2020 News about the Barbie Dolls!

2020 Barbie Collector NEWS

The Barbie® Fashion Model Collection (BFMC®).

Looking Ahead: Robert Best Talks About the 2020 BFMC®!

By Allen Voivod:

For two decades, the Barbie® Fashion Model Collection reinterpreted classic fashions with a contemporary twist. To date, the line includes more than 140 remarkable Silkstone® dolls! In this exclusive interview, designer Robert Best talks about the end of a haute couture era with the coming launch of the 2020 BFMC®.


2020 will mark the final year for the Barbie® Fashion Model Collection (for now, at least). Can you tell us why 2020 is the right time to pause its historic run?

I like even numbers and it also just felt like the right time. This has truly always been a labor of love from where I sit, and I would never have it any other way. I think the collection has covered a lot of ground and after 20 years. It’s a good time to take stock, step back, and see what the future holds.

What have been some of your favorite dolls in the collection?

This is a tough one, there are too many favorites. I’ve always loved Delphine Barbie as she was the first glamour gown from 2000. In the Pink Barbie was fabulous for how extra it was. Marie Therese Barbie, of course – she was modelled after my sister and I love a bride. Midnight Mischief remains one of my favorite fashions. Dahlia Barbie is just a beautiful doll with amazing details. I love the entire “Career” series, and the “Hollywood” series. Preferably Pink Barbie is a stand-out for all the details and the remarkable jewelry. The Mad Men collection was an incredible partnership. The entire “Atelier” series. It’s very challenging to look back at 20 years of work and narrow down to a few dolls. I truly have loved every collection.

Barbie™ fans have a deep appreciation for this collection. Can you share some highlights from the feedback they’ve given you over the years?

When it first launched there was palpable excitement and buzz. Collectors candidly shared that the Barbie Fashion Model Collection had reignited their love of the hobby. Others told me this was the collection that turned them on to collecting.

People have always shared incredibly positive feedback and stories about their passion for Barbie, and in particular about this collection from the very beginning. So many people shared that it was their favorite collection or that it had a special place in their collection.

How did you approach the creation of the 2020 BFMC® dolls? What did you do differently (if anything) this time around? And was it more emotional for you in any particular way?

I approached the collection for 2020 as a bit of a return to form. I wanted all the best aspects of how I had originally conceived of the collection, with something for everyone, featuring multiple dolls with lots of great details and a range in styles while remaining classic.

Every collection borrows aspects from the ones before while evolving and moving the needle in some way. I’m personally very happy with where we landed for the final year and it definitely feels as though we are ending it on a high!

Of course, it’s very emotional, and I am a person who typically doesn’t like change – but in this case I feel like it’s a completion and in a good way. Things change and evolve, that’s a part of the natural progression of life and I’m okay with that.

What can you tell us about the future of haute couture Barbie® dolls, and what’s next for you and fashion design muse?

There are so many exciting things on the horizon for Barbie, new projects, new talent and new ideas. I cannot share any more specifics than to say, “Watch this space…”

Barbie will always be reinventing. I’m very energized and inspired about the future. I appreciate the love and attachment collectors have shared with BFMC and me as an extension. I know for sure there will be new collections and dolls that continue to excite and engage the collector community.

Mattel Inc.


(No picture yet of the Doll.)

Barbie Best in Black Doll.

The Barbie Fashion Model Collection (B.F.M.C.) features designs inspired by elegant couture and epic red-carpet looks. This Best in Black Doll will mark the conclusion of the series on its 20th anniversary. Doll features fashion details, vintage face sculpt and a poseable bod. – Release Date: December, 2019 Pre-order Entertainmentearth.com.


2020 Repro Barbie Dolls.

(No picture yet of the Barbie Doll.)

40th Anniversary Black Barbie – Release Date: ?

1980 First Black Barbie Doll – MIB.

“Black Barbie” #1293 is the historic first African American Barbie doll with the Steffie head mold and the afro hairstyle that was manufactured in Taiwan for Mattel circa 1980. “She’s black! She’s beautiful! She’s dynamite!”


2020 Pop Culture & Movies Dolls.

Jean-Michel Basquiat

Jean-Michel Basquiat  (1960-1988) was a relentless image-maker. Although his career lasted only eight years from 1980 until his untimely death in 1988, the figurative artist has developed thousands upon thousands of artworks — with 1,000 pieces produced on paper alone by the Brooklyn-born graffitist. Incorporated in many of his works are poetic texts and phrases with some as abstract as the compositions they are painted on. These words, no matter how hard they are to read at times, offer small clues into the intimate thoughts of the late icon whether it’s a comment on socio-political issues or just his real-life experiences.

(No picture yet of the Barbie Doll.)

Jean-Michel Basquiat Barbie Doll – Release Date: February, 2020.


2020 Celebration  Barbie Dolls.

(No picture yet of the Barbie Doll.)

Mattel 75th Anniversary Barbie Doll.

Barbie celebrates the 75th anniversary of Mattel with a unique reproduction of a classic doll featuring an iconic look and wrist tag. Gold Label Collection. – Release Date: December 2019 Pre-order Entertainmentearth.com.


(No picture yet of the Barbie Doll.)

2020 Ballet Wishes Barbie – Release Date: November 2019.


(No picture yet of the Barbie Doll.)
2020 Birthday Wishes Barbie – Release Date: November 2019.

More to come….


2020 Wanna Play Barbies NEWS

2020 Barbie® Hello Kitty® FashionRelease Date: ?  Amazon.com.


Barbie® loves to put her own twist on the latest fashion trends. And she’s captured some of her favorite influences in this cool collection of doll clothes. The tops and jackets incorporate recognizable icons into graphics and prints. Choose from pieces celebrating beloved characters from Hello Kitty® & Friends, like Hello Kitty®, My Melody® and Keroppi™. Mix and match with other clothing in the line to create different looks and explore your style. With so much variety in fashions, shoes and accessories, there are infinitely more ways to spark imaginations and play out stories — because when a girl plays with Barbie®, she imagines everything she can become! Includes one fashion top; doll sold separately. Universal fit designed to fit most Barbie® dolls.


2020 Barbie Dream Careers.

I Can Be Vet Doctor – Release Date: ?  Detmir.ru Russia.


I Can Be Boxer Release Date: ?  Detmir.ru Russia.


I Can Be Tennis Player Release Date: ?  Detmir.ru Russia.


2020 Barbie Dream CareersRelease Date: ? 

Dream big with Barbie® career dolls! Kids can explore six different professions with this careers closet — it comes with clothing and accessories for each job: a chef, musician, tennis player, construction worker, doctor and scientist. Imaginations are inspired by pieces like a chef’s hat, violin, tennis racket with ball, construction belt, stethoscope, beaker and more! Store everything in the working closet with double doors that can be clasped shut.​


2020 Barbie® Italian chef playset Release Date: ? 

Kids can cook up fun — and Italian meals — with the Barbie® Italian chef playset. It’s the perfect recipe for playtime offering double the dreams with two career dolls — a chef and a server! The kitchen piece is decorated in “red brick” and includes a stovetop, oven, countertop space, shelving and hooks for accessories. Ingredients for a gourmet meal include two plates of pasta, plus cookware and utensils. The chef doll is ready to fill orders in a professionally themed outfit with chef’s hat and oven mitt; the server doll can deliver them wearing a shirt with logo and apron accessory.


2020 Barbie® Doll and Playsets.

2020 Barbie Fashion Party Doll and AccessoriesRelease Date: December, 2019 Pre-order Brunette  Entertainmentearth.com


2020 Barbie Pool Release Date: ? Blonde Walmart.com/ Brunette Walmart.com.

Slide into summer fun with Barbie® doll and her pool! It’s easy to fill and empty for an instant pool party — and with room for Barbie® doll and her sisters or friends (sold separately), it’s the perfect pool for a party! Barbie® doll can slide right in and make a splash or lounge around in the built-in seating area. A colorful design inspires style, and accessories encourage imaginative storytelling. Two cool beverages, two cupholders next to the seating area and a towel with a colorful print help set the scene for the perfect summer day. Barbie® doll is pool-ready in a bright swimsuit with fun, flowery graphics. Imaginations can play out so many summertime stories with Barbie® doll and her pool! Collect other Barbie® dolls and accessories to expand the playtime possibilities (each sold separately, subject to availability).


2020 Barbie Pool Party Doll and Playset Release Date: December, 2019 Pre-order Blonde  Entertainmentearth.com/ Brunette Entertainmentearth.com.

Barbie doll and her friends are ready to dive into fun! Each doll comes with pool accessories that include a sprinkle donut-shaped floatie — but don’t let the bite fool you, the floatie really floats! Barbie doll can cool off in the water or pool-side; the set also includes a beach chair, table with bucket of ice, frosty pitcher, fruity drink and a towel. She wears a cute swimsuit with trendy cover-up for lots of storytelling opportunities.


2020 Barbie® Vehicle, Dolls and Accessories – Release Date: ?

Hit the road with Barbie® and three of her BFFs – they’ve got an SUV in Barbie® doll’s signature color pink and are ready to roll. There’s a seat (with seatbelt) for each of the four dolls in the adventure truck, an open roof and room in back for their luggage. Together, they have two suitcases, one backpack and a purse. Each doll has on a trendy travel outfit and a unique look. Road trip!​


2020 Barbie and Ken Vehicle Set – Release Date: December, 2019 Pre-order  Entertainmentearth.com.


More to come….

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