in 1988 with the release of Teen Fun Skipper. 9 3/4 inches tall. Her new body mold was taller and more graceful. Her waist was more flexible and her breasts were slightly bigger. Her eyes were also enlarged, giving her a cartoon-like look. At this stage she appeared to be somewhere between 13 to 15 years old. 1995 and later, Skipper had a new head mold with smaller eyes in a Pizza Party line, but with the same body mold. Many collectors believe that the ‘Pizza Party’ head mold was the most popular, if not the prettiest, version of Skipper. Dolls with the ‘Pizza Party’ Skipper head mold and the 1960s head mold are the most sought after Skipper dolls by collectors.

Finally, in 1997, Teen Skipper was introduced. She again had a new body mold and was now almost as tall as her sister Barbie. 11 inches tall. This was mostly because of her legs, which were now long and lanky. Most notable of all, however, was Skipper’s new face mold. She no longer looked like a child, but more like a girl on the brink of becoming a woman, appearing to be about 16 years of age.

In 1994, the first vintage reproduction Skipper was produced specifically for collectors to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Skipper‘s introduction. Instead of the usual vinyl, the dolls were made of porcelain. She wore a blue reproduction dress from 1965, known then as “Happy Birthday.” In 2014 came the same set in vinyl, Blonde and Brunette.  In 2007, Mattel released their second vintage reproduction Skipper doll, this time sold in a gift set along with a reproduction of a vintage swirl ponytail Barbie doll. Knitting Pretty Barbie & Skipper.

In 2009, Skipper made a reappearance as part of a camping line of dolls. She retained the same face mold as the later Skipper dolls, albeit with a side glance. She also sported blonde hair with purple highlights. Another notable feature of the doll was her noticeable height decrease, which is more like the Skipper dolls from the late-80’s and early-90’s. She also shares the same body mold that many of the High School Musical dolls have. In 2009, Target released an exclusive gift set for the Barbie “I Can Be…” bride line, in which Skipper appeared as a bridesmaid along with Kelly, with Barbie and Ken as the bride and groom. This doll features the same height and body mold as the previous camping doll, with a forward glance. The doll is not sold separately and can only be found in the Target gift set.

The newest Skipper dolls, as of 2010 (and later), seem to be about 15-17 years old with brown hair and a blue, pink , purple or red streak. Mattel has also given all of the sisters new personalities, with Skipper loving modern technology sometimes coming with a small Ipod. In the summer of 2015 there is a new Skipper from “The Great Puppy Adventure” series. She has long thick dark brown hair with gold blonde highlights. Winter 2015/2016  “Barbie Sisters’ Sledding Fun Skipper Gift set” has NEW skipper with Straight brown hair with pink streak and bangs.  On the leaflet is the Skipper Doll  different from the actual edition in packaging (NRFB).

The 2016 Skipper Doll has made changes to the body, face and hair style. Hair Pretty – Barbie and Skipper Giftset, the Skipper doll has a new body and brunette hair style with Purple highlights. Skipper Doll with Bath Vanity, the Skipper doll, has the new body, face and one color thick brunette hair styling. In late June 2016 there is a new Skipper from Barbie & Her Sissers in a Puppy Chase series. She has a new body, face and long dark brown hair  with blue hairstreaks. Later in the summer/ autumn 2016 New dolls: the Barbie Sisters’ Camping Fun Skipper Doll . The Skipper Doll has new brown curly long hair styling with bright red highlights. Barbie Sissers’ Camping Skipper Doll & Camping Accessorieson the leaflet is the Skipper Doll  different from the actual edition in packaging (NRFB): the leaflet gives a Skipper doll with hair styling straight hair in a divorce with a pink streak. But in the actual packaging is a NEW skipper with Straight brown hair with highlights and bangs


2017 Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures Barbie and Skipper Doll Giftset.  The Skipper has the 2016 body and face. The Skipper has the long brown hair style with cobalt highlights and bangs. Barbie Magische Dolfijn Skipper Doll Giftset. The Skipper has the 2016 body and face. The Skipper has the hair style like the doll before but no bangs.

2018 New skippers from Babysitter line:  with new round face with open mouth, few with new body skin, new hair style and some with same hair style like 2016 editions.  Barbie Camping Fun Skipper & Chelsea Giftset: Skipper has new movable knees.

2019 Barbie Skipper Babysitter line: New hair style and body skins. Barbie Babysitter Skipper Playset Bathtime: New black long curly hair style, new big lips and movable knees.

In 2020 comes Skipper surfer doll is inspired by Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures! She have a new body with movable elbows and knees. Barbie Babysitter Skipper: Playset with a new brunette high ponytail hair style with a few purpel streaks in it. And a playset with a brunette style hair with purple streaks in it and white hair band. Barbie Sweet Orchard Farm Series with a New Skipper and Stacie Dolls Giftset. The Skipper has a new face this has a closed mouth, and she has long thick brown hair in a middle part with purple hair streaks in it. She is (approx) 22.86 cm long.

2021 Barbie Skipper Babysitter Line with New Skipper dolls: a Skipper with blond long curly hair parted on the side; a Skipper with frizzy hair styled in a bun, a light brown skin tone color and brown eyes and light pink lips; a Skipper with frizzy hair styled in two buns, a brown skin tone and brown eyes and light pink lips; a Skipper new hairstyle with brown long hair with purple streaks and a narrow piece of hair is in a ponytail on top of her head and light pink lips.

More coming soon….

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  2. Phyllis says:

    The newest Skipper’s hair is darker and has a red streak.

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