1968 – 2018 Stacey™ doll

1968 – 2018 Stacey,

Talking Stacey

50 Years of Fun and Friendship with Barbara Millicent Roberts  and Christie!

This character was Barbie doll’s “British chum”, part of the new group of Talking dolls for 1968. She was later issued as a Twist ‘N Turn version. These are the only two types of Stacey dolls ever made. The Twist ‘N Turn Stacey doll was available in two hairstyle versions, with two haircolors each (a pale blonde and a bright redhead color). The 1968 dolls had long hair, the dolls from 1970 and later had a short flip hairstyle. All of the Talking Stacey dolls had a long side-ponytail hairstyle, again in pale blonde or bright redhead. She is the same sized at 11 1/2″ tall and thus can share her extensive wardrobe.

Pak Fashion She was only produced from 1968 to 1971 and if you were lucky enough to shop at Sears, you would have found two gift set exclusives for her. 
These were the only outfits made exclusively for the Stacey doll, other that her original swimsuits.


  • #1125 Stacey Talking. A talking doll with a British accent, has  bendable knees, rooted lashes, straight long hair, blonde or titian tied on the right with a green ribbon.  Two-piece striped swimsuit, clear X stand. Marking:  ©1967/Mattel, Inc./U.S. & Foreign/Pats. Pend./Mexico.


1967 TALKING STACEY NRFB MIB EBAY.com $490August08(item270260291874)1967~1125~Stacey~Talking~Titian~NRFB

Talking Stacey Multicolored Bikini NRFB #1125 back



  • Barbie and Stacey Fashion Boutique STORE DISPLAY.

The Wold Of Barbie Store Display


  • #1165 Stacey Twist n Turn. Stacey has a bendable knees, TNT waist, rooted lashes, molded teeth, blue eyes, straight long hair, blonde or titian. Wearing her red one piece swimsuit, red hair ribbon, clear X stand. Marking:  ©1966/Mattel, Inc./U.S Patented/U.S. Pat. Pend./Made in/Japan.

Blonde Hair Twist 'N Turn TNT Stacey1968 #1165 Stacey Twist n Turn back1968 #1165 Stacey Twist n Turn

stacey.jpg face.jpg1

stacey.jpg standardstacey back

1968~1165~Stacey~TWT~Blonde~$ 300-305~20061968~1165~Stacey~TWT~RED~1968~$


  • #KB 20522697 Japanese Exclusive Stacey Dress Doll.

Japanese Exclusive Stacey Doll NRFB


Ad Francie and Stacey

  • #1545 Stacey Stripes Are Happening Giftset – Sears Exclusive.  Features a titian #1165 Stacey Twist ‘N Turn (TNT)  wearing her red one piece swimsuit with a naval hole and three white buttons.  Included is the bright striped knit mini skirt with pink vinyl waistband, pink vinyl jacket front with the rest being the striped knit fabric, striped sleeveless blouse, striped socks, hot pink go-go boots & a pink hanger.

1968 - 1971 Stacey is Barbie's British friendhappen0 happen1 happen2



  • Barbie and Stacey Fashion Boutique STORE DISPLAY.

Barbie and Stacey Storedisplay


  •  #1165 Stacey Twist n Turn. Same as 1968 except now came with a short flip hair do.  New one-piece wild print swimsuit.

stacey.jpg face1969 #1165 Stacey Twist n Turn.




1969~1165~Twist'NTurnStacey~dressdoll1969~1165~Twist'NTurnStacey~dressdoll back1969~1165~Twist'NTurnStacey~dressdoll label


  • #1591 Stacey Doll & Gift Set – Nite Lightning – Sears Exclusive. Included the #1165 Stacey doll from 1969 with twist n turn waist shown on right, with the new shorter flip hair do, wearing her new wild multi-colored swimsuit, also included a pink satin cocktail dress with multi colored metallic fringed skirt, blue satin coat with short puffed sleeves, sheer blue hose, blue bow shoes.

Box 1969 #1591 Stacey Doll & Gift Set – Nite Lightning – SearsNite-Lightning-Vintage-Stacey-Gift-Set-Reproduction



  • #1125 Stacey Talking – Red and Blonde. New blue/silver lame one-piece swimsuit , hair ribbon  clear X stand.  Marking:  ©1967/Mattel, Inc./U.S. & Foreign/Pats. Pend./Hong Kong

Talking Stacey Blue Silver Swimsuit NRFB #1125 face

Late 1970 #1125 Stacey Talking - blonde out of box

Talking Stacey Blue Silver Swimsuit NRFB #1125Late 1970 #1125 Stacey Talking - blondeTalking Stacey Blue Silver Swimsuit NRFB #1125 back


  • Barbie, PJ and Stacey Fashion Boutique STORE DISPLAY.

The Wold Of Barbie Store Display2


Late 1970 – 1971

  • Late 1970 – 1971 #1165 Stacey Twist n Turn. New blue, rose floral swimsuit, clear X stand. Same markings as prior TNT doll.

1968 Stacey TNT




  • Reproduction – Stacey Nite Lightning  Gold Label -Blonde and Red head. This gift set was reproduced by Mattel in 2006 as a collectors request. This wonderful re-creation includes the Twist ‘n Turn™ body and a fabulous ensemble of an electric blue swing coat, metallic “shag” dress, and blue hose and shoes. She also comes with a marvelously mod, geometric-patterned swimsuit! This version features a slightly modified reproduction of the original package lid, including the striking, stylized illustration from 1969. Inside, you’ll find a slightly modified reprinting of the original booklet. Blimey — it’s fab having Stacey® Nite Lightning™ back again!

nrfb 2006BlondeRed head



More info to come…





  • #1046 Stacey case.

1967 STACEY Case with TagBackTag1967 BARBIE DOLL Pal STACEY Vinyl Clothes Wardrobe Case w Hang Tag inside


  • Barbie & Stacey Doll White Double Vinyl Case.

casebarbiestaceywhitedoublevinyl (1)


  • Barbie and Stacey Case from Canada.



  • #5037 Barbie,Francie,Stacey,Skipper 4 Doll International Trunk.

1968 #5037 Barbie,Francie,Stacey,Skipper 4 Doll International Trunk1968 #5037 Barbie,Francie,Stacey,Skipper 4 Doll International Trunk inside



  • #5151 Barbie & Stacey Sleep & Keep Case – variation cases.

1969 BARBIE & STACEY SLEEP ‘n KEEP CaseInsideInside



  • #5036 Barbie, Stacey & Francie Case.



  • World of Barbie –  BARBIE & STACEY pictures Case.

Stacey trunk


  • World of Barbie –  BARBIE & STACEY pictures – Double Doll Case Trunk

Barbie Stacey 60s Double Doll Case Trunk*

  • World of Barbie –  BARBIE KEN STACEY pictures Case.



  • World of Barbie case -Tag with pictures from Stacey, Francie, Casey, Chris, Tutti.



Paper dolls 


  • Barbie, Christie and  Stacey Paper Dolls by Whitman Books.

$T2eC16d,!)UE9s3wDcPkBQ2R+DI8Fg~~60_57$T2eC16F,!)QE9s3HCkEDBQ2R+GkC!!~~60_57$(KGrHqF,!i0FDBZSI)ucBQ2R+Kkwo!~~60_57$T2eC16Z,!yUE9s6NGyygBQ2R+M7NtQ~~60_57$(KGrHqZ,!iwFCgF!qzPsBQ2R+PK(1Q~~60_57$(KGrHqJ,!jIFC)HneUj3BQ2R+RsMN!~~60_57$(KGrHqR,!q4FCTecKOmRBQ2R+TwMlg~~60_57 (1)$T2eC16R,!)cE9s4PtHz-BQ2R+W,-5w~~60_57$T2eC16Z,!yEE9s5jGJO1BQ2R+ZhUlQ~~60_57



  • Whitman Groovy Barbie, Stacey, Christie, Francie paper dolls/cut

1971 Whitman Groovy Barbie, Stacey, Chirstie, Francie paper dolls cut1971 Whitman Groovy Barbie, Stacey, Chirstie, Francie paper dolls-cut back

1971 Whitman Groovy Barbie, Stacey, Chirstie, Francie paper dolls1971 Whitman Groovy Barbie, Stacey, Chirstie, Francie paper dollscuts
  • Whitman WORLD OF BARBIE – Barbie, P.J., Stacey, Christie, Francie, Casey paper dolls/cut
1971 Whitman - Mattel WORLD OF BARBIE paper dolls1971 Whitman - Mattel WORLD OF BARBIE paperdolls
1971 Whitman - Mattel WORLD OF BARBIE paper dolls21971 Whitman - Mattel WORLD OF BARBIE paper dolls3
1971 Whitman - Mattel WORLD OF BARBIE paper dolls 41971 Whitman - Mattel WORLD OF BARBIE paper dolls 5


  • Malibu Stacy® is a parody of Barbie® in the cartoon series The Simpsons. In the 1994 episode Lisa vs. Malibu Stacy Lisa is disgusted by the “sexist drivel spouted by Malibu Stacy®”, leading her to market an alternative “Lisa Lionheart”.



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1968 – present Christie O’Niel doll

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  1. Viveey says:

    hi regarding the dressed box country capers stacey. may i ask, does the inner liner of teh box have the arm holder at all. and if so is it ripped? thanx Viv

  2. Viveey says:

    can u post more pics of the country capers stacey thanx Viv

  3. Charlene Zacks says:

    How do you tell the difference between Stacy’s Nite Lightning dress and the repro of this dress?

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