1961 – 2021 Happy 60TH ANNIVERSARY  Ken. 

1961 Barbie and Ken’s first date. 

March 11, 1961 was a banner day in the world of Barbie®, because that’s the day Barbie was introduced to a handsome young man named Ken®.

(Video  from AtomicZombieQueen Youtube)

Barbie Sings! Vinyl Album Tracklist:

1. Nobody Taught Me [00:01] 2. Ken [03:23] 3. Barbie [06:49] 4. Recipe For Instant Love [10:07] 5. My First Date [12:45] 6. The Busy Buzz [16:18]

It’s Been 6o years of fashion, friendship and Love that is still celebrated today.

Barbielist Holland.

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