Tutti™ & Todd™ Roberts, and Friends Storry.

 Tutti™ Roberts & Todd™ Roberts, and Friends Storry!

Tutti™ Roberts & Todd™ Roberts, and Friends Storry

Tutti™ Roberts ( now Stacie™ Roberts) and Todd™ Roberts were Barbie’s youngest twin (1966-71) in siblings. They debuted in 1966 and were discontinued in 1971. But they came back at the European market in 1973 till 1977. They appeared to be grade school children and had bendable bodies. Tutti™ had a friends named Chris™ and in Europe (only) 1973 AA friend Carla™.

Tutti™ Roberts & Todd™ Roberts, and Friends Storry body

Todd™ certainly is considered the most confusing character in Barbie™ doll’s world of friends and family.  Considered part of both worlds, he is sometimes related to Barbie™ and then not related at all.  Because Todd™ doll’s  history is confusing, I have broken his history into three segments from the youngest version to the oldest aged version.  In the second segment things become more confusing since Todd™ is not considered a relation to Barbie™ at all, and suddenly is again.  Finally, in adult form, he’s not related…although many collectors disagree and say it is the youngest version grown up.  I disagree.  I’ll try to guide you through this intertwined soap opera of character changes, age differences and relationship changes…all pulled together by a name….Todd®.

Tutti™ Roberts & Todd™ Roberts, and Friends Storry todd

Todd™ was reintroduced in 1991 as part of the wedding party for Barbie’s™ best friend Midge Hadley.™ The new Todd had a new head mold with a copyright date of 1990. This new Todd™ was dressed in a tuxedo and packaged in the large giftset of six dolls that included Midge™ as the bride, Alan™ as the groom, Barbie™ as the maid of honor, Ken™ as the best man, Todd™ as the ring bearer, and a doll named Kelly™ as the flower girl. Todd™ and Kelly™ as ring bearer and flower girl were also packaged together as a pair. Todd’s packaging did say “Twin Brother of Stacie.” These two are not to be confused with the earlier Tutti and Todd, although some believe Stacie and Todd to be a sort of reincarnation of them.

todd and stacie

This Kelly™ doll, not to be confused with today’s toddler Kelly™ from the Barbie™ line, was the same size/age as Todd™. Indeed, she was made with the exact same body and head molds. The next year, the Todd-sized Kelly™ doll was replaced by Stacie Roberts,


who had a brand new head mold with a cheerful smile. Tutti™ was not reintroduced.

Mattel, inc. produced several more of the new Todd™ dolls over the next few years, some in both white and African American versions. But Todd™ was dropped from the Barbie™ line and was not brought back with Stacie when she reappeared in the wee 3 friends series.

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